RePost: Things I Learned from Toxic Bullies

I recall writing this post nearly 2 years ago, on February 28, 2022. It served as my personal manifesto at the time, shedding light on the invaluable lessons I had learned about toxic bullies. Surprisingly, and comforting in its own way, every word I shared then continues to resonate profoundly even in the present.

When I first wrote this post, it served as a crucial stepping stone toward my freedom from the toxic tenants’ antics. A profound sense of relief enveloped me as I gracefully began to release the accumulated pain and anger that had tormented my soul for so long. Little did I know that with every passing day since then, I would find myself becoming increasingly liberated from the hold of their influence on my emotions. They are now nobodies, desperately trying to become somebodies, by using others to get attention.

Through the sheer strength of my words, I embarked on an empowering journey of self-discovery and healing. As the weight of their hurtful actions slowly lifted off my shoulders, I discovered a newfound freedom within myself. It was as if I had cast off the invisible chains that had held me back for far too long and it was awesome!

Each passing day has brought me closer to rediscovering a profound sense of inner peace that had long been overshadowed by the destructive toxic tenants aiming to dismantle me. Free from the toxic tenant’s harmful motives, I now go through life with a revitalized energy and unwavering self-assurance. I now know who I am and what I want out of my life.

Looking back, I treasure the person I have become as a result of this enlightening experience. The resilience I have developed, etched deep within my core, has empowered me to stand tall in the face of adversity, no matter where it comes from. By sharing my story, I have inspired others who have encountered similar struggles, turning my wounds into a source of strength and hope.

In essence, the change that began with this post has flourished into a life-altering transformation. The darkest corners of my mind have been illuminated by the light of self-acceptance and personal growth. And as I continue to distance myself from the clutches of those toxic bullies, I revel in a profound feeling of liberation and authenticity.

Today, I stand as a testament to the fact that empowerment can stem from even the most challenging experiences. My journey serves as a constant reminder that healing is possible and that it is never too late to break free from the chains of negativity. My heart brims with gratitude as I reflect upon the tremendous growth I have achieved, all thanks to the power of not only my words but also my unyielding spirit.

What you believe, is possible.

I learned many things from Narcissistic Tenants Bullies in Ontario. It was an experience that in the end changed my life, for the better!

I am a better person for it. I learned so much about myself in the process and now know what I need to be happy and content in my own life. I do know I don’t want to be like them!!!

I am stronger and more resilient than I even knew I was! I changed my whole life around, made new friends, and am living in peace here in NL. I live my life to the fullest these days!

I am content. With views like this, how can I not be? The nature of my home seeps into my soul and has made me whole once again. It gives me hope for my future! I get to go out and see this view every day, no one can stop me, especially not nasty prior tenants living in Ontario! I can do whatever I want and not worry about these Bullies affecting my life ever again.

View from Sugarloaf Trail, St. John's NL

How can Narcissistic tenant bullies really affect my personal life these days? They can’t and I have seen it for the past couple of years. There is no one to Triangulate me with anymore, no boss or agency to go running off to with their lies about me. KR has become the “anonymous” boy who has cried “wolf” once too often…. lol We all know that story…

As with any situation, making claims and not backing them up with evidence, will eventually cause the claims to fall on deaf ears. All the false allegations they have made, not just with me, are now falling on “deaf ears”. Time exposes all in time. Never fails… Narcissistic Tenants Bullies have been exposed for the liars they are.

Survivors of narcissistic abuse are among the strongest people you will ever meet. When we pick up on patterns, we become very situationally aware of ourselves but mainly the patterns of others which are a hindrance to everything that makes us a person. We become hypersensitive/situationally aware. 

I woke up to the various tactics of human nature.

It’s taught me to trust my gut. It’s inner knowledge. Like an energy force field, we are capable of even seeing what a simple tone means and the voice of our partner and the people around us. He taught me how resilient I really am. 

I will survive whatever Bullies want to throw at me, as I am still here!

The Narcissists unwittingly teach you every life lesson you will ever need.

  • They teach you the difference between real friendship and fake friendship.
  • They teach you what is important in life and what is not.
  • They teach you how to read human nature.
  • Mostly, they show you that you need to believe in yourself and the people who love you.

You have to learn about Adult Bullies, Toxic People, and Narcissistic people, otherwise, your situation will remain confusing to you.

The education that I have gained on narcissistic traits and adult bullies will stay with me and protect me from any future issues. I can feel bullying these days, not just hear it.

Unfortunately, their lessons come with a lot of pain, and if you don´t know about narcissism you usually thrash around for a while, wondering what is happening, and staying in their sphere far too long, which increases the pain, and prolongs the recovery time you need.

I had no choice but to go through all the legal processes, but I have learned from the mistakes I made then. I got caught up in their nature and spent too much time defending myself.

It wasn’t my job to disprove their claims and I didn’t need to answer them. I forgive myself for not knowing the very destructive nature of Narcissistic Tenant Bullies’ personalities and what they were willing to do to achieve what they wanted, which was my alienation.

It was always their responsibility to prove their allegations, not just throw whatever they thought out there and expect me to react and disprove their lies.

I have found that the most balanced people are those who have suffered abuse, but who have found out about narcissism, so have been able to learn those lessons, put the relationship in context, learn from it, and move on. 

