“How To Be Happy” By PSYCH2GO

How to be happy, is such a simple thing when you think about it but so hard to practice.

As per this video, neuroscience shows that exercise can elevate your mood, no matter what you do. Spending time outside, and showing gratitude to those around you and for your life, is also very beneficial. I have been practicing saying “thank you” rather than “sorry” and it helps!

You have seen pictures of my backyard and some of the photos I took of the scenery around me, and I know this access to these things has helped me feel happier overall with my life. Everything in this video they suggest you do, I have been doing and it does help!

Changing your habits takes time. Changing your mindset takes time. Switching your negative thinking to positive thinking takes time. Don’t give up because you feel it takes too long, just know that with each passing day, you are changing your thinking and becoming better.

I don’t care how long it takes me to get back to mental wellness, as long as I am working on it.

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