Adult Bullies, There is No More Hiding for You!



I appreciate these Tenant Bullies use a privacy service for their domains, the number sequences show the ownership, no matter how hard they try to hide. As they were assigned the same time to the registrant of the domains, and they are in sequence from 22 right to 30, for smearing and personal domains. The last one, is new which is why it isn’t in sequence.

No more derailing what I now know to be true. No more gaslighting anymore, the facts are there to see the truth. Facts don’t lie nor can they be buried in word salad anymore. In the end, all that is left, is the truth.

Kory Read & Allison Read created a Smear Campaign in my name where the contents intentions were to incite hate and propaganda against me. It is always their intention, ever since came online November 2, 2017. They wanted their words to incite people against every person they named. 

Amazing what you see, when you look. Some of the training I did so many years ago in Security and Investigations come in handy sometimes. I know it came in handy in this situation, as I can now see so much without emotions filtering out my common sense. Yep, I have my certification as a Private Investigator, I did the program here in 1995, as that was what I was going to do.

Plans change, just like it did in 2018 and I retired completely. I found my calling instead, working in residential apartment buildings where my training came in handy! There isn’t much I can’t find online, which is how I was able to find even obscure info. I have so much of it that shows the ownership of all these domains. No disputing it anymore.

Once you put emotion aside and focus on the actions itself, you can see more clearly. These domains belong to the same person, no matter how many times they change the registrant name. No more doubt for me, how about you?

You can’t gaslight the facts away anymore! All these lead back to Kory & Allison Read, the instigators to all the smearing online in all these personally named domains.

The is gone…it was a non-starter anyway…

Document, Document, Document! Everything a Bully does against you, make note of it and document it for your records, you never know when you might need it. It took awhile for these number to click in my head and see they are in sequence, but I have it now and so do you.

I am in process of scanning my work journals onto my computer, it will take some time. I want to have all the comments about these tenants on my computer in case I may want to use it. I might use them in the book I am thinking of doing too. I have lots of time on my hands these days….

Why do Targets do Smear Campaigns? To bring the Narcissist Smear Campaigns to the light! 

Why do narcissists smear campaigns?
The smear campaign is motivated by a number of factors, including a desire to be right and have his or her “truth” become the dominant narrative, the desire to maintain status and standing (while ensuring that his or her inner hidden shame does not become public), and the desire to maintain control over one’s image. They also want to control the targets behaviour by managing the context. 
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608922
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608923
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608924
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608925
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608926
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608927
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608928
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608929
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608930
  • PrivacyDotLink Customer 4608175

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