These past few days have been awesome!! Hubby is on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t posted much… He doesn’t go back to work till next week so I will be busy until then…

I have my first appointment with my new family doctor today and I have an appointment on Friday morning for laser treatment, but other than that, my week is about pleasure and relaxation!

Living in the moment is what this week is about, getting out in the Community and engaging with everyone I meet. I am doing ME… Being spontaneous and getting out there, roaming around and taking in everything.

We walked the Pedestrian Mall yesterday and I was dancing down the street, even had a few join me. That is what living is all about, having fun and being yourself.

I hope that you all have a fantastic week too and find time to dance!

I’ll be back next week… I am off for more adventures!

This is a picture I took yesterday… As we say here it was a mausy ole day!! The sun returns today, just in time to go fishing!

Mausy Day in St. John's July 11 2023