Emerging Stronger: Personal Growth After the Trauma of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, a form of harassment and abuse in the online realm, has become an unfortunate everyday reality for countless individuals. It leaves lasting scars on the psyche, affecting victims long after the digital attacks have ceased. As I have shared, I was a target of Cyberbullying by past Tenants I had from the workplace, who got mad they were evicted. 7 years later and they are still mad!!

Despite the profound emotional turmoil it inflicts, it is possible to find personal growth and strength in the aftermath of cyberbullying. This article aims to explore my journey toward personal growth after such trauma, outlining steps, strategies, and insights that helped me reclaim my sense of self and emerge stronger than ever.

Understanding Cyberbullying:

Before delving into the path of personal growth, it is crucial to grasp the destructive impact of cyberbullying. By understanding its nature and origins, one can regain a sense of validation and begin the healing process.

  • Defining Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying encompasses various forms of online harassment, such as verbal attacks, spreading rumours, impersonation, and exclusion. Understanding the different ways cyberbullying may manifest is essential to recognizing it when it occurs. If you see a website where the title and contents are very specific, but there is no name for the author and they don’t share a way to contact them, you know it is Cyberbullying, just like stellareddy.com, lorriereddy.com, davidstrashin.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com, 859kennedyroad.com, connaughtpublicschool.com and rooseveltskerrit.com.
  • The Root Causes: Exploring the underlying factors driving individuals to inflict harm online, including anonymity, power dynamics, and personal vulnerabilities, helps targets understand that the issue is not their fault and gives them insight into the mentality of the aggressor. I came to see that their websites were not really about me but about them and their words being accepted due to their own insecurities. They wanted to be seen as special people who caused me to become so jealous over how they lived their lives, that I did illegal things and ruined my own career to evict them and everyone else was in cahoots with me to do that, from lawyers to Tribunal Members. They are mad at people and create domains with nasty content to malign them.

Recognizing the Effects of Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying can fundamentally alter an individual’s perception of themselves, life, and the world. Acknowledging and coming to terms with the impact of this trauma sets the stage for personal growth.

  • Emotional Consequences: Discussing the emotional toll of cyberbullying, such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), validates targets’ experiences and provides reassurance that their emotions are valid. I came to see I had every right to get upset, I was a target by toxic adults I had as Tenants in the workplace.
  • Social Isolation: Detailing the impact on social connections, both online and offline, and the subsequent feelings of loneliness and alienation, helps targets realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Once I found other Bloggers, online support groups, and various articles, I knew I wasn’t the only one who was bullied by other adults in the workplace, it has become a major issue all around the world.

Taking Control:

The Path to Personal Growth: Having acknowledged the effects of cyberbullying, the next step towards personal growth is to regain control over one’s life and work towards healing and transformation. I knew I wouldn’t improve in Ontario, so I came home to Newfoundland in Sept 2020. In the past 3 years, I have diligently worked on my personal growth and maintaining my PTSD symptoms.

  • Seeking Support: Highlighting the importance of seeking support from trusted individuals, whether friends, family, teachers, or mental health professionals, encourages healing through connection and shared experiences. Therapy was my saviour, it opened my eyes to the knowledge that my PTSD was dysregulated once again and I learned new techniques to help me maintain them.
  • Empowering the Mind: Introducing strategies to develop resilience, such as practicing self-compassion, self-reflection, and positive affirmations, empowers targets to rebuild their self-esteem and foster a healthier mindset. I found mindfulness, which gets me focusing on the present, not stuck in my head. I also started practicing a lot of self-care activities, as I am retired now and have all the time in the world!
  • Utilizing Online Resources: Conveying the availability of online platforms, support groups, and helplines can serve as beneficial stepping stones for targets in search of guidance, support, and additional knowledge about cyberbullying. There is more support online these days for me that I have utilized to help me get better and I am very grateful for that!

Breaking the Cycle:

Advocate for Change: As targets emerge from the darkness of cyberbullying, many develