A New Chapter Filled With Gratitude

Today is the beginning of a new chapter for me! I am going to talk about Gratitude.

It has become very important to me these days and I want to show you how it has changed my life.

What are the 3 parts of gratitude?

First – Feeling grateful for the good things in your life;

Second – Expressing your gratitude to the people who have made your life better;

and Third – Adopting new behaviors as a result of interacting with those who have helped you.

I am immensely grateful for the abundant blessings in my life, and I have made significant progress in all of these areas. The fear I once had of being targeted by strangers has nearly dissipated as I actively strive to connect with the cherished individuals in my life and demonstrably express my gratitude for their contributions.

Throughout this trying journey, my husband has stood by my side as a pillar of unwavering support. While he may not fully comprehend the extent of my reaction or the deep wounds it inflicted upon me, he accepts the impact it had on me and has been my constant companion throughout it all. The words of others, be they spoken directly or indirectly, have never had the power to alter his perception of me or himself.

He grounded me amid the fire that was raging within my mind and has remained my steadfast anchor. Day in and day out, he shows me his support and love, a presence that has been unwavering since the very day we crossed paths almost three decades ago. My husband is the very reason I continue to persevere. How could I not express my profound gratitude towards him?

The knowledge I have acquired regarding toxic behaviours has also strengthened our marriage, equipping us both with the tools necessary to cultivate a healthier relationship. As a couple, we have learned valuable lessons from these experiences. He actively participates in my therapy sessions, helps me maintain focus, and possesses infinite reserves of patience. He accompanies me to doctor’s appointments, including those dedicated to my mental well-being, and is the first face I see after emerging from the numerous surgeries I have undergone. I have never made the error of lumping my husband together with others; he has always been my unwavering support, even before this tumultuous period began, and I recognized and appreciated that fact. Though he may not have always known how to support me in my journey towards mental well-being, his unwavering willingness to learn has allowed me to truly see him for who he is.

I have always possessed an unwavering confidence in the nature of my husband’s commitment. No words spoken by anyone could ever sway his steadfast devotion to our relationship. This unshakable faith remains constant amid all the trials we have endured, and for this, I am eternally grateful. I harbour no concerns regarding any criticisms that may arise regarding our marriage.

My family, too, has been by my side throughout this arduous process, a consistent presence of unwavering support. My parents, who are still with us, engage in frequent conversations with me, expressing their joy at witnessing my progress. Even my children, now in their 30s and with lives and families of their own, have displayed remarkable support. Their unwavering devotion is a blessing for which I will always be grateful.

With a large extended family comprised of numerous siblings and their children, many of whom have formed families of their own, I have maintained close relationships with all of them. Despite distancing myself from some during this difficult period, I have recently begun reconnecting, confident that our bond will grow strong once again.

I am learning to seek assistance, both emotional and physical, from those I trust. I reach out to them, fully aware that they will always be there to listen and support me in any way needed. This process has taught me the true essence of gratitude and appreciating the immense contributions they make to my life. The fear of being abandoned by them no longer haunts me; I now understand that should any distance arise, it is rooted in their own personal challenges and frustrations. I engage in open conversations, unafraid of potential reactions. In embracing this new vulnerable version of myself, I am assured of acceptance.

I express profound gratitude towards my online community, encompassing not only the WordPress followers I have garnered but also the countless other writers who have shared their stories of emotional abuse and smear campaigns. They possess a deep understanding of the experiences one endures when targeted by malevolent narcissistic individuals. The guidance I have gleaned from their online writings has been invaluable. The makers of posters that resonate with me and the writers on psychology platforms have aided me in reaching my current state of enlightenment. Every post I encounter provides the strength necessary to persist and strengthen my own resolve. I am also appreciative of the new followers I have gained on WordPress. Thank you for investing your time in reading my posts; I genuinely hope you find them beneficial.

In 2018, I discovered a particular blog that I have faithfully frequented, even before establishing my own website. Cherie White’s blog, located at https://cheriewhite.blog/, has become an integral source of inspiration. I have voraciously consumed her writings, often revisiting them on multiple occasions. I felt a deep sense of regret when my abusers targeted her and her husband on a post hosted on a domain bearing my name. However, her unyielding resilience inspired me to bravely share my own narrative and remain steadfast in my commitment. Knowing she does not hold those actions against me, but rather against my abusers, has lent me clarity and strength.

Over time, Cherie White’s empowering messages against bullying have gradually supplanted the negative words uttered by my abusers. It is intriguing how this process unfolds. Whenever my mind begins to wander toward the malevolence of my abusers, I consciously redirect my thoughts toward Cherie’s posts or even revisit her website. This practice has yielded countless benefits. With perseverance, one can retrain the mind to focus on the positives, ultimately rendering the vile words of abusers insignificant, even comical.

I now follow several more bloggers whose words inspire me, much like Cherie White’s. These individuals remind me each day that healing and wholeness are achievable. To all of them, I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

In conclusion, I offer my sincere gratitude to all those in the world who choose support over tearing others down. Your presence has provided immeasurable comfort, emphasizing that one is never alone and that understanding and acceptance are available, even after enduring severe abuse.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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