And then I can live a free life, well away from the coldness and negativity that comes from all toxic people. I can achieve happiness and real friendships and forget about the toxic experience I went through. It takes time, patience, and a lot of learning about Narcissism and Adult Bullies, but it is achievable!

So that is why I want everyone to know about narcissism. It might stop some people from getting involved in the first place, but it will certainly help many others recover, and learn those lessons. 

There is no such thing as a successful relationship with a narcissist, and no such thing as a happy ending with one. They must be avoided for your own sanity! Nothing you can do will ever help them.

Please learn about the disorder so you can see why I say this, and why staying away from narcissists is the only option if you want a happy life. They will never help you live a good life, they will eventually leech all your joy away…

I am free of these Adult Narcissistic Bullies as I have learned the truth about them. Their whole life is a pretense, of fame, power, and influence. They lie to try and be seen as “all-powerful”, and “all-knowing“.

In the last post on, KR claimed to be moving so his daughter could go to Medical School, yet, they are still in St. Catherine’s. Once again, KR was caught in a lie. They didn’t move as he claimed he was. This is what he does…Make-up lies…

Take their new domain, I haven’t looked at it in a while but I don’t need, to know that KR is once again attempting to “expose” what he thinks I am doing. Does any one person have that kind of power and control over another person as he is attempting to have over me with the content of his sites? No.

It is all about control. KR is once again trying to instill FEAR within me of being personally attacked for his lies. He hopes his words will cause me to be afraid of people in my community.

KR comes across as if he truly believes that his words online will influence people in my community to avoid me.

Who gave this man the right to write this post about me like that online? My personal life is none of Narcissistic Tenants Bullies’ business, it never was.

Just more evidence of my personal boundaries being ignored and proves what a Stalker KR is… I never did have to answer to these Bullies. This action of posting my new Facebook with sly implications is just what they do.

KR wants me to be fearful so I won’t do anything and wants me back to where I was, afraid of living. I won’t go back there anymore though, I am past that now. I know this idiot has no influence on anyone anymore, their lies have been exposed. They don’t even bother me anymore!

Liars will always fail.

Below, I list some of the other things I learned from my experience with Tenant Bullies over the past few years.

Happiness: It doesn’t come from outside sources, it comes from within.

TrustIt has to be earned, not easily given away. You will trust the most untrustworthy people. And you will completely question yourself in the process.

Intuition Gut feelings? It’s real 99% of the time, listen to it.

SELFISH: You are your best friend, partner, and mate. Most people are in the world for themself and themself only. And will hurt others without a second thoughtYou are your own savior.

Self-reflection: They show you an up close and personal view of what you need to work on.

Drama: Some people live on it and they will subconsciously drag you into it, then blame it on you.

Truth: There are horrible people in this world

Boundaries: Do yourself a favor and create some to avoid the same disaster from happening again.

Self-respect: Up close and personal view of how little respect you have for yourself. Tough, right? Not for the faint of heart.

Self-worth: They show you how little worth you have of yourself. It’s depressing, right? It sure as shit is but you will gain it back.

Projection: this is when someone throws all their bullshit onto you and makes it your problem, not theirs. All while they sit, and deny all responsibility. KR caused his family eviction, but switches it around that I made him do that.

Gaslighting: It does exist. Here they teach you that a normal everyday person can be turned into a blithering, confused fucking idiot, questioning all reality. It is convoluted! Gaslighting is terrible, trying to change your reality to their delusions.

Lessons: you now have a Ph.D. in delusional thinking and how to combat them. Take that degree and use it for the future. It’s more useful than you think.

Narcissists can be very inspiring.

Yes, narcissists are rather deliberate in their attempt to take you down, and the injustice and unfairness that comes with a narcissistic entanglement can be a lot to fathom. I had a hard time accepting that such evil people exist in the world and have no compassion for their fellow man.

But, with the right mindset and intention, the narcissistic ‘brutality’ that you experience can be recycled into a form of inspiration, which can drive new ideas, innovation, and growth – both within yourself, and outside yourself.

I am inspired by the real-life events that occurred in my own personal life to learn, grow, and move on. Everything that has ever happened in my life has taught me something that I find useful. I take that info to make me grow and move forward.

The recycling of narcissistic treatment into inspiration does not always happen immediately, it takes time. It can therefore be a real impetus for a forward-moving mentality if you allow it. Patience is key and learning to understand the many traits you are exposed to helps you focus. Determination is so important. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my determination to get past this situation and move on with my life.

When having to deal with narcissists, over time I personally have managed to develop a level of poise, collectedness, and neutrality, which I never thought possible, and now these same attributes which I have the ability to tap into have benefitted me in other areas of my life. Every word they write, I now accept is a lie.

I can see these traits too in others and once I do, I walk away. My peace is more important to me than anything else these days and I don’t need to tolerate terrible behaviour anymore, from anyone. I am no longer obligated by any situation to tolerate anything I don’t want. I have freedom of choice.

What started off as narcissistic treatment, has driven me to tap into new traits which have the potential to benefit me greatly.

And the list goes on and on, I am sure many people who introspect will discover they have tapped into new skills, attributes, and ways of thinking, that would not have come about had it not been for the narcissist you got entangled with.

The innovation and new ways of thinking which were required to deal with the evilness and chaos have now provided tremendous benefit to humanity in the grander scheme of things.

And the same applies to you.

If you bravely face the challenges posed by narcissistic abuse and trust, you will innovate within yourself, and this will benefit you greatly in the long run.

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