Poster: The Narcissist Can Never Be Wrong

Poster: The Narcissist Can Never Be Wrong

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10 Replies to “Poster: The Narcissist Can Never Be Wrong”

  1. I couldn’t count the threats and ultimatums! Truly sorry you had to endure this! I am learning from your saga and have spotted the signs … escaping is a whole different genre. Thank you for sharing, Lorrie <3 and wish you the happiest, care-free week possible! P.s. I've been meaning to ask you about returning to the hospital; I know you said everything went well and am so happy for that.

    1. 🌞 Thank you for your comments, I appreciate knowing that you are learning from my story. We all have our own journey but there is so much we can learn from each other and our similar situations.
      I am having a wonderful week here and the weather has been fantastic. I feel great too! I have released a lot of negativity with my writing. The more I learn, the more confident I become.
      I go back and see the Doctor for my post-op appt next week on the 27th. Other than a bit of weakness still in my right leg, I still use support for when I leave my house, I feel awesome!
      I hope all is well in your world!

  2. Hi, Lorrie, I’m sorry you’ve been going through this, and for so long, too. It’s enough to cause a nervous breakdown. I’m glad you’ve been sharing your findings about narcissistic abuse and I thank you for that.

    1. 🌞 you are welcome… yes, I had my nervous breakdown in July 2018… but it led me to a breakthrough that I have built on ever since.
      The more I learn, the better I feel, and the freer I become. It has been a process that seems to have sped up in recent months which is wonderful 😀
      I hope all is good in your world!

      1. Thank you so much, Lorrie! Everything is pretty good here. I understand a lot of what you’ve gone through. But I still learn here at every visit. 🌺🩷

      2. 🌞 I am glad all is well! Having fun with the fur babies?
        Yes, there are so many little nuances to smear campaigns and cyberbullying, so many little traits to recognize and make meaning of. I spend hours on the internet, researching, and it has expanded my education, which leads to higher confidence in myself.

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