Adult Bullies Claim “Our Family Owns You” to Stella Reddy


In slang, to own someone is “ to totally ridicule, embarrass, or defeat” them

I have been researching the meaning of this page for awhile now, as I wanted to understand what they meant when these Tenant Bullies wrote this post. I now understand.

They think they “own” me. They think they totally ridiculed me, embarrassed me, and defeated me, with their online Smear Campaign.

These Tenant Bullies thought that because I became so distraught, that they won. 

They think they can do what they want to me and my life, after all, it is only a game to them! 

I am not a piece of property they can abuse and use to their advantage, no matter what they think.

It means that someone has something over another person so that he can force that person to do what ever he wants. Polite honest people would never have a reason to say “I own you” to another person in this way. It is also sometimes used as a chiding cry of victory between competitors in a game.

As it says above, you can’t “own” someone else. They imply that because I write about their actions in my own website, that I am obsessed with them: where they live, what they do, and what they have. You can see their thinking in the post below. They truly think I care about THEM when in reality, I only care about their ACTIONS in terms of me and my name. I know, I can repeat that as many times as I want, they will believe what they will. No matter how many times I show their contents were about me, not them, they still think it is ALL ABOUT THEM!

Where in this domains contents do I question where they live, what they have in possessions, what they do with their lives, outside of and the other domains? I could care less what they do, EXCEPT in terms of me and the Smear Campaign against me. They don’t want to see it, as they always want to be the center of attention!

They truly think that playing with my life, my family, my career, my psyche, is a GAME! 

I found this page funny when I first saw it. Kory Read tries so hard to have you believe that I was looking for them and where they lived, claiming that they are just such important people that I would go out of my way to find. He WANTS to believe I am obsessed with them. It is not different that them trying to imply they were such important tenants that I just had to get into their apt. to see what they had and that I went out of my way to “target” them.

Kory & Allison Read still try to get you to believe that no one is more important than they are. They want you to think, again, that I am inhuman and that their antics online don’t bother me. They want you to think that I am focusing on them, not on myself and my own mental health. Hmm. Gaslight much? 

I came to see that this post give me more insight into their grandiose thinking. This scenario is so improbable, but of course they don’t see that. They just want to imply what they want you to see, like they always do. Only an idiot would waste time emailing people looking for where these tenants lived, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack! Do I seem like that kind of idiot?

No, of course Kory Read won’t ever tell the truth, about anything, and I would love to have the emails I got, but I do have this email I sent him May 31, 2021, thanking him at the email for the address.

From: <>
Sent: May 31, 2021 10:51 AM
Subject: RE: RE: New message about your domain

Thank you for giving me your address!! It will be easy enough to get the apartment number….

292 Oakdale Avenue, St. Catharines, ON L2P 3T3 

These Tenants who Bullied me so badly show their grandiose thinking in everything they write, even this page. They want you to believe that no one is more important than they are, that I would ignore my own needs, just to get info on them. I am always flabbergasted over their words! I truly can’t think that way, which is why is causes so many issues for me.

Kory Read once again is monologuing in this post, like all his other posts. So many nonsensical scenarios, trying to Gaslight you into believing what he says is true when it is obvious it isn’t. 

What is narcissistic monologuing?

It’s quite a common narcissist tactic. The narcissistic monologue is also called circular conversation or word-salad, it’s when they keep talking about something, explaining it from a dozen angles, repeating their own sentences — thinking if they change the order of the same 20 words then it will mean something else.

Word-salad is a manipulation tactic to create confusion and distract you from the real matters that are going on in your lives. I noticed a pattern with it

  1. it happened when they were upset about something I said or did, but it was so ridiculously petty that they had to convince themselves and me that it’s a serious issue or
  2. it happened when I called them out on something obviously wrong, and with the circular conversation, they shifted the blame to me.

It’s very easy to get drawn into such nonsense conversation if you don’t know what to watch out for. But eventually, you will notice how it is always the same few thoughts that they probably took from you or from someone else.

I see this trait in the various, long-winded documents I have that were written by Kory & Allison Read that I have. So much repetition and contradictions within, from one month to the next. Kory & Allison Read can’t seem to keep their facts straight. This is the main intention though as they confuse and project so much to keep people off balance and defensive to hide their own actions. As I always say, the truth is hidden in their own words if you look past the bluster!

It was nice of Kory Read to screw up and add me to a forwarding list than a block one, as I got 5 emails meant for him, including the one from his Management company with a rent reminder, but he will never admit to that. He prefers to try and gaslight it away into something it isn’t possible. That is something you will notice with Kory Read, his monologues tend to go into the realm of the impossible.

It’s the last part of this post I find interesting and had to do some research on before writing about, as it really scared me once I thought about it. Does Kory Read really think he “owns” me like he states here? Why would he even think this way about another human being, in terms of ownership?

Awe well, Kory Read can think what he wants, he does anyway. Just as I will think what I want!

Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and as I am Stella Reddy that Kory Read writes about, I know more than he ever could what I think and what my motives are. I can write for myself, I don’t need an anonymous writer to do it for me! 

Yes, there was a time I wanted their address, for family to serve them with Civil Court papers. An address is needed for that, which is why Kory Read taunts me about it in this page. He taunts like a child on the playground, which shows his maturity, don’t it?

I don’t need anymore evidence of these Tenant Bullies childish behaviour and beliefs, they give it to me in all their posts they had online. I expect more of the same once it shows back online again. It is what they do.

So after 2 years of trying to find out where our family lives, Stella Reddy finally found us. The question is how?

Our guess is that she went on every rental site, Facebook, Quora, and other social media outlets, where she emailed everyone for 2 years until she got a response. Now that is determination!

It is clear that Stella Reddy has found where we live because she found a like mind individual, like herself, to give her the information that she has so desperately spent 2 long years looking for every day.

Now let us put it in perspective. Stella Reddy has devoted 2 years of her life to try and locate where we live, why? She even continued to look after moving back to Newfoundland, despite her endless blah, blah, blah statements of not carrying anymore.

Let us make this clear, Stella Reddy moved back to Newfoundland and still was obsessed with trying to find out where we lived.

And Stella Reddy wants people to believe that she was not obsessed with try to have us evicted from 895 Kennedy Road while stalking our family on the staff-only surveillance system?

The moment we moved out in June 2019, she started obsessing with the idea of trying to locate where we moved to.

Now she knows, and does it make a difference? No, because the rent is paid on time, we don’t ruin the unit and no one is determined to try and evict us because we are an interracial family like Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio did.

Plus in a couple of months, we will all be moving again because our daughter got into medical school, straight from high school and she is far too young to be living on her own with that much responsibility.

Will Stella Reddy search for us again? YEAP!!! But that is okay, we enjoy this game of cat and mouse with her and her husband Russell Reddy. We enjoy owning Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy and having them devote their entire days, weeks, months, years, and literally their lives to us.

Stella Reddy goes to bed thinking about us, and wakes up thinking about us, and that is good enough for us.

Stella Reddy, you keep stalking us, because there is nothing you can do to us. You know where we live, so hurry up, you and your sister Cindy Jones get those court papers served to us. Also, make sure you get the Toronto Police Service ( TPS) involved.





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