Stages Of My Personal Recovery

“The biggest lesson I learned is: It is okay. It’s okay for me to be kind to myself. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to get mad. It’s okay to be flawed. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to move on. “ By Hayley Williams.

I get up every morning now and feel excited about what this new day will show me. What new thing will I learn today? Where will my passions lead me? Who will I talk to? I am also committed to maintaining the connections I have made along the way!

It wasn’t always that way… I used to wake up and dread looking at my emails, waiting to see if toxic tenants sent me another nasty missive filled with insults and degradation. I also compulsively looked at the domains containing my name to see what new additions they wrote filled with lies, not just once, but multiple times a day. I would hide away, not just from life but also from myself. I was so focused on the situation, and my own negative feelings, that I didn’t see much else.

I was angry, very resentful, and defiant, not willing to listen to anyone else’s advice. Re-reading some of my earlier posts I can see the anger I had, the disillusionment of the system and society itself in allowing such abuse on the internet. I was also very angry at the tenants for what they did in my name.

I lived that way for many years until I learned a crucial lesson. It is Okay for me to feel that way, but, I also had to find a way out of all that negativity, as it was killing my soul and taking all that was good in my life, with it.

By focusing on my own part in the situation, on learning all I could about toxic traits, and on how I could improve my emotional health and behaviour, I have been able to stay grounded and centred in the face of this adversity. I am grateful for the lessons this experience has taught me and am committed to continuing on my journey toward healing and wholeness.

Being cyberbullied by past tenants from my last workplace online has been an incredibly challenging experience. Instead of focusing all my energy on the toxic person, I consciously decided to shift my focus inward and examine my role in the situation. This has been a difficult but necessary process for my own emotional health and well-being.

One of the first things I have learned in dealing with a toxic person is the importance of setting boundaries. I have always been someone who tends to put others’ needs before my own, and this has often led me to be taken advantage of by toxic individuals. I have learned that it is crucial to establish clear boundaries and to communicate them effectively to protect myself from being manipulated or hurt. It was time to start looking after me!

Another important lesson I have learned is the need to work on my own emotional health and behaviour. I have realized that my reaction to the toxic person’s behaviour is just as important as their actions themselves. I admit that I reacted very badly for a long time. By working on cultivating a sense of inner peace and emotional resilience, I have been able to navigate the challenges presented by the toxic person with more grace and composure.

I have come to accept that these toxic tenants are expressing negative perceptions they made up about me, they don’t represent my true character. Changing my thinking in this way has saved my psyche.

I have also come to understand the power of forgiveness in dealing with toxic individuals. Forgiving them has been new to me in recent months. I learned that holding onto anger and resentment only serves to harm me, and I have found that by finding forgiveness in my heart, I can let go of the negativity and toxicity that the toxic person brings into my life. Forgiveness is not easy, but I have found that it is a necessary step in moving forward and finding peace.

Through this challenging experience, I have learned a great deal about myself and have been able to identify areas where I was able to improve and grow. I now understand the importance of prioritizing my own emotional health and well-being, setting clear boundaries, and cultivating forgiveness in my heart. By focusing on my own growth and learning from the experience, I have been able to navigate the challenges presented by the toxic person with more grace and resilience.

Ultimately, I have come to realize that dealing with a toxic person is a learning experience that can lead to personal growth and transformation. I benefit from the experience in the long run!

My focus is now on nurturing positive connections, learning new things, and following my passions with enthusiasm and determination. Through this process, I have emerged stronger, wiser, and more grounded in my sense of self. I am no longer defined by the toxicity of others but rather by my own growth and resilience.

I am proud of the progress I have made and am excited to continue evolving into the best version of myself.

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