Poem: Narcissistic Abuse


This is another poem I did in the early days of my education on toxic traits I was seeing and feeling from toxic tenants. It does get to the point of their abuse, doesn’t it?

In the shadows lurks a toxic force
A narcissist with no remorse
They feed upon the weak and kind
Leaving broken souls behind

Their words are sharp like poisoned darts
They tear apart your very heart
With lies and manipulation
They seek to destroy your reputation

They thrive on power and control
Leaving you feeling empty and alone
They gaslight you, twist your mind
Until you no longer recognize

The person that you used to be
Caught in their web of deceit
But don’t give up, don’t lose hope
There is a way to break the rope

Seek support, speak your truth
Break free from their toxic abuse
It may be hard, it may be tough
But you are strong, you are enough

You deserve love, you deserve peace
Don’t let the narcissist’s toxicity cease
Stand tall, reclaim your power
And watch as the darkness starts to cower

For in the end, the light will shine
And you will rise, strong and divine
No longer a victim of their game
You’ll break free from their toxic shame.

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