A Warning about the Domain In My Name!

Malicious Narcissists Convincing Others You Are At Fault Or Crazy

🚨 Important Announcement: Beware of Messages from stellareddy.com! 🚨

Hey there readers of my site, stellareddy.xyz! I hope this post finds you all in good health and high spirits Today, I feel it is essential to share some important information to ensure the safety and security of myself and my online community.

Recently, there have been reports of suspicious messages circulating to be affiliated with stellareddy.com. I feel it is my responsibility to issue a warning and advise caution to all of you.

Any messages you receive associated with stellareddy.com, do not come from me but from the toxic tenants I had in my last place of work who are looking for information about me that they can share on stellareddy.com.

First and foremost, let me stress that stellareddy.xyz and stellareddy.com are two distinct entities. stellareddy.xyz was created by me and I write all posts contained, except for some that I share written by others. stellareddy.com was created by toxic tenants I had at my last place of work in Ontario from July 2016 to July 2018. They were evicted and got mad so created this smear campaign against me.

Yes, they did file with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against me as they state, but it was in June 2018 and a hearing was held on January 17, 2020, for which they didn’t show! All their applications were then “dismissed as abandoned“.

They have no right to label me as they do in the domains they created, as they have never proven their claims successfully in any judicial system.

Why is this concerning? Well, malicious actors often exploit unsuspecting individuals by phishing for personal information, scamming them and spreading rumours and gossip, even about someone they don’t know.

They are smear campaigners and toxic adult bullies who intend to cause harm. They name and shame me in this content on stellareddy.com, hoping to turn people against me. We must stay vigilant and protect ourselves from falling victim to such fraudulent activities.

Therefore, I highly recommend exercising caution if you receive any messages, emails, or notifications from stellareddy.com. It is essential not to share any private or sensitive information about yourself or me with them. You are welcome to check out their site for yourself, I hope you don’t engage with them as it will turn on me in the end.

Meanwhile, let us all join hands in safeguarding our community. If you come across any suspicious messages or notice any suspicious activity related to stellareddy.com, please report it immediately to the admins or moderators of stellareddy.xyz. My email is sredd4848@gmail.com. Together, we can ensure that our beloved community remains a safe and trusting space for everyone.

Remember, an informed and cautious community is a strong one. So, stay alert, stay informed, and above all, stay safe. Let’s make our online community an example of resilience and security.

Thank you for your attention, and let’s continue supporting one another on this incredible platform!

Best regards,

Stella Reddy

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