RePost: And Its Malicious Contents

Update: Sept 5, 2023:

It is time to update this page to represent the new content that has shown up on,,,, and, as they are all directed to the same domain, and all show the same content.

Now I hope you understand the nature of Toxic People with Narcissistic traits intent on a Smear Campaign!

As you can see from the picture below, they still share the selfie I had on Instagram many years ago with the title of their domain in my name, and AKA Lorrie Reddy, which is the nickname I grew up with. Claiming to be “Exposing a Newfoundland Racist.

Below this title, they have that I am “going crazy” because “nothing drives a racist more crazy than being exposed. Time to revamp the site and expose her for who she is. Back online soon.”

I am not surprised by the new antics of the Toxic Tenants I had as I have learned that narcissistic people don’t give up. They will continue their Smear Campaigns as long as they want to do so as they refuse to accept they lost in any way. This new content on these sites proves that.

As the poster above says, It is funny that the minute I stop putting up with their crap, I am called “crazy“. They say I am going crazy for figuring out their antics! They are Adult Bullies.

Knowing what I now know, this content is only reinforcing that they are Bullies intent on inciting others after me. Their words give their intentions away, every time.

All I see in this content on are Toxic Adult Bullies trying very hard to gaslight and manipulate total strangers into believing they know Stella Reddy better than she does herself!

The words written on this page sent me into a tailspin of paranoia and extreme fear, as Toxic Adult Bullies shared here pictures: of the building, one of the owners, and myself and my husband. It was so we were easy to find,  that I am easy to find. 

You can imagine the extreme fear I felt, of total strangers being incited by Toxic Adult Bullies to come and attack me, my husband, the property or even one of the other tenants, just to make a statement. 

As a human being, there is no way anyone can read the words within any of these domain pages and not be AFFECTED by it in some way!  

Everything within this domain is invalidating Stella Reddy, not just her job but also as a human being who has feelings of her own. Every possible way to gaslight and manipulate Stella Reddy is in this content that started on April 20, 2019.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior of the Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy. 

These words are trying to show altruism like the Administrator of this site is only doing this to inform the public. Basically, trying to be a nice guy… But once you start reading the page you see how malicious and nasty this writer is being toward Stella Reddy. 

Stella Reddy is allegedly no longer a Property Manager for the owners of Alto Properties Inc,  Luigi Liscio  and his son Anthony Liscio.

I was never a property manager, not at this property or anywhere! They still imply my hubby is there, though we have been gone for over 2 years! They also share links to their other domains… 

This sentence below is scary for anyone living in a building, as it implies we are still there so you are welcome to come by and say or do whatever you want to me or anyone. Toxic Adult Bullies is instigating the general public to attack us, plain and simple, and makes it easy to do so by providing maps to the property as well as pictures of who you are to attack once you get there! 

Talk about making your intentions obvious!

But they still currently employ her enabler husband to work for them at their 859 Kennedy Road building.

Alto Properties Inc.
859 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON

More links related to Stella Reddy

I am starting to like this page, as it shows my mental deterioration! You can see where I was getting desperate to just GET IT OVER!  I will go through and make comments below… 

“These below quotes are factual and undisputed statements made by Stella Reddy towards, about and too the interracial tenants in the building at 859 Kennedy Road where she was the Property Manager.

The racist and anti-black quotes below also show how Stella Reddy is not afraid to try an bully her employers around, to get what she wants by making claims against them to the Ministry of Labour.

August 24, 2017 – Email from Stella Reddy to her bosses

They need to learn that just because she is BLACK, they can’t throw out these accusations of racism and bigotry against people 

This is true, I did say this and I still believe it too!

August 24, 2017 – Stella Reddy tries to use reverse racism against the interracial tenants as to justify her own racist behavior.

Due to the fact that ( tenant name ) is BLACK they are using the fact that I am not as a way to bully me 

I still believe this too!

September 26, 2017 – Stella Reddy uttered this racist slur at a public SJTO Tribunal hearing at Landlord Tenant Board in front of the member while pointing at the “ BLACK ” tenant, using her as a prop for comparison.

My nephew is as BLACK as you can get. He’s even  DARKER  than she is! I have no issue with any kind of race. I just recently moved another gentleman into the building.

This is out of context as there were more words… Check out the Transcript I will share! 

January 11, 2019


” HOW ABOUT I CALL THE CHILDREN’S AID DOWN THE STREET  and make a claim that you abuse your children?

March 7, 2019

I AM EVEN WILLING TO GO TO JAIL, IF IT COMES TO THAT if it also ensures that you and your family are held accountable for what you have done,

I will accept any form of punishment for myself gladly as long as you and your wife and YOUR CHILDREN are also punished. 

These words, and the one above, show without a doubt I was under severe mental stress and was at the end of my rope with all this crap from them. I was going crazy and I wonder why… Wouldn’t you go little nuts with having to deal with this crap day in and day out for so long? 19 months for HRTO, and 18 months for Divisional Court. 

March 8, 2019 – Stella Reddy sends messages the interracial tenants 10 year old and 15 year old children on Facebook with a link to her new website about their parents.

This is a lie, I sent it to Toxic Adult Bullies… Toxic Adult Bullies has never shown any evidence of this. 

May 23, 2019

I don’t work here anymore and as a result, I don’t take direction from the PROPERTY OWNERS ( Alto Properties Inc. ) anymore. I am independent and I know what I can and cannot do.

I am not responsible for PROPERTY OWNERS ( Alto Properties Inc. ) here anymore and what they do and I am not responsible either to help them ensure a smooth eviction. 

May 24, 2019

They seem to think I still have some say in what goes on here and that the PROPERTY OWNERS  ( Alto Properties Inc. ) may still have some power to tell me what to do. It don’t work that way. They can ask, but they can’t expect me listen to them.

What was so wrong with this? It’s all true, with the above. Even though I no longer worked for them, the owners still felt comfortable sending me emails telling me not to respond and getting a lawyer to call me to get me to stop with my own sites. I didn’t need to listen to what they requested if I didn’t want to! 

May 25, 2019

​IT LOOKS LIKE THERE MAY BE ANOTHER COMPLAINT GOING TO THE LABOR BOARD, for my husband this time as well as reopening of mine, as the PROPERTY OWNERS  ( Alto Properties Inc. ) still feel they can tell me what to do! If this happens, there won’t be any settlement and EVERYTHING WILL BE COMING OUT that WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD HERE AND DOCUMENTED.


