2024 Solar Eclipse In Newfoundland & Labrador

There is a lot of buzz about the Solar Eclipse this year on April 8, 2024, here in NL as we are on the direct path for it! St. John’s, we will get to see it as well but the best place for viewing here is in Central NL, around Gander. Some folks have arranged for buses to take interested people out that way. The more North of St. John’s the better you will see it!

I also understand there is a get-together on Fogo Island of people from around the World coming here to see the eclipse! It is going to be awesome!

I found a website dedicated to this event, which is where I got the map below. While here in the City we won’t get it all, we will get enough that we still have to wear glasses while outside. I ordered some online yesterday so I won’t have to miss anything!

Another thing to look forward to! This date is also close to my birthday and I think this solar eclipse will be a fantastic birthday present from the Universe for me!


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