Wild Weather In Newfoundland & Labrador!

Below you will find a couple of pictures showing before and after we shovelled ourselves out yesterday. The drifts going around the house are even higher but I just took these from the door. I will be home for a bit, at least until some of it disappears in the rain coming this week!

They say we got 78 CM of snow over Thursday evening till Saturday morning. I watched the news yesterday and saw people riding skidoos downtown and using skis to get to work. Very creative in getting around in the snow here! The City shut down again yesterday after the snow ended to have time to clean up the snow from the roads and parking lots.

I woke up this morning to another Weather Statement, calling for rain and high winds starting late Monday into Tuesday. It will melt the snow, but also create issues with flooding. Later this week, this pile of snow in my backyard will be a watery mess! Gonna be a fun start to the week here in NL weatherwise!

Personally, while I love the snow it is hard for me to get around in it this year and I can’t wait for the Spring!!

Special Weather Statement

Issued at Sun 10:48 AM Mar. 10

Issued by: Environment and Climate Change Canada


Significant rainfall and strong winds are expected. The frozen ground has reduced its ability to absorb this rainfall.

Time span: late Monday until Tuesday afternoon.

Total rainfall: 25 to 50 mm possible.

Maximum wind gusts: easterly to southeasterly 80 km/h, possibly exceeding 100 km/h along parts of the coast.

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