I am tired of being taken advantage by PROPERTY OWNERS who feel their bottom line, and having a peaceful business,  is more important than the rights of their staff.

Every employee has a right to pick up their rights in employment, that is what the Ministry of Labour is there for! 

May 27, 2019

​Just so you know what vehicle to watch for that my Bullies, (Tenants Names), drives I THOUGHT I WOULD PUT THE PICS HERE. It is very easy to see from my balcony! 

Yep, I was angry as I couldn’t even relax on my balcony enjoying the sun without Toxic Adult Bullies yelling out to me or recording me on his phone. 

June 24, 2019  

​I have started working on another issue I had a few years ago when I worked with Orion Group as a building administrator and the building they owned at the time on Markham Rd. I was hired to work in the office and ended up in the building instead temp that never ended. I TOOK THIS COMPANY TO THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR due to the owners aggressive behaviour with myself and others and their lies.

Yeah, nothing wrong with that either. 

September 20, 2019 – Stella Reddy  creates a fake website claiming to be the interracial tenants in an attempt to try and clear and justify her own racist and prejudice behaviour. 

( Tenant Name ): Confession Yes, I am a Bully of Stella Reddy. I made this site, in order to torment her and see how far I can push her before she does something crazy. Everything i have said about Stella Reddy is a LIE I made up for revenge against her for her part in evicting me and my family from our home! I constantly refused access to the apartment for repairs needed, even when I asked for them, just so I would have another opportunity to torment Stella Reddy with not letting her in! You see, I want her gone, dead, hopefully from suicide that I am trying my very hardest to drive her too. You see, I post these websites like above, including and, just to bully Stella Reddy with. She even admits that having even just her name online for the world to see, let alone all the lies I have written about her, drives her nuts. This is my intention, you see. You don’t dare to go against anything I want, or you will pay the consequences of a smear campaign where I try my hardest to ruin you, online and in person as much as I can. Just like I am doing to Stella Reddy!

Yes, the first website that I had fun doing. Why not? Toxic Adult Bullies had one online about me so I thought I would do the same. QUID PRO QUO is the phrase… 

September 23, 2019

This website also is a highlight of just how bad the rental industry is getting in Ontario, as IT SHOWS HOW I HAD TO TAKE VARIOUS COMPANIES I WORKED FOR TO THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES OF EMPLOYMENT. 

September 24, 2019  

I HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF TAKING MATTERS IN MY OWN HANDS WITH Toxic Tenants AND TEACH THEM SOME OF MY JUSTICE. That is if I can get the interest up to take the time to find out where they are living! Yeah, Like I am going to waste money and time trying to find out where they live based on a post office box? I really have no interest in seeing them in person ever again so that is out. It’s not worth it to me to do that, no matter how angry I am. I’LL WAIT UNTIL THEY COME BACK HERE AGAIN. They’ve been here once already I understand to visit my neighbours, I am sure they will again. 

April 21, 2020

I have emailed everyone I could think of once again over these actions, INCLUDING CHILD PROTECTION.

Yes, I emailed them as Toxic Adult Bullies was using his kids to record me on his cell phone. He should not be doing that to his kids.

August 06, 2020

By the way, yes, I am willing to go to jail myself as long as Toxic Tenants are held accountable for what they have done

I will take any punishment deemed fit by anyone, as long as they are also punished. Why not? I have nothing to lose!

These sentences here show my desperation to get all this over and done and I was willing to accept anything, as long as it was OVER! Do you blame me? As I mentioned before, I even asked the Police once to arrest me, as I knew I couldn’t be tormented while I was in jail! You have no idea how I was feeling when I wrote some of this stuff. I am no longer embarrassed by the mental state I got in, why should I be? It was caused by their words and actions against me., which you can so very clearly read about on these pages they have online. 

As you can read in Stella Reddy’s own racist words and behavior. She is shown as a bully who without fear, makes open threatens physical violence, threats of harm to tenants children, uses racial slurs and actions against interracial tenants.

Where are the racial slurs and actions? Yeah, I was without fear at that point, I just wanted it all over and done so I can recover. 

Also as you can also read, Stella Reddy has no problem taking or threatening to take her employers to the Ministry of Labor because she is pissed of at them and does it just out of of retaliation.

I had no problem taking any employer to the Ministry of Labour and neither should any other employee, as you have to pick up for your employment rights. Maybe if Toxic Adult Bullies actually held a job he would understand how important these rights are! 

Although Stella Reddy allegedly claims that that she is not employed by Alto Properties Inc. Her husband and enabler, still is even after being caught sharing video of the interracial married couple / tenants with other another tenant within the building via email from the STAFF ONLY local surveillance system.

These are inciting words and what scared me so badly back then, as I felt Toxic Adult Bullies was trying to push people into coming and questioning us on-site over what he writes online. 

When this was brought to the owners they did nothing about it. In fact they encouraged and participated.

It is clear incitement of hate… trying to instigate others into action against us. That is all I see with these domains, all of them.

This is my sister and I can’t speak for her… I do know that Toxic Adult Bullies instigated this by stopping my sister’s friend in the Lobby that day… There was no reason for Toxic Adult Bullies to talk to this person, he was looking for “dirt” on me and my family that he could use against us, and this is it… Obvious hey? Maybe Toxic Adult Bullies should have explained how all this came about rather than just the end result that benefits them!

They are just more ways they use to torment me with and to drive me crazy over!

I shared this already on another page… It is just more evidence of Toxic Adult Bullies Gaslighting and Invalidation of Stella Reddy. My Job contract is all I need and nothing Toxic Adult Bullies can imply will ever change that fact. He didn’t hire me, he doesn’t work for the Ministry of Labour, not even Employment Standards so is not an authority on any of this. He can say all he wants, but it won’t make what he says, true…

This is simple… Toxic Adult Bullies had this meme posted on his own personal Twitter account, otherwise, how could he have gotten it to show here? I called him an “asshole” and had nothing to do with the meme, just the poster, KR! But of course, Toxic Adult Bullies has to imply other things!  It is funny actually how he goes out of his way to do these things. All it shows is his desperation to be believed!

