A Wonderful Book On Bullies & Bullying!

From Victim to Victor



I read this book by Cherie White and it was the first book in many months I was able to focus on. It only took me 3 days to read this, it was that engrossing. The strength of character shown by such a young teenager, is humbling for me to read. I cried for the pain this person felt, as I do know what it entails. it isn’t easy not having any control over your own life. I am glad she had the strength to withstand all that she went through and came out as such a avocate. Her honesty at times was hard to read for me. The knowledge she gained from her true life experiences and the insight she has over it all, is what makes this book so important to read if you are ever a target and even a bully. This is real life, no sugarcoating.

I have learned it is the life experiences that we have that helps us to become who we are and helps to shape how we deal with any challenges we may have. I’ve been bullied but not much in school, most of mine was in the home, but I didn’t become a bully, I went the other way and became a mouse instead and became the “responsible” one. I gave up my independence to safe myself, so that when I did reach the age to leave home, I became obsessed with my independence that I became irresponsible. Mine is a very different story, but the determination to be true to herself, rings for me. I never had that when I was a kid, but I did once I moved out.

If you have been a  target of Bullying, young and old, read this book and it will help you gain some perspective.

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