The Many Traits Of Narcissistic Adults Who Bully!

Through my experiences with toxic tenants, I have gained a profound understanding of narcissism and its various traits. I have dedicated considerable time and effort to compiling a comprehensive list of these traits, drawing insights from online resources, discussions with my doctor, and counselling sessions. As a result, I have come to recognize that narcissists and toxic individuals exhibit strikingly similar characteristics and behaviours.

At the core of their being lies an unwavering devotion to their ego and pride. These individuals prioritize their wants, possessions, status in life, and the belief that they are superior to everyone else. They dismiss the importance of others, rendering them inconsequential in their self-absorbed world.

However, should you ever find yourself at odds with them, beware, for they will become your lifelong adversary. They will stop at nothing to exact revenge for any perceived harm inflicted upon them.

One of their malicious tactics involves tarnishing your reputation by appropriating your name on a website dedicated to dismantling your character through unfounded assumptions, name-calling, and exaggerated falsehoods. Their objective is to strip away your self-esteem and mental well-being, resorting to manipulation and brainwashing to achieve their sinister goals. Engaging in a futile back-and-forth with these bullies only fuels their behaviour, providing them with additional ammunition to attack and torment you.

Instead, the key lies in educating oneself about the traits exhibited by these individuals. By honing your ability to identify these traits in their words and actions, you can minimize their detrimental impact on your mental health. Engaging in pointless arguments with them only serves to perpetuate your own suffering. Rather, utilize their words as tools for self-education, empowering yourself to recognize warning signs and effectively protect your well-being.

Ultimately, you should strive to develop unwavering confidence in your own narrative, rendering yourself impervious to doubt caused by external forces. In my personal journey, I have made significant progress in this direction, and I am immensely proud of my accomplishments over the past year. Though I am not immune to making mistakes, I have learned invaluable lessons from each one, fostering continual growth and self-discovery.

After all, the true purpose of this endeavour is not solely to gain insight into the behaviour of others but also to understand ourselves and the triggers that plunge us into the depths of our own mental turmoil.

As I redirect my focus towards nurturing my own mental health, the actions of these tenant bullies lose their power to rattle me. Every passing day grants me a greater sense of freedom, and my ultimate goal is to attain absolute freedom from the clutches of these tormentors within my own mind.

Below, is a list of traits I have identified in my personal situation that can be used in any situation involving toxic people.

  • They blame a lot of things on you, other people, or the situation, They will steal your personal name to make and post websites about you online filled with malicious lies to triangulate you with the world and try to get people to hate you and instigate attacks on you!
  • They believe they are always right, over everything, even a job title you have! It’s your job, but they know it all!
  • Arrogance and over-confidence. They are just over-compensating for insecurity, but their ‘confidence’ can be very convincing. They come across as so boastful!
  • They are critical of you, the way you do things, the way you say things, and how you do your job. Your very existence is criticized!
  • They say things like “I’m perfect”, “I have good genes”, “I’m special”, “I’m unique”, “I’m gifted” and “My children will become doctors and more productive in society than you could ever be”
  • They give themselves credit for everything and steal credit from other people. Like stealing credit for a daughter getting into medical school! Claim that they got along with all tenants, including my own sister. Claim they are perfect Tenants who do no wrong, and they have the cleanest apartment in the whole building!
  • They are charming and friendly around other people. But if you pay attention, you can tell there’s something fake about the way they’re acting. They always bring conversations back to themselves and what they want to know.
  • They might even have friends who haven’t seen their true colours and think they’re sweet and maybe an emotionally vulnerable type of person who needs support from others. 
  • They love to play the victim. They are always the victim. They blame others for their problems, never themselves.
  • There is something off about them which is hard to put your finger on. You have a gut feeling that something isn’t right
  • They lie, they might even boast about the lies they’ve got away with. So many lies, claiming they had proof that no one ever saw.
  • They are grandiose.  “I was put on this earth to tell people what to do” They voice concern over their possessions, and believe others are jealous of them and what they have. They believe they are the “truth speakers” of me.
  • They say things like they would do a better job at running the workplace, and tell people how they should do their jobs. Constantly told me how to deliver notices, and manage entry to apartments. 
  • They are in debt. Also, they fall out with their friends/family because they didn’t pay them back, and they don’t pay you back unless maybe you remind them. They commit fraud, using her brother’s name to acquire services. 
  • You feel insecure when you spend more time with them. They make you feel uncomfortable with their obnoxiousness!
  • They don’t respect your boundaries. Have no problem telling you how to live, how to do your job, and even what to say! 
  • They use people for their own gain. Abuse is their trademark. It is a Pity play for attention
  • They get you to do things for them and try to blackmail you, into doing what they want you to do
  • They try to take on the leader role in a group, even if that group all know each other more than they know him/her. Trying to get a Tenant Association going to get the staff fired.
  • They say and imply that you need to change
  • They are emotionally abusive, especially when they don’t get their own way. They name-call, manipulate and triangulate
  • You feel like you qualify for a diagnosis of C-PTSD
  • They ‘guilt-trip’ you to get what they want or to shift the blame onto you for all their troubles.   
  • They don’t show much empathy when you’re upset. There is no consideration for what their actions and words do to your psyche. 
  • They brag about their ‘success’. How he is a stay-at-home dad while his wife works to pay the bills. 
  • They knock you down to build themselves up. Call you names, and make false accusations against you. 
  • You’re less than other people
  • They have low self-control and find it hard to resist temptation. They often have addiction problems
  • They have a sense of entitlement, they just deserve the best in their mind
  • They project their insecurities and wrong-doings on you. And their insecurities are “your fault”
  • You don’t trust them
  • They are expert liars. They can take a kernel of info and turn it into the biggest lie by embellishing it.
  • They gaslight you.
  • They put down and mock you, and their friends, behind their back 
  • They display crocodile tears, where they pretend to cry to get their own way and appear vulnerable and sensitive
  • Their emotions are over the top, and they are volatile.  You will also become an emotional wreck and often feel empty around them
  • They compete with you on everything, claiming you are jealous of them when there is nothing to be jealous of.

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