“This website is going to compare the racist and anti-black behavior of Mark Meadows to that of Stella Reddy.” 

There are 14 pages to this and these pages’ content is what he is using to news jack with current news, as he hopes will be found by search engines. The content within, as well as the Trump stuff, is what he is using to attract readers online, as those names get more viewers. All you need to do is search the name…Toxic Adult Bullies believes that the news coverage of Mark Meadows will bring people to his sites.

This is also Triangulation at its finest…Toxic Adult Bullies comparing myself to Mark Meadows, trying to get you to accept we are the same when we all know it’s impossible.. For one thing, I am a female! Toxic Adult Bullies showing Narcissistic traits! No people are the same, no matter how hard you try to convince someone of that.

Triangulation happens when one or both of the people involved in the conflict try to pull a third person into the dynamic, often with the goal of:

This manipulation tactic can leave you feeling off-balanced, if not more deeply distressed. You might notice a creeping sense of insecurity and begin to doubt and question yourself. We all know this is manipulation. 

Narcissistic supply refers to the attention, praise, admiration, power, or sense of specialness that people with narcissism need. Triangulation helps reinforce their sense of superiority and specialness while leaving others confused and unbalanced.

Pt 1 – Pt 6  are about Mark Meadows, in the news. 

“No let us compare Stella Reddy to a well-established racist like Mark Meadows and see how she stacks up / compares to him.

Let’s fact check this…”

Pt 7- Pt 14 are about Stella Reddy

“Right off the top there are some pretty obvious and similar racist and anti-black behaviors between the proven racist Mark Meadows and Stella Reddy that we will now begin to address.”

– I’m doing my due diligence –

The evidence, documents and testimony that was present to at the public forum, Landlord and Tenant Board hearing on September 26, 2017 to the racist SJTO member was that:

  1. Stella Reddy provided an email where Stella Reddy stated: They ( the interracial married couple/tenants ) need to learn that just because she is BLACK, they can’t throw out these accusations of racism and bigotry against people 

I truly feel that Toxic Adult Bullies were accusing me of being racist to distract me from their persistent refusals of access. I give the Notice to enter and when I get to the apartment, I am refused entry and have accusations shouted at me that I am “racist and out to get all black people removed from the building.”

I’ll never forget Toxic Adult Bullies’ words that day, they are imprinted in my head. The fact he stated as well that I “should have been there at 8 am then instead of making him wait around all day” is also stuck there. I have never felt such aggression and disrespect as I did that day from anyone, ever. Toxic Adult Bullies use the word “black” so I went home and emailed the owners. Toxic Adult Bullies does leave out quite a bit of this though, so it is out of context a bit.

  1. Stella Reddy use racist and anti-black offensive, derogatory, prejudice language and used racist and anti-black physical actions to try and deflect from her own racist and anti-black behavior when she was called out by the interracial married couple/tenants.

Toxic Adult Bullies are using the fact that they say Stella Reddy “was called out” to deflect from their refusals of entry. What came first I wonder? Are they refusing entry for pest control, glass repairs, and ceiling repairs, or their allegations against me?

  1. Stella Reddy used the offensive, derogatory and prejudice word Newfie on different occasions throughout the public hearing as unwanted harassment to anyone present and/or from Newfoundland.

I am a Newfie and I was present in the room. Doesn’t that count? I don’t mind the term, it is my heritage after all, not theirs.

  1. Stella Reddy portray the female of the interracial married couple/tenants as a stereotypical, ill–mannered, ill– tempered, loud, aggressive, demanding and uncivilized Angry Black Woman. ( Sapphire ) Without every producing a single piece of evidence to support her racist and anti-black behavior.

Sorry, I don’t see this description written by myself or anyone else, just here by Toxic Adult Bullies.

  1. Stella Reddy verbally insulted, humiliated, disrespected, embarrassed, degraded and harassed the interracial married couple/tenants throughout the public hearing.

Poor baby! What does he think his words and actions have done to me? They spoke of this alleged prior meeting they claim we had, what do they think this did to me during this hearing? Am I not allowed to FEEL insulted, humiliated, disrespected, embarrassed, degraded and harassed? What does he think these domains’ content is doing?

  1. Stella Reddy created and filled illegally forged and altered documents as evidence to support a L2 eviction application against the interracial married couple/tenants.

I have never seen any “forged and altered documents” as they have never produced any nor referenced any on any of their domains. There are none of these, otherwise, LTB would not accept them.

  1. Stella Reddy created and filled illegally forged and altered documents as evidence to support a L2 eviction application against the interracial married couple/tenants as a way to obstruct of justice.

Wow, this isn’t a criminal court trial! Besides, did the Divisional Court say this occurred?

  1. Stella Reddy place video cameras that faced the interracial married couple/tenants door.

If this was the intention, the camera would be in the hallway, directly across from their apartment, not IN THE ELEVATOR! This is just them picking on silly things. If I was intent on doing that, why wasn’t the new camera installed in the elevator,  doing the same thing? This is nitpicking…

  1. Stella Reddy continuously threatened, lied and harassed the interracial married couple/tenants with illegal and invalid legal documents.

Awe, if they were so invalid and illegal, how did they get them EVICTED!!!  There are other people who check them for accuracy, even spelling mistakes, and the many eyes reading them would have seen something if they were so illegal and invalid…

  1. Stella Reddy continuously harassed, threatened and inconvenience the interracial married couple/tenants in hopes they would move out.

Hmm… Toxic Adult Bullies continually harassed Stella Reddy with false allegations, while providing no evidence of their claims. Toxic Adult Bullies continually used the property owners and other tenants within the property to Triangulate Stella Reddy and make her feel threatened and off balance. Toxic Adult Bullies stood in the Lobby, bashing Stella Reddy to everyone entering while Stella Reddy sat in the office within earshot. Toxic Adult Bullies posted online domains with their accusations for the world to see. That is Harassment!

  1. The owners were very aware of the interracial married couple/tenants accusations and did nothing to resolve them.

Accusations without substance, and any type of evidence that they occurred, are not something that is needed to resolve. General words in a letter with the final words of “Please do not respond to my email. I do not need for you to try and deny or even try and justify to me that you are not an undercover racist.” Where is there ever any request for any response to this letter? Actually, it specifically states Please do not respond. 

