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I want to clear up something about Adult Bullies who use Gaslighting against me. There is no way I know these Bullies personally. I didn’t spend any time with them to get to know them on a personal level, I had no reason to do so, nor did I have any interest to do so. I never claim to know them. You see the poster above? It is what I see in their reactions, and it isn’t the first time. I expose their actions, and they claim I am being personal about them. It is clear for me, what about you?

All my focus has always been on their Abuse in my name. While I worked there, after the letter sent in August 2016 all was quiet. I avoided them as much as possible and I didn’t try to get access for any reason. I just left them alone, per orders of the owners. I didn’t want to deal with them at all. This quiet period is clear proof I wasn’t being personal and “targeting” them. If I was intent on illegally evicting them, I wouldn’t have left them alone all that time!

Once all the shit started in October 2017 with the Tenant Assoc. and all the Bullying of me and others within the building, all I heard was my name and derogatory comments. It got so bad, I had other tenants Bullying me as well, one to the point I had to call the Police, as he trapped me in the office and wouldn’t let me leave. All I heard was “Kory Read says this about you, Kory Read says that about you” “the tenants in 303 are out to get you”, “the tenants in 303 are trying to get a petitions going to file with the LTB to get you fired”. I heard so many rumors flying around, you know how gossip spreads…. 

These Tenant Bullies were the ones who sent a Work Order a year later, for the bathroom ceiling only, nothing else they needed fixed was on the form. I specifically gave them 48 hours notice, even tried to minimize entry by asking to take pictures for contractors and staff to look at to see what was needed. You know that after a year, it had changed, it was a given. Of course, we all know what happened when I went to the apt. door, I was denied entry and had insults and names thrown at me again, with demands that I should have been there at 8 am instead of making him wait around all day. Demands on how I should have done my job. It was typical treatment I received from them, insults and name calling.

Every time they are confronted by what they do against me, they turn it around on me and what I am doing. This is Gaslighting. Trying to make me defensive, so the topic is about my defensiveness, rather than what they did. 

Kory Read is writing as Administrator on all these domains, and the contents is clear abuse of the people he has named in the titles. The people named, have every right to speak up about this emotional abuse contained within the contents of domains about them. Speaking up and exposing this abuse against them, don’t make them abusive themselves, it is reactive abuse to the abuse they are put thru. I keep thinking for every action, there is a reaction.

I have a right to “react” to their actions with these domains that contain my name, one even having my personal name as the title. I am not sitting on the sidelines anymore letting them do what they want with my personal name online. Why should I? I have rights too, but they seem to forget that.

They have been exposed for their Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying. Everyone now knows who the anonymous administrators are of these nasty domains. Once again, they are claiming it is all about them:  knowing where they are, what they have, and what they do in their lives.

Where is their names in the contents of these domains? Tell me, why should I really care if they are working or not? Why should I care if they have expensive furniture or not, or even a new car? Possessions fade and become old over time and are not important in life. Its how you live that counts, not what you have. At least, that’s my philosophy!

I really don’t speculate over their personal lives, as I could care less. Why would I? It has nothing to do with me. I only care about their actions, with my name in the domain and the other ones. They abuse my name and it is clear to see!

The title of a domain gives the contents away. It shows that the contents will about the name in the title of it, just like they have their personal domains, like and, even one for their children. Just like I have mine,, as it is about me and my story of being smeared and bullied by strangers who I had to deal with as part of my job. There were no personal interactions between us, there was no need for there to be.

There is a unique situation here that I became aware of, these Adult Tenant Bullies made their contents very public and put it all in writing. This is how I am able to use their own words to show what they are doing, as these days they are being very open about it. I refuse to allow their actions to be ignored and lost to history. Bullies like this need to be exposed so others after me don’t suffer the same fate as I did!

Kory Read openly states his intention is to try and ruin my personal life by having people think I am racist and a liar and have people avoid me. He don’t hide is meanness anymore and clearly tells you he wants to affect my life and who I have in it. He is clear in his Bullying ways these days towards me, as I assume he is angry I haven’t deleted my sites, like he claims I said I would if he did. But, you see, he didn’t delete the sites though, did he? Nope, losing hosting and having the sites offline is completely different from deleting them and not having the ability to bring it back at a later date! As long as they remain, so will mine.

I am not having this person having a domain in my personal name when there is no reason for him to do so. He isn’t a friend, nor family. There is no reason for Kory Read to have a domain of The only reason he has it, is to use it and its contents, to Bully me with. He can’t speak to me directly anymore, there is no HRTO as a go between, so he uses the internet instead and in order to try and affect my psyche with his words and intentions.

I see the truth now and know nothing this person, or any person, can ever say or do, in my name, that will ever do that. You see, I accept now that this is just ONE person out of my 55 yrs who ever made such a allegation against me, so I know it will never stick. It hasn’t stuck in all this time, I know it never will. Kory Read gives his intentions away in his contents and as a result, people are avoiding him. No one wants to be around a Bully!

Kory Read is full of so many allegations with no substance to back it all up, just his word.  Why should total strangers believe the word of a total stranger, anonymously at that, about another person? How can anything ever be substantiated that way? They can’t. There is nothing in my history that will ever have someone think this way about me and I have become very confident in that.

There are always people willing to believe the worst about someone else and to be honest, I don’t need to be around those people. You see, I have total control now over who I allow in my life. I don’t need to accept any bad behavior towards me, any person who Bullies me, I can walk away from them and ignore them, as I have no obligations towards anyone anymore. Just my little bubble of people I ALLOW in my life.

Kory Read has the mistaken impression that I still care about what he says I do, if his new words are anything to go by. His words no longer trigger any shame, fear, and guilt over anything I do anymore. It is all gone…

As the poster above says, my issue isn’t with the Bullies, Kory & Allison Read personally, it is the ABUSE perpetrated in my name they do. I could care less about the individuals, it is their acts in my name with that is my focus. 

The only people who don’t see that, is these Adult Bullies, Kory & Allison Read. 




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