Learning New Terms of Cyberbullying: Keyboard Warrior

keyboard warrior

I saw this word in another post I read this morning ( thank you) and as it is new to me, I had to do some research about it and what it means. Keyboard Warrior is a new one to me!

It is easy to see something on the internet that you disagree with and move on. I do it all the time since I got on the internet back in the late 90s. If I read something that either is not my thing, or I don’t agree with, I move on to the next one. These keyboard warriors don’t, they will complain about everything, even over something they have no experience with.

Everyone deserves their own opinions, you don’t need to get on the bandwagon and complain about what they say or how they go about it. I went through years of having that done to me, and the contents of stellareddy.com contain all the evidence of that. It isn’t fair behaviour.

I am a firm believer that people deserve to be who they are, as long as their behaviour isn’t hurting others. When I see individuals degrade other individuals because they have an issue with you or how you do something, like your job, it pisses me off no end. If someone behaves in a way that causes you hurt, you talk about the behaviour, not attack the person. Nothing gets resolved that way!

I have noticed a rise in the number of keyboard warriors on social media, I had one myself! Even though I knew their identity, no one looking at their sites did. These toxic individuals hide behind their screens, boldly spewing hate and negativity towards others without any consequences. Over the past 8 years, they have had many targets who got the same behaviour, all because this person didn’t like how they did their jobs. They even claim they could do them better!!

It’s easy to sit behind a computer or phone and type hurtful comments, but would they have the courage to say those same things face-to-face? I wondered about that at times, as the toxic people I knew didn’t say anything to me to my face, they did it all online on the domains they created, social media and through emails. We had maybe 5 personal interactions out of all these years.

I believe that being a keyboard warrior does more harm than good. Instead of using the internet as a platform to spread kindness and positivity, these individuals choose to spread hate and division. It’s disheartening to see how quickly words can escalate into online arguments and cyberbullying. I behaved that way myself in the early days but am learning a different way in the past few years that is working for me. I didn’t like how it made me feel…

I have made a conscious effort to not engage with keyboard warriors. I refuse to stoop to their level anymore and participate in online arguments that lead nowhere. I choose now to use my voice for good and advocate for kindness and compassion online. I focus on bad behaviours, not on the people doing it.

To all the keyboard warriors out there, I urge you to think before you type. Remember that there is a real person on the other end of your words, and the impact of your comments can be far-reaching. Let’s strive to use the internet as a tool for positivity and unity, rather than a platform for hate. Maybe, then, Countries like Canada wouldn’t need things like the Online Harms Act, Bill C-63!

Huh, now isn’t this a perfect description below of the behaviour I saw from others in the smear campaign in my name? Every website they created in other people’s names is written Anonymously. Even the Facebook and Instagram accounts they made to share these sites in, are also written Anonymously. All their content is about the person they name, hoping with their words online to cause harm and division and at no time do they share their own.

I take it then that anyone “who posts highly opinionated text and images online in an aggressive or abusive manner, often without revealing their own identity” is a keyboard warrior! It is something to remember!!

keyboard warrior


  • a person who posts highly opinionated text and images online in an aggressive or abusive manner, often without revealing their own identity.

What are the signs of a keyboard warrior?

Keyboard warriors are often afraid of confrontation in real life despite their willingness to express their opinions online. They’re more likely to hide behind a computer screen than they are to engage in face-to-face discussions or debates.

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  1. We need more of YOU in the world !!!! I resonate with your words deeply and thank you for your bravery and posting !!!

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