  1. The owners encouraged Stella Reddy and her husband to continue with their racist and anti-black behavior.

This sentence is outright gaslighting, as Toxic Adult Bullies don’t know what the owners nor my husband were doing, as they can’t read minds to know. Do they have either party actually on recording or on paper, doing that or does it come just from their own warped views?

It appears that Stella Reddy and Mark Meadows read from the same page in the racist playbook of routines.”

In the end, these 14 pages are just tactics to convince you that I have traits and do actions, just like someone else who he felt was proven as a racist. These 14 pages, filled with word salad, are because they feel insecure or overwhelmed and are willing to manipulate other people in hurtful ways to get more attention and to sabotage Stella Reddy as much as possible. The accusations written within have never been proven and they know it. Words are not evidence.

Toxic Adult Bullies walked away from their chance to have me “proven” as a racist in HRTO, so they lost the right to say these things about me.

These words below are Toxic Adult Bullies’ end game, trying to prove I am a LIAR, not that I violated their human rights. Talk about GASLIGHTING and MANIPULATION!

You have no idea what I felt when I read these words below for the first time… Toxic Adult Bullies try so hard to come across as so knowledgeable of Stella Reddy and what she is thinking. In the end, how can he know, really? Pure Gaslighting, trying to convince you of something that is not true.

And there you have it, Stella Reddy The Liar!

It appears that Stella Reddy wants the world to believe that a Caucasian, late 50’s female, born and raised in Canada, with a diverse family did not know what the word Mullato meant.

For Stella Reddy to even try and convince anyone of this, only shows here desperation to try and free herself of her own racist and anti-black actions.

What is next? Stella Reddy will claim she does not know what the N-word or Jigga-Boo means. And again she will have to her niece to get some cultural awareness lessons on inappropriate vocabulary.

This is so ridicules for Stella Reddy to make such a far absurd statement. It crosses the border into bizarre.

Stella Reddy and offenders always have some type of excuses for their racist behavior and it is never because of their own doing.

The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine does not always have to make sense and actually most times it doesn’t. But it does not stop people like Stella Reddy from trying.

Stella Reddy is the typical racist and a horrible liar!

“Before we start. Let it be noted that the interracial married couple / tenants we entitled to one parking space with the rental of the unit and it was free. Stella Reddy ALWAYS forgets to tell people this important fact!”

This sentence above is a total lie… Where is the documentation or notation about getting a free parking spot? I saw rental applications for this building where “FREE” is written on the application in the parking section, but I saw nothing of the sort here. You can see where it states parking and there is a line through the $ section, and there is no notation anywhere else there about free parking. If you look at the section towards the bottom, you will see where it speaks on parking additions during the tenancy.  Of course, Toxic Adult Bullies don’t show any proof, as they have none!

Toxic Adult Bullies spends these 3 pages talking about other tenants and what they do in regard to parking and is trying to convince you that I purposefully allowed tenants to park in the Visitors’ Area there. You forget, I knew what Toxic Adult Bullies were like from the beginning, with their loud mouths complaining, so why would I deliberately give out parking in this area to someone else for him to find out and terrorize me over, just like he does in this content? I am sure I would do that so Toxic Adult Bullies can attack me more…

Toxic Adult Bullies are expressing their jealousy over other tenants and what they have in regard to parking spots, even to the point where he demanded that we take a spot away from someone else to give to him. The fact that he talked about what vehicles I had just shown his jealousy of that fact. Who cares how many vehicles I had or where they came from or even where they were parked?


“Whatever you opinion is. There is no doubts that the racist Stella Reddy and the racist property owners were all in it together. Because in the end the property owners had the final say.

Stella Reddy being the bully and racist that she is. Told the cowards owners what she was going to do and that was the end of the conversation!

Which they were more than happy with, because Stella Reddy would do their bidding for them as they were to cowardly to do it themselves.” 

Toxic Adult Bullies is very proficient in Gaslighting, isn’t he? His implications really show his imagination in alluding to certain scenarios he wants to project. Toxic Adult Bullies want you to accept that the owners and staff were in “cahoots” to evict these Bullies for “calling out Stella Reddy’s racist behaviour”.  Such manipulation and deflection from the real reason!

This page is just more of the same, expressing jealousy and trying to show superiority over Stella Reddy. Every day, apartment buildings are changing regulations, based on what is going on around them. While we were there, we had to implement keeping all common area doors closed at all times, including stairwells and laundry room. Where is their complaint over that?

There were a few fires on balconies in our area at the time, so we were being proactive, that’s all. Not using balconies as storage areas is common as well, as it is a fire hazard. All it takes is a cigarette butt being thrown from above…

Talk about being obvious over sicking people at us!! What is this below I copied from the content. How is it racist? They were told why it came into effect.

Such jealousy I see expressed here and total ignorance to the fact there are different types of BBQs, including electric ones like what my sister had. Of course, there is no mention of that, just that it was a BBQ. More invalidation and gaslighting. Maybe he should use spell check!

“The only question is why did the owners suddenly have uissue with barbeques after 14 months of knwing they were in the building and on peoples balconines?

That you will have to ask them yourselves because they have never offered or have been instructed to supply any answers for this sudden change of heart and racist actions.

But feel free to contact and ask them them at

Alto Properties Inc
Suite #100-859 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough ON M1K 2E3
PH: 416-752-3030
Fax: 416-757-0539

Well now, if you need any more proof of stalking Toxic Adult Bullies did of me, this sentence below will show it to you. You can see for yourself that they went to our previous place of employment, at Kingston Rd, and spoke to the staff there, who were fired for this action.

For Toxic Adult Bullies to go out of his way to do this, shows his determination to ruin me, doesn’t it?  Why go to such extremes? It is disgusting behaviour and shows so much about them.

“NOTE: Searching the internet and speaking with Property Management at 3969 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, Ontario. There is no record of there ever being a propane tank explosion or anyone being hurt at Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy previous place of employment as she claimed.”

Stella Reddy posted on her blog yesterday July 26, 2020

Toxic Adult Bullies got upset over the website I made, as you can tell by the sentence above, so he has to take a whole page and get out his personal opinions about this post.  Such personal digs once again to embarrass and humiliate me. This is pure vindictiveness on his part. Total invalidation of my PTSD and is so degrading. Toxic Adult Bullies is not a doctor, is he?

