Poster: My Name is Fibromyalgia

This poster shows the struggles of Fibromyalgia that people go through. I was diagnosed with this chronic illness in 2007, in Mississauga, ON, when I worked at a beautiful Condo down by the Port Credit area along Lake Ontario. I had a bad flare last week and found this poster when I got lost in reading posters on Pinterest one day.

I was referred to a wonderful Neurologist in Mississauga, ON who would give me shots in my neck that worked wonders for the pain I was having then. I even joined a group of others dealing with this disease that helped me as well. I got the support I needed then and I keep up to date for any changes in treatments. In all this time, there still isn’t much they can do for this illness.

I live in pain, all day every day, but the severity depends on what I am doing. It isn’t just the Fibro but an accumulation of many things, like the Stenosis and bulging discs in my spine and arthritis in my legs and left foot. The only way I know I am having a Fibro flare is by the brain fog I experience!

I have tried various pain medications but have yet to find one that will take the pain away without giving me side effects that screw up my head. I need to be able to think. The stronger the meds, the less I can think straight and I can’t live like that. I like feeling my feelings! What I have found, is working for me to take the edge off so I can function.

If you live with Fibro, I feel for you and know you are not alone.

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