March 27, 2024 Ramblings!!

“Never wait for a perfect moment, just take a moment and make it perfect.”

I am feeling a bit bad for missing the conference today going on right now about PTSD but I did too much the past couple of days and I am hurting… It sucks not being able to do all you want, but all is not lost! I have people I know going and they will tell me all about it tomorrow!

I had to make a decision yesterday as I know I couldn’t do it all, not physically, as I just don’t have it in me. I chose to use what energy I had to go to the grocery store yesterday, as we were running out of food, rather than rest and save my energy for today. I couldn’t put it off, and getting my hubby to go after working all day wasn’t fair. We won’t starve now for a while… lol

So I chose to rest today and save my energy for the Mary Walsh Show this evening! I am so excited!! I have been looking forward to this show as I know it will be a laugh from beginning to end! There is nothing like a Date Night with your hubby! These are the memories we need to focus on!

I have no plans tomorrow other than rest up so I can go to the Swing into Spring Market on Friday. I greatly enjoy going to these Markets and seeing all the wonderful creations made by so many creative people. I usually buy more than planned, but supporting them is great! We have quite a few Markets throughout the year and I try to attend at least half of them…It isn’t easy to choose where to go when you want to do it all!

I have done too much this week… Between helping hubby put our sofa together over the weekend, and with all the shopping I have done Monday and Tuesday, I wore myself out and now my back is in bad shape. I’ll rest today and catch up on some shows I missed, like Halo!! I watched one episode of the new season and it is over already…

I must say, the new sofa is great!! It is awesome to have a place to put my legs up!! I just need some new cushions and it will be finished…

I was home most of yesterday but got caught up on the phone and when I went to post on here, we lost power and it was gone for a bit. By the time the power returned, it was too late as I had to go out. I don’t get on my site once hubby is home from work, as I spend the evenings with him. I don’t mind that, it was a habit we got into many years ago.

Our router has been acting up too in recent weeks, it is 10 yrs old, so I bought a new one on Amazon, which came yesterday, and I spent a few minutes setting it up too! My internet got faster!

I just heard some exciting news on the radio!!

Every year Newfoundland holds the Churchill Park Music Festival in mid-August and I just heard that Shania Twain will be one of the artists playing this year!! Wow, I think I will have to go to this! The timing marks the beginning of my hubby’s vacation, as he is off that week and it is also the week of our wedding anniversary. We have exciting plans for that week too!

I am a little nervous about making plans for the summer seeing as I haven’t received a date yet for the spine surgery I have coming, but, I can always work around it. If I don’t get to the Mainland this year to see family, there is always next year. I won’t put the surgery off, the sooner the better!

To end on a good note, I am focusing on today and intend to have a great time this evening and won’t worry about tomorrow, till tomorrow comes!

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