I Refuse To Live In The Past

Ignoring the toxic tenant’s actions is easier than I thought, especially once I understood that they are living in the past. I don’t live there anymore and have no desire to go back. I am having too much fun living in the present!

They are welcome to go back down into the rabbit hole of this situation, trying to change the outcome, but it isn’t worth it to me anymore to follow. I am done.

They think their opinions about me from 8 years ago still have value today. They act as if their perspectives about me are so powerful and convincing that they will be accepted by anyone who comes across their site. I know now it doesn’t work that way. They can have their opinions and keep showing what hypocrites they are.

I have grown beyond them and can finally move on from that experience. They lie about the situation and continue to lie. Besides, these tenant’s opinions don’t count in my life. I don’t have to deal with them anymore! They have no say in what I do, where I go, or who I talk to and I have no concerns for my safety here.

I will still complain, it is my name after all, to the hosting companies of these sites, but I won’t share their content anymore as I no longer get into them. Time to allow stellareddy.com, lorriereddy.com, and davidstrashin.com to slowly disappear as the others have done. If they want to keep trying to resurrect the past and change the outcome, I can’t stop them.

There is a reason why posts on any social media go down the line with each new addition, even WordPress operates the same way. New posts slowly override previous posts. There is always something new to think and write about as we go through our days that takes precedence over the things we wrote about yesterday. It is how the world works.

As you process your emotions and move on, what hurt you yesterday no longer hurts today. While some situations are bigger and take harder to process and get over, like being Cyberbullied, there is no doubt that you will if you give it enough time and work on it. The point is to keep moving forward and finding new things to focus on. Once you start focusing on yourself and your own needs, everything starts falling into place.

In time, you will notice that there are more new things to think about than old ones! I have so many wonderful things to look forward to and I can move around my City and take part in the Community without fear. There is the Mary Walsh Show in a couple of weeks, there is the Jann Arden and Rick Mercer show coming in May, and I have a trip to the Mainland coming in June for a few weeks. There is the vacation in August with my hubby where I get to go on a road trip here in the Province.

In between there is the Pedresdrian Mall on Water St. and I hope to walk some more around the City and trails this summer. And of course, I can’t forget all the Cruise Ships that come to visit where I get to meet all kinds of people from all around the World! There are all the lunch, or coffee, dates with friends and family, and a Baby Shower I was invited to. I am also going to a few Community Events in the coming months! Of course, I can’t forget my birthday that is coming in about 3 weeks!

I have spine surgery to prepare for sometime this summer too that will take me out for a few weeks, as well as a checkup that is scheduled with my oncologist in April for the cancer that keeps coming back. I am hopeful that it hasn’t returned.

I opened up my social media, even shared my picture, and created this website to show I have nothing to fear. I go out in my community and I am recognized from time to time by people from X and Facebook by my picture, and we have wonderful chats about many interesting topics and stellareddy.com never comes up. I tried when I first moved here to get others to read that content and most refused, as they have no interest in reading the opinions about me made by another, they prefer to make up their own minds. As they said, why read comments about me on an obscure website when they can see me for themselves in front of them?

I have shared the situation in case anyone is interested in seeing how it all played out in this timeline I completed for the Police a couple of years ago. I leave nothing out of this timeline and include my actions as well that played a part in the mess this became.

I have forgiven myself for my mistakes in the past and the toxic tenant’s forgiveness of me is not needed. If they want to continue hating me and trying to “expose” who they think I am I can’t stop them. I now know they won’t get anywhere, as they have no place in my present.

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