“Beautifully Broken” By Plumb

Awesome song!

I keep finding these random songs on YouTube that speak to me that I want to share.

This past week or so has been a bit rough for me but I am getting through it. I am still fighting for my freedom from adult bullies from my last workplace, but I think this time, with all the history I have of their contents coming and going over the years, will be the last time. The procedure was different this time…Hopefully, I will finally get somewhere!

I need music like this today…

How is your week going?

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3 Replies to ““Beautifully Broken” By Plumb”

  1. Nice to meet you friend again my news site is closed so i re-opened and I re-subscribe to your site and go… 🥹Then I hope you have a peaceful and happy day today☀️🌙💐

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