Your opinion is your opinion Toxic Adult Bullies and not my concern any longer!! 🙂

Such speculations were written here and it tells me that Toxic Adult Bullies is just burning to know what was going on.  Oh well, he can burn…Think what you will. The website it was on is gone and I was mad…

I wonder if Toxic Adult Bullies was a Superintendent as they claimed, How come he didn’t know that the apt was given as part of the remuneration for the job, with the utilities?  I don’t know any staff who paid the rent…

Toxic Adult Bullies will never know the truth of this. I was pissed when I wrote that, as I had just learned the owners were not taking these Bullies to civil court for the sites so yes, I called Health and Safety to see what I could do and we followed their recommendations. I am happy I did!!

The main recommendation was to move out of any influence of being attacked for the content online, which is why my hubby gave a month’s notice to quit his job and we left.

It appears that Stella Reddy is really agitated at them for some reason. But why is Stella Reddy so agitated? Especially since the owners stood behind her and encouraged and participated in her racist and discriminatory actions against the interracial married couple / tenants for all those years.

So why the sudden change of heart by Stella Reddy?

Because either the racist Stella Reddy and her enabler husband have been evicted from their unit at 859 Kennedy Road by the owners.

Or the owners have finally decided that the websites are to much for them and have finally fired her husband after 4 years of a media-oker  cleaning around the building.

No matter what the reason, it does mean that Stella Reddy and her enabling husband can not afford to pay the rent to live there anymore and have to“cut all ties to this building and to Ontario. I am going home” to Newfoundland

Either way it appears that the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband are on the move due to something the owners have done. And they are pissed off about it. Threatening to now get the Ontario Health And Safety after them!

“I didn’t want to go this route but as I said, I have reached my limit and can not tolerate inaction no longer… Time for accountability, from all sides”

As Stella Reddy once so notably said to the interracial married couple / tenants “What other reason could there be? They caused their own eviction but refuse to accept it.”

Stella Reddy’s big plan that she continuously bragged and boosted about to retire and live a happy conformable life at 859 Kennedy Road are NOW OVER!

You see Stella Reddy and her enbaling husband can not afford to live in Toronto, as NEITHER ONE OF THEM ARE PROBABLY WORKING now, and Stella Reddy, who is leeching off the Government of Canada for her Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits only gets as she states “$694.16 per month”

It is amazing is how Stella Reddy conveniently was able to suddenly work in June 2016, despite her February 2015 Cervical Spinal Stenosis diagnosis of which got her approved for for her Canada Pension Plan in March 2016.

“at the time, I was not able to work due to a newly diagnoses of Cervical Spinal Stenosis, which was causing severe pain in my left side from my neck that I developed in Feb 2015, and this is why I had to stop working. As we had worked in this property for 3 years as building staff, the management approved us for an apartment. It was also during this time that I closed my personal bank account and is currently using my husbands. Due to the stenosis I applied and was approved for CPP Disability in March 2016, which I am still receiving.”

Stella Reddy also likes to claim that she has imaginary Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) from a house fire in Newfoundland back 29 years ago in 1991.

Stella Reddy’s behavior is an insult to all individuals who really have PTSD.

Stella Reddy uses her conveniently fabricate PTSD as a crutch and a way to to leech off the Canadian government. Just like she did to her husband and enabler when she decided she wanted to retire from Property Management and live off his small cleaning income.

Stella Reddy constantly plays the pity card as she tries to relate the events from June 2016 to present for her PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.

Stella Reddy house fire has never been an issue in her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

Stella Reddy has never claimed to have the symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the fire that night 29 years ago.

Stella Reddy always relates her conveniently fabricate PTSD as being related to the situation in which she created with her racist and anti-black behavior.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she had a pattern of her making the interracial married couple / tenants sit around all day, waiting 3 times for her and she never bothered to show up, without notice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when ……

  • when she was plotting and serving illegal N5’s against the interracial married couple / tenants.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was throwing away the key to their unit to justify her illegal N5 to get them evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was in front of the racist Caucasian Social Justice Tribunal Member of September 26, 2017, lying and providing altered and false documents as evidence to have the interracial married couple / tenants evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she refused interracial married couple / tenants parking at the building, but at the same time gave the all-white tenant that same privilege she was refusing the interracial married couple / tenants.

She did not have PTSD when …

  • When she deliberately lied and stated that the the interracial married couple / tenants were the only tenants with a barbecue despite there being 4 other tenants. One being her own sister .

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she showed support that she was a racist Donald Trump on Twitter.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she threatened to call the Children’s Aid Society on the interracial married couple / tenants bi racial children, twice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When using racial slurs, racist actions, derogatory and prejudice language during the ltb hearing in a public form.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she messaged the the interracial married couple / tenants two young bi-racial children with hateful content on Facebook messenger.

And the list goes on forever.

When everything was going in Stella Reddy’s favor, there WAS NO ISSUE OF PTSD. But now that Stella Reddy feels like the world is crashing down around her. And she is beginning held accountable for her actions and having to answers for her behavior.

Now the conveniently fabricate PTSD is an issue that she wants people to believe. It appears to be a convenient illness that Stella Reddy has been using for years for multiple reasons to try and gain pity and sympathy.

Stella Reddy is a fake and is milking the Canadian Government like others do in order to not have to work full time, if at all.

As it has been proven time and time again. Stella Reddy is a liar, a really bad liar. And the pattern of her lying only continues with her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

As Stella Reddy stated before “I am a firm believer in Karma!”

Yes, Karma has spoken and like she did to interracial married couple / tenants. The racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband will be moving and they will NOT BE HAVING THEIR BIG OLD RETIREMENT PARTY as they hoped and planned for at 859 Kennedy Road.

Instead they are forced to move due to their own actions and inability to recognize their own faults and misdeeds. In the end KARMA struck and now the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband will try and run away from their racist history to Newfoundland.

When last checked Newfoundland still had the internet and people could still search up individuals by names and their history. Just in case the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband think they can hide from the internet, their racist and anti-black behavior and these websites.

As Stella Reddy once so notably said to the interracial married couple / tenants “the truth is here and will remain.”

