A Beautiful Mindset, Does Give You A Beautiful Life!

A Beautiful Mindset does give you a Beautiful Life!

In January 2020, I was wallowing in extreme fear and anxiety, afraid of my own shadow, jumping at every noise. Waiting, impatiently, for a hearing with Human Rights of Ontario that was scheduled for the 17th by Teleconference at 1:30 pm.  Up to this day, all was quiet, not even any responses to the many Form 10s they sent in. I was even ignoring them! I sat there that day, in my PJs as usual, for Toxic Adult Bullies to connect, for an hour! I was there, the Lawyer for the owners was there, and the HRTO Adjudicator was there. I sat there for that hour, listening to the HRTO shuffle papers. I do recall mentioning that the Applicants won’t show and it was explained they are still required to wait an hour. So, we waited for an hour for them to show up when we all knew they wouldn’t.

It took a couple of months for the ramifications of the Dismissal of these Applications to sink in for me.

I was shocked when I learned that when the Applicants didn’t show up for the Hearing, everything would be dismissed, even their own actions that they did during the 19 months of the process. All the Gaslighting and Emotional Manipulations they did, would not be addressed.  I was told I had to re-apply my own applications against them. I was told I would win, but I just did not have the headspace to do it all over again. Why would I after the mess I just went thru?

Sorry, after going through all I did since August 2017, from my own application, which got dismissed over a letter I didn’t get, to the mess it became over their applications and lack of enforcement of their own timelines, I was not going through that again with Human Rights. I had just gone thru one of the most unorganized and unenforced processes of my life, that caused so much to my mental health, I did not have the mind to re-apply and go thru it all over again!

I waited for the property owners to do as they promised me at the beginning of all this, Civil Court. It took me making an appointment to meet with them both in the Lobby office, in March 2020, for them to tell me they were NOT doing any of that, it wasn’t financially feasible for them to do that. The Owners broke their promise to me, the promise they made to my Hubby as well when I quit and it was decided we would stay living there and my Hubby would continue to work for them. The only reason we stayed living there after I quit, was because they promised they would address the domains online, after all, legal systems, such as Divisional Court and Human Rights, were over. They lied.

Once HRTO was done in January 2020, it was all over, yet, they did nothing and it took me asking before they told me.  They knew that my Hubby only stayed working for them, because of this promise they made to us both, that they were now going back on. So, no, I was not staying there. I went home from that meeting and as soon as I told my Hubby, there was no discussion, it was automatic, we were out of there the first chance we had and that was just what we did.

Just so you know, I did record all my conversations with the property owners, I had to, for my own protection.  I didn’t trust anyone by this time, and I was shown I had reason! My instincts were telling me I couldn’t trust anyone to stick to their word, and I was right. Instead of spending a lot on Civil Court, they decide to hire someone instead to write positive articles about them on various websites online, hoping the positive posts about them and their business, would drown out the 895kennedyroad.com and the others. They even made their own personal Blogs.

I don’t have any bad feelings towards the property owners there, I allowed them to take advantage of me and my job skills, so that is on me. I trusted the wrong people, once again, and that is on me too.

I allowed them to convince me to take on more than I felt I could manage. They didn’t support me the way they should have when I told them either, and I didn’t force it as I could have. I should have forced the issue in 2017 too, but I didn’t.

They broke a promise to me and my husband though, because they were more concerned over the finances of it, more than its principle of it. They knew I didn’t have the finances at the time to take them myself to Civil Court, let alone the mental capacity either at the moment to do it, but they thought of themselves more than their employees. That wasn’t right.

With their actions, these property owners have shown the World where their priorities lie, and it isn’t with the Tenants they have, nor the Building Staff! They threw their Building Staff, me and my hubby, under the bus, over this situation. They allowed this situation to progress to the point it did, out of their own fear of being attacked, and their business reputation, damaged. That is on them.

We all make mistakes we have to live with, but I do know I did not show these Tenants any racism and discrimination, no matter what they come up with, not then and not since. Toxic Adult Bullies tried really hard over the past few years to try and find some evidence to prove I am a racist person, but there is nothing there to find, as I have never shown this behaviour in my lifetime nor in my career. They Lost but refuse to accept it.

That is their choice.

My choice is to speak up for myself and tell my side of this mess. I refuse to allow prior tenants, to speak about my life as they do, it isn’t their right, nor their business, what I do in my private life, then and now. Simple really when you look at it.

Since we made the decision to leave and move home to NL, I took the opportunity to change my Mindset over it all and it has led me to build a beautiful life now, as a result. I depend on no one anymore, just myself and my hubby. I spend my days, retired, and have no pressure anymore, from anyone, living in Nature my home provides and living in peace, no negative effects of stellareddy.com being online.

I am not afraid of anyone saying anything to me about these sites anymore, as really, it is no one’s business and I don’t need to answer!

I have taken the time to refrain this situation in my mind and now am very grateful it is all there, as it is such a perfect example of a Smear Campaign being done by Tenants out of revenge for their eviction.

It shows how total strangers, Tenants, have the absolute nerve to write so many nasty speculations on the personal life of a person when they have no personal involvement to know anything. Their actions show who they are, not the people they are writing about. Normal people know there is no reason for a Tenant to know the building staff like they claim to know me in their contents.

I am happy these days… the longer they keep their sites online, the more time I get to expose them. There is no reason for anyone else to post domains like theirs, as no one else has access to the documents they share there either. Anonymous or not, everyone now knows who owns and maintains these domains. That is enough for me.

Yes, I am me, no one else, and that is my Superpower! No one else can think for me either, nor can they tell you what my motives are!

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