Poem: Mother Nature!

Mother Nature Art By Jordan

I wrote this poem a few years ago and am sharing it with you today. I don’t usually write poems, but this one just came out. I have a few more that I will share over time. Maybe on my new site!

Mother Nature, so kind and true
With colors bright and skies so blue
Her gentle touch, a soothing balm
Bringing peace and joy like a calm

The trees sway in the gentle breeze
Birds sing songs among the trees
The flowers bloom in vibrant hues
A testament to her beauty, true

The rivers flow with grace and might
Reflecting her eternal light
The mountains stand tall and strong
A reminder of where we belong

Mother Nature, so wise and fair
She nurtures us with tender care
In her embrace, we find solace
In her beauty, we find grace

So let us cherish her each day
And love her in every way
For she is the source of all life
Our Mother Nature, shining bright.

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