“Stella Reddy posted on her blog July 24, 2020 “I took all my courage and reached out to talk to someone, and they accepted my story, as I have written here of Adult Bullies and Smear Campaigns online.”

So who could this mystery individual be that Stella Reddy has researched and reach out too? 

Who could this mysterious individual be that has accepted Stella Reddy’s boo-hoo pity blog?”

More speculations from Toxic Adult Bullies. He is such a BULLY, isn’t he? Attacking people for supporting me… Such degrading behaviour from an ADULT!

Actually, it was Ontario Health and Safety I spoke to… It’s NOT YOUR BUSINESS! 

These pages just show me Toxic Adult Bullies FEAR that people are not believing their lies as written within the content online about me and others. They are TERRIFIED that people will believe my content online over theirs and that I will get support from this person’s followers so they decided to shame and embarrass me into deleting my site once again, which I did. Not anymore.

I have learned and accepted that Toxic Adult Bullies can have an opinion, but it doesn’t mean people believe it! Such personal attacks of total strangers, all because she commented on my site.  Toxic Adult Bullies just couldn’t resist showing his superiority! 

This is evidence that Toxic Adult Bullies will attack anyone who shows me any type of support, even family!

Day 11 August 07, 2020″

Toxic Adult Bullies can speculate all they want, but I know the truth. It is burning him up inside with resentment and jealousy to NOT know anything, which is why he uses so much word salad and labels in his speculations!

It is at this point it is not worth any else time to address any more of Stella Reddy White Pride foolish behavior or her White Pride friend Cherie White and her White Pride husband John White.

It has been pretty and obviously established at this point that Stella Reddy is a desperate racist who is running out of options in her attempts to stop her past from biting her in the ass. Stella Reddy wants nothing more in life then these websites down because they show the truth about her racist behavior with her own documents, testimony, pictures, blog and so on.

Stella Reddy has had ample of opportunity to try and example away the evidence, but instead she was always played the boo-hoo pity routine and has muddy’s the waters with so much lies and misleading facts to this point. That not a single individual has been smart or intelligent enough to comprehend what is going on.

And no one has been willing to put a leash and muzzle on Stella Reddy to prevent her from muddling the waters beyond comprehension.

Plus you have a system that is trying to protect one of their own lawyers and SJTO members which does not help or make the situation easier.

So with that said. When talking to a racist, you can not make sense out of nonsense!

This content within this page is utter nonsense!!

Once again Toxic Adult Bullies speculating on what I wrote On March 6, 2019, in an email to them about getting caught using a Keyless entry code to access the building when they were all removed by me when I first started working there. This page is a total defence for their actions and a way to attack me once again with baseless accusations! You can see from the email string I share, there is more triangulation going on with the owners! Toxic Adult Bullies got pissed off over what I said in my response, can’t you tell by his content online?

I agree it was possible for Toxic Adult Bullies to get a code when they moved in, but after I removed them from the system, it would no longer work. Not only that, whenever there were power outages, the system would be deleted and had to be inputted again. I worked there for 2 yrs and had to stand there every time for over an hour inputting the number all over again!

Wow, you really are unbelievable. Your behaviour really does remind me of the high school bully we had! He use to do the same, get caught in bad behaviour and turn around and attack the person who caught him and made various accusations against them and it is so very easy to see here too. And you wonder why I don’t trust you! I wanted all this in writing, just in case there is anything down the road. Going by the actions you have already done its not hard to see you crossing the line into illegal, especially when the legal route don’t give you what you want and having a keyless entry code gains you access to the building without having any keys to do as you wish! It is just more proof of your lack of respect for the rules and regulations of apartment living.

Not only do you, once again, totally ignore the seriousness of your own morally corrupt behaviour of using a keyless entry code to get in, and ignore answering for it, but you then, once again, turn around and attack me with more accusations and suppositions in your attempts to try to make it all about me and what you are accusing me of instead of what you did, and once again, involve the property owners in the hopes they will say something to me to shut me up from talking to you. Do you think people can’t see what you are doing? This tactic is so very obvious! I dare to say anything against something you have done and you turn around and attack me with accusations to try and cover it up and attempt to use other people to also help shut me up. Just like your actions over the Form N5’s I gave back in 2016, I dared to complain about your refusal of access by giving these forms and I get these lies and accusations of racism in return! It won’t work, as I refuse to be quiet anymore against your accusations and lies and I have a right to speak just as you do! I kept quiet too long already! The next accusation you claim against me, you better have the proof to back it up before you say anything.

I am not required to tell you anything and I do not have to prove anything to you either, it is your responsibility to prove your accusations you are accusing me of as true, as you are the one saying it. It don’t matter how I got the info. Believe me or not I do not care, it is received and your reaction has proven it to be correct. You know this action was wrong and if you shared it, that will also come to light in time. You are welcome to believe what you wish, you do anyway, but I refuse to hear anymore accusations without any proof to back it up! It has been shown that as long as you get what you want, you seem to be agreeable. But if I don’t go along, or dare to have the nerve to say anything against you and what you do, I get more lies and accusations thrown my way. It has become a predictable pattern of behaviour from you and is very easy to see in your emails and writings. Because I stuck to my guns over the rules and wouldn’t back down from your aggressive behaviour over these changes, the accusations against me became more wild and severe in the hopes that I would back off. It is very easy to see it, as the fantasy of this alleged meeting at some restaurant and the claims you make over what I allegedly said, is just too unbelievable as no one talks like that and there was no reason for me, or anyone, to do something like that. For you to expect others to believe that I went up to you for no reason and talked as you say I did is just too weird to have happened! As they say, if a story sounds too fanatical, it means it is! This meeting is all a lie, the accusations against me of racism is all a lie and you know it, no matter what you say. Would you be willing to perjury yourself over that I wonder, if you were under oath to tell the truth? You attack me to put me on the defensive therefore it deflects from what you have done. I am onto your actions now as I am sure everyone else is too. I have seen and read too much from you that proves this is the case to think anything else. As I said, the truth always wins out in the end and the truth is finally coming through all your lies here too.

