Share: Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS): Internet Harassment or Cyberbullying Info Sheet

Good Morning!! I hope everyone is well this fine Friday, January 26, 2024! How is 2024 treating you so far?

I am taking the opportunity to share some important info for any Canadian wanting to know more about the Policies of Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) on Internet Harassment and Cyberbullying in the Workplace. This info will help anyone no matter where you live!

This Info Sheet is very informative for anyone who is being harassed or bullied online and was created in December 2020. I wish it was around when I needed it but I did most of what they recommend that you do anyway such as :

  • Keep a log of any harassing activity.
  • Save all offending communications for evidence, both electronically and in hard copy (print). Do not edit or alter them in any way.
  • Using your name, conduct a Web search to find out if any information exists about you, so you are at least aware of what information about yourself is publicly available.

The one thing I did wrong was react to the emails I was sent, especially during the process of Human Rights (HRTO). I didn’t realize till I got the CAD in May 2020 that I didn’t need to respond to every email sent by these applicants like I was, I didn’t even need to read them if I didn’t want to! It was hard to stop as it became a habit by this point, but I did it. I felt much better for ignoring their missives and even better for not even bothering to read the Form 10s they sent!

Ever since I searched for my personal name in December 2017 and found the first smearing site with the FaceBook posts and polls that I got removed by just requesting it, I have kept looking, though I have slacked off quite a bit recently since the content disappeared again.

It is how I found the LinkedIn account they set up in my name with that site, which led me to email everyone I could find associated with the internet to warn them. No matter what your bullies say to you about looking for your own name online, ignore them, it is your name, not theirs. They are trying to shame you into stopping so they can continue putting your name all over the place without you even knowing!!

I have a folder where I have every screenshot of the content they had on all these websites they have and every email. I even have software that saves a mirror of any website so I have every version they ever created of each domain. As it says, it is important to document the harassment against you for future reference. I have more than enough from the past 7 years! Anything you can do to protect yourself, you have every right to do!

While the toxic tenants I had created these websites for revenge they were very adamant that there was no real need for me to look for my name online. They clearly stated that they never did anything that I could “even remotely be interrupted as being even vaguely threatening or intending to harm me or my family” as they just refuse to see their behaviour against me as harmful.

They truly do not think anything they do is bad in any way and that I deserve it, they said so themselves in their own words I copied below!

This newest email by Stella Reddy is absolutely remarkable and just another great example of Stella Reddy playing the fearful victim despite never producing ANYTHING from our family that could even remotely be interrupted as being even vaguely threating or intending to harm her or her family. NOTHING!!!

And there really is no reason to even keep calling her out on her really bad lies. So why continue? Because Stella Reddy asked for it. It is that simple and that easy.

I find these statements very offensive and they show clear evidence of the cyberbullying they do of me online on

So please, protect yourself and I am sure you can find the tips in this Fact Sheet very helpful, just as I do!

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