July 2, 2024 Ramblings: Canada Day & Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador

I hope all is good in your World!

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2 Replies to “July 2, 2024 Ramblings: Canada Day & Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador”

    1. Thanks Linda, for your comment and concern. 🌞 I am good… My Cancer Doctor found something but she said she believes its changes from menopause but will keep an eye on it. I go back in April next year for another check-up.
      She had a Resident-in-training Doctor with her yesterday whom I never saw before. When I heard a “oh my” upon her first look, I knew it was a automatic reaction to seeing me in all my glory…
      I’ve had so many procedures, laser and excision, over the years that has left me with many scars and missing areas that new Doctor’s looking for the first time automatically react to.
      I cracked up laughing, as I do find it funny when I hear reactions from people over seeing me down there…My Doctor laughed with me, as she knows I am okay with being the way I am, but the Resident was a little surprised. I told her that it is only skin, and as long as it heals so I can still enjoy being married, I don’t care how it looks. The way something looks has nothing to do with how it works…Don’t you agree? lol
      I hope all is good with you Linda!

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