Once again you are making accusations against me without proof and are once again involving the property owners, which is criminal harassment, as explained to me by the Toronto Police not long ago. By emailing my former employers about any of my actions when I no longer work for them is criminal harassment, as it is being done in total malice for the sole purpose in the hopes of sic’ing them on me to shut me up from saying anything to you and to put me on the spot. The spite comes out in your writing and that you are wanting the owners to say something to me about what I said to you is very easy to see! You are a tattletale once again! The owners can’t help you and won’t help you. As the tenancy is under eviction, nothing much will be done as you will all be gone soon anyway but due to these actions my husband will be more diligent in checking around the building, as you have shown you really cannot be trusted! I am ecstatic that once all the decisions are out and made public from all these agencies, everyone will finally see just what you have done and you will be held accountable for it all! I say the truth always comes out as I have seen it happen so often and it will here as well.

Soon now, we will have the Divisional Court order and as it is taking so long, I expect it to be very detailed! This court will word this order in such a way that there will be nothing there that you can use to appeal on! I also expect HRTO is waiting on this decision so as to use it in their papers and I am sure it will be very helpful to them.. I will repeat, as I have no fears of anything I have done, if by some chance HRTO does say I behaved inappropriately, I will accept it and deal with the consequences as long as they also make you and your family accountable for what you have done. I am even willing to go to jail, if it comes to that, if it also ensures that you and your family are held accountable for what you have done with your lies, the website and Facebook posts. I am that determined to have you and your family held accountable for these actions the past 2 ½ yrs that I will accept any form of punishment for myself gladly as long as you and your wife and your children are also punished.

I guess we will see soon enough what happens next!

From: K 
Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 10:40 PM
To: Stella Reddy 
Subject: Re[2]: Entry Panel

Great.. please save video of proof of this alleged person. I suspect you were in the office despite being a allegedl tenant.

If you dont save the video then that only proves my beliefs.

I suspect the video wont be saved as your more than likely lying again about this person.

Sent from myMail for Android

Wednesday, 06 March 2019, 09:48p.m. -05:00 from Stella Reddy 

As the keyless entry makes a very loud distinctive sound it was heard first, then your dog and you behind the dog, was seen today. They did not stick around to be seen by you. I was then told due to the fact that this person just happens to know how fearful I am over your actions and this keyless entry is serious issue. If I had access to the cameras believe me I would feel a lot safer about leaving my apartment as I could time my coming and going with yours.

It was a shock to hear that you have keyless entry to the building, as I do not trust you at all and I wanted to make you aware that I now knew. My first thought was you giving it out to someone to try and come after me or to do damage in the building now or after the eviction. I wanted you to know in the hopes of preventing any actions until it can be removed. I have become very paranoid over your actions and I have reason to be as you have already done so much.

As my husband is staff I notified him and he will remove the keyless codes as this is a very serious safety concern, as it would be for anyone living here, and my nerves can’t handle the thought of it possibly being given out. As he is staff he is allowed to do that. It doesn’t surprise me that you got one and uses it, it fits with everything else you do.

As for your actions of once again sending emails to the property owners with your false accusations and personal opinions, is more harassment and will be added to my civil case. Do not make anymore accusations against me unless you can prove it, please. Also, if you have a complaint about me have your wife file a complaint in writing for the property manager, like every other tenant.

As for who I am, I am someone living here too and who is very familiar with your actions and am only speaking up for myself. Using keyless codes when you know you shouldn’t just adds to the proof that I have that shows your true character.

As the code will be gone I won’t have to worry about a stranger getting in at your request now or in the future after you are no longer living here.

Stella Reddy

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 6:52 PM , <k  wrote:

Stella, who are you to send me this email when you are not the Property
Manager anymore.

Stella, you had to watch it in the office or on some company video feed
that is not supplied to the tenants, as nobody was in the lobby or
coming or going from the building when I came in today.



As I know the building is covered by surveillance cameras only
accessible to you ( the owners ) and 2 staff members, I would have
expect this issue to have been raised by yourself or your STAFF and not
a tenant living in the building.

On 2019-03-06 12:42,

Stella wrote:

It is now known that you have been using a code to enter the building
without a key. You were seen today around 1230 entering doing this so
the keyless entry codes will now all be removed.


Stella Reddy’s – I was assaulted lie!

One would think that Stella Reddy would have learned by now that she is a horrible liar. That “Facts do not lie” no matter how she now wants to try and twist her own words and statements. What Stella Reddy can not seem to comprehend and grasp is that when you are telling the truth, you don’t need to have a good memory. But when your a liar and a really bad liar. You are constantly forgetting your previous lies and then have to trying to make up new lies to cover for the old lies. Remember.. Lies manifest more lies.

The above is a word salad, as it doesn’t make much sense, just a jumble of words…

On August 07, 2020 Stella Reddy states in her, feel sorry for me blog “Where did I say that? Show me!” in response to the factual statement that she made in regards to the interracial married couple / tenants “bumping into” her. Essentially Stella Reddy was implying and claiming that the interracial married couple deliberately assaulted her in the lobby of 859 Kennedy Road.

More evidence of stalking me online, though he says he doesn’t…

This page is more gaslighting, so clearly you can see it. I say that Toxic Adult Bullies “basically” bumps into me and he says I was implying that he deliberately assaulted me. How does one thing become another?

I know what he did and all the writing in the world he doesn’t change it either! Toxic Adult Bullies may as well accept that I too am entitled to my personal opinions over things, just like he is! I stand by what I said, accept it or not, I don’t care… 🙂

So once again Stella Reddy claimed on August 07, 2020 on her feel sorry for me pity blog.

“Where is this proof? I never involve children, ONLY ( male from the interracial married couple / tenants name ) has been shown to do that, as posted online in his websites. I don’t even have their names on here!”

In regards to the March 8, 2019 Facebook messages

More defensiveness from Toxic Adult Bullies and more evidence he took the posts I wrote online to use as fodder for his own content. Yes, I had their children’s names on one of my sites, but not anymore. It’s not their fault their parents are idiots and grandiose. This page shows nothing actually, you can’t tell who I sent that link to, but I know it was to Toxic Adult Bullies.

You need to bare witness to Toxic Adult Bullies sharing my personal info online within these domains and if it was not relevant, why does HE post it? It’s not Toxic Adult Bullies place, to put this on there, is it? He complains about me sharing names even though he does worse, showing the hypocrisy.

“That my friends is a true narcissist. Fuck everyone else and their privacy issues. I have my own self-image to worry about here!”

