The Obsessive Nature of Toxic People

Toxic people with narcissistic traits possess an alarming level of obsessiveness. Over the past seven years, I have personally experienced the harrowing effects of such individuals who, despite fading ties, refuse to let go. After 7 years, the only connection between myself and these toxic tenants now is which they created on April 21, 2019.

My research has shown me that these toxic tenants are obsessed with trying to ruin me, hence the return of 7 years is a long time to be obsessed with someone else!

I know obsession, as I used to be obsessed with getting removed from the internet but have since accepted that I have no control over that and have found a way to let it go these past few months. I still email their new hosting company, but I don’t get upset anymore when I get nowhere. The way I see it, at least now their new company knows what they do!

The Reasons Behind the Obsession:

  • Loss of Control: Toxic narcissistic individuals cannot tolerate the loss of control or the possibility of being ignored or forgotten. The more they perceive their influence diminishing, the stronger their obsession becomes.
  • Fear of Losing Supply: To sustain their inflated self-image, narcissists often rely on a constant supply of admiration and external validation. When their sources of narcissistic supply shift or disappear, they may resort to obsessively seeking alternative means to regain control and replenish their self-worth.
  • Need for Power and Validation: Narcissistic individuals are driven by an insatiable need for power, control, and validation. The obsession is fueled by their relentless pursuit to assert dominance over others, to prove their superiority, and to maintain their image in the eyes of others.

The vicious cycle begins when the toxic individual’s obsession takes root, veering into an unhealthy fixation. They are obsessed with trying to ruin my reputation. They stalk me online, taking pictures and text from my social media that they hope to use against me. Their persistence and manipulative tactics, coupled with an inability to accept rejection or move on, contribute to increasingly obsessive behaviours. This cycle then feeds into their insatiable need for control, creating a never-ending loop.

Refusing to Let Go: When these toxic narcissistic individuals experience a perceived threat to their control or when their source of validation begins to wane, they become even more obsessive.

It has become apparent that they are completely and utterly obsessed with me, absolutely consumed by their incessant need to tarnish my reputation by utilizing the contents of It has been 7 years and will continue into 2025 if they have their way!

Their actions are driven by an unyielding fixation, an unhealthy preoccupation with my ability to emerge unscathed from their vile attempts to defame my character. They try so hard for so long to have me labelled and ostracized as a result, but I have defied their expectations and shattered their illusions of power and control. I found a way out. But instead of accepting defeat gracefully, they persist, their obsession growing stronger with each passing year.

Their unwillingness to let go is a testament to the depth of their vindictiveness, a vindictiveness that borders on madness. It is as if they derive some twisted pleasure from attempting to tear me down, to eradicate any trace of my success and happiness. They relish in the idea of my failure, desperately seeking validation for their efforts.

Living under the constant scrutiny and influence of toxic people with narcissistic traits can be incredibly challenging and emotionally draining. The obsession infiltrates every aspect of our lives, limiting personal growth, stifling creativity, and straining mental well-being. We may find ourselves constantly questioning our decisions, doubting our abilities, and feeling a perpetual need to defend our choices and actions. I am glad to say there is a way out of all that!

Over the past year, I embarked on an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation that has profoundly impacted the tone and content of my website. I am healing… As I painstakingly poured my heart and soul into documenting the painful experiences of being a victim of workplace bullying, perpetrated by toxic tenants, a significant shift occurred within me.

While chronicling my personal story undoubtedly exposed the dark underbelly of such a harrowing ordeal, it also imparted a cathartic effect on my healing process. With each word I penned, I felt a newfound sense of empowerment and strength, gradually freeing myself from the clutches of the traumatic events that once overshadowed my life.

Through sheer determination and unwavering resilience, I successfully navigated the treacherous waters of a malicious smear campaign aimed at tarnishing my name. Each hurdle I encountered served as an opportunity for growth, enabling me to rise above the baseless accusations and mend the wounds inflicted upon my reputation and my mental well-being.

As the scars of betrayal slowly faded away, a profound sense of liberation washed over me. No longer burdened by the relentless weight of bitterness and resentment, I found myself effortlessly gravitating towards other captivating subjects to explore, write about, and share with my audience. I was showing signs of happiness and contentment that toxic people are obsessed with trying to take away.

Now, my website serves as a platform for diverse narratives that ignite passion, uplift spirits, and inspire positive change. From stories of triumph over adversity to empowering individuals and amplifying unheard voices, I have discovered an unyielding desire to spread messages of resilience, empathy, and compassion. The toxic people after me, hate that and have to try and take it away from me by re-posting with their nasty content.

While the painful memories of my past will always be a part of my journey, their significance has shifted from stifling my progress to fueling my determination. Through introspection and self-reflection, I have worked through the myriad of complex emotions that once held me captive, ultimately emerging with a renewed sense of purpose and perspective. I have found a way to move on and ignore their taunts at my person, as truly, these individuals don’t count, just the behaviours they constantly show me.

Yet, no matter how fervently they cling to their obsession, I remain strong. I refuse to be consumed by their toxicity, refusing to surrender my peace of mind to their ceaseless torment. I know that their relentless pursuit will never truly diminish my spirit. I will rise above their obsession, brushing off their relentless attacks with a resilience that they can never comprehend.

In this present moment, I stand tall and unyielding, fortified by the indomitable spirit that enabled me to conquer the injustices I faced. My website embodies this change, radiating positivity, and shedding light on the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for me and others bullied like me.

Indeed, I no longer dwell in the realm of bitterness or self-pity, for I have transcended those limitations. Instead, I choose to embrace the freedom and growth that arose from my harrowing experiences, using my words and experiences to inspire, educate, and empower those who may find solace within the stories I share.

As my journey continues to unfold, my website will evolve alongside me, becoming a testament to the boundless strength of the human spirit and the transformative power held within each and every one of us to transcend toxic people.

As they persist in their futile efforts, I am reminded of my fortitude and resilience. Their obsession may fuel their actions, but it only serves as a reminder of the power I hold within myself. I refuse to let their fixation define me; instead, I stand as a testament to my own strength and the ability to navigate through adversity unscathed.

And so, as they continue their fruitless endeavour to keep in the virtual realm, I remain steadfast. Their obsession will not deter me, their smear campaign will not tarnish my spirit. I will continue to prevail, rising above their relentless pursuit, and carving a path towards a future untainted by their obsession.

A New Year is coming and I look forward to seeing where it takes me!!

Remember, you deserve to live a life free from the toxic obsession that narcissistic individuals can inflict upon you, just as I do.

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