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Stella Reddy Luigi Anthony Licsio.

My Name is Stella Reddy. I currently live in Newfoundland and I made this site to share my story of being a target of nasty tenants when I worked in Scarborough Ontario. I quit my job in July 2018 and am now fully retired. I ended up being diagnosed with C-PTSD and severe anxiety and I am still recovering.

I was psychologically abused by these tenants during the 2 yrs I worked there in my job, and 2 years as a tenant while my husband continued to work there. It still continues online, 6 1/2 years later.  I had to leave Ontario in 2020 due to the severe fear generated by the content of these Bullies’ websites online they made and manage, 2 in my own personal name they stole to use.

I was terrified someone would use the content within Toxic Tenant’s domains and attack me. For a long time, I couldn’t leave my apartment without being accosted by someone…I was questioned over every aspect of my personal life, over a professional decision that had to be made due to their actions.

What came first? Their acts of denying entry, or their eviction? That is all you need to look at, the very first action done by either party…Not the mess they made it into with the many false allegations they made against me and others.

The Ontario Police wouldn’t do a thing, but they were concerned enough to increase patrols in my area. I have been told these sites are inciting hate and trying to instigate the general public against me. It is relentless!

I created this Blog to show how the domain is made online in my name of stellareddy.com, and lorriereddy.com  http://stellareddy.com/index.htm and http://stellareddy.com/. by total strangers is a Smear Campaign & Cyberbullying.

Toxic Tenant Bullies added a new site in July 2022, speculating that I made up a new name in “attempts to hide” from their lies. Kinda hard to do that when they share that name before in their older content on stellareddy.com: http://web.archive.org/web/20221031105928/http://lorriereddy.com/

Toxic Tenants are attempting to gaslight, triangulate, and manipulate internet readers into believing his narratives over the actions and words of other people, hoping to convince you he knows Stella Reddy better than she does. The poster below says it all…


This is my Story.

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