As Toxic Adult Bullies wrote this sentence above,  it came from his mind, not anyone else…

Bare witness to Stella Reddy talking all her own children’s personal business online for all to read and see. First and foremost this information was NEVER RELEVANT to anything related to the situation.

Second it was not Stella Reddy’s place to discuss her own GROWN children’s business online. It was not Stella Reddy’s place to call out her trans-gender child.

It was not Stella Reddy’s place to tell the world that her other son had or may still be struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Who does this? A personal who is so self-centered that they don’t want to see or care about what they are doing to others, even their own children.

That my friends is a true narcissist. Fuck everyone else and their privacy issues. I have my own self-image to worry about here!

And despite the apple does not fall far from the tree in Stella Reddy’s family. Stella Reddy still had no right to put her own children’s personal stories online for everyone to see. That is a choice that they should have made for themselves if they wanted too. Not Stella Reddy their MOTHER!

And again Stella Reddy is a hypocrite who has no shame, no pride, no self-worth and is so moral corrupt that it is beyond comprehension.

And still as of April 29, 30 and May 01, 2020 still choose to use the interracial married couples/tenants children’s names on her website, despite claiming she would not do such a thing.

And yet still the liar Stella Reddy will deliberately and boldly lie to the readers face, hoping that no one again will be able to call her out on it.

I find this page really funny!! More word salad within! More fodder he took from one of my own websites… It shows Toxic Adult Bullies pure unadulterated  JEALOUSY over anyone being shown any treatment differently than they did!

The wording within gives his jealousy away so clearly. I get a chuckle every time I read this content, it is so obvious he is jealous of anyone being treated better than they were! I wonder why? Haven’t they heard the saying that you attract more with honey than you will with vinegar?

They were nasty demanding tenants and it comes out in their written letters and emails, these other tenants didn’t do that, they ASKED, not DEMANDED! Of course, Toxic Adult Bullies don’t want to see that. Awe well too bad!

Read this content and get a laugh for yourself.

Do you know what is the best thing about a crazy racist like Stella Reddy? As Christmas is fast approaching, she is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Stella Reddy is such a racist and a lair that she continues on, being totally oblivious to all of her previous lies, hence why she is a horrible liar!

You know the saying. To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed. And that folks is Stella Reddy in a nutshell!!!

Today being December 08, 2020, Stella Reddy again is ranting on about her behavior and how she clearly was not playing favorites, nor did she treat the interracial married couple/tenants any differently than she treated anyone else in the building.

Without posting all of Stella Reddy pitiful and senseless ranting. I have captured the import parts of her pointless rant where she denies everything.

Such as Stella Reddy stating “They ( the interracial married couple / tenants ) imply I should be mindful of their personal feelings, yet that wasn’t my job. People come and go from apartment buildings, so why should I invest my time into caring about them?”

Then there is this statement from her longwinded rant “More grandiosity from the tenants, expecting me to treat them… differently than I did every one else.”

Then there is this amazing beauty of a line “Of course I didn’t show any concern, why should I? Please, tell me where in the RTA does it state that I should CARE about tenants personally?”

And to finish it all off “the interracial married couple/tenants are adults and it wasn’t my job to be mindful of their personal feelings!!”

As previously stated, Stella Reddy is the ultimate racist gift that just keeps giving in this Christmas season.

  • It is clear that Stella Reddy is claiming that she does not “CARE about tenants personally.”
  • That “People come and go from apartment buildings, so why should I invest my time into caring about them?”
  • And that they are “expecting me to treat them… differently than I did every one else.”

Stella Reddy wants everyone to believe that she never had any preference for tenants and that there is NO SPECIAL TREATMENT being given to any tenants in the building, NO MATTER WHO THEY WERE!

Toxic Adult Bullies is stuck in his frame of invalidating me and the personal feelings I express over their actions and content online. I am sorry I am a human being who has feelings of her own that I have no problem expressing! It must burn Toxic Adult Bullies so badly when I pick up for myself! He has to negate everything I say and try to gaslight it into non-existence.

I don’t have to convince anyone of something I know for sure about, why would I? I know who I am and what I am doing.  I am sharing what happened to me and what was said and done that got me where I am today! There are ALWAYS 2 sides to everything, so why not?

Recently Stella Reddy is again promoting her Boo Hoo Pity Tour, crying about how she is treated so unfairly and still using her imaginary PTSD as a crutch to justify her racist and discriminatory behavior.

So this is again, Stella Reddy being who she is, and that is just a bigot, racist, and a really really bad liar!

You see, Stella Reddy is so determined to try and convince herself and anyone who will listen that she is not a bigot and a racist. And that the female from interracial married couple / tenants is nothing more than a Black liar who is an Angry Black Woman. So to achieve this, Stella Reddy deliberately spreads false and misleading information about her and her family of 12 websites. Stella Reddy is the classic racist and bigot who when confronted about their racist behavior. They get desperate and try and flip the narrative to something else in hopes of taking the attention off of themselves.

Now Stella Reddy WILL TRY and claim that she willfully took the site down on her own, but why would she spend so much time, day and night, promoting her lies and hatred for the interracial married couple / tenants to all of a sudden to just want to take it down and walk away. That is not OCD Stella Reddy!

They gave their action away with these words!!

The new content within this site is a total joke… Toxic Adult Bullies is so arrogant he shows it on this page, as he truly thinks he has the influence to bring about what he claims below. He believes that people finding his words online will cause people to not associate with me or my husband. Sorry, Toxic Adult Bullies are that influential over other people…There is no need for anyone to even believe their words online, especially when they have a real person in front of them that they can see for themselves.  I have been shown this truth over the past 6 years and 6 months…  To me, Toxic Adult Bullies is an idiot to think he has that kind of power over others and shows his arrogance that he is being believed. 

It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.

And as Stella Reddy was so concerned yesterday about our other domains before hers got taken offline.

We have again renewed them for another year. Hmm, Stela Reddy has to wonder how we can afford to pay for this when we aren’t working? Or are we working?

And to help Stella Reddy put her mind at ease, we also renewed this domain for another year, so now it will not expire until April 20, 2023.

So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.”

Time for a break!

I’ll be sharing all the Form 10’s I got next… There are quite a few!!

Have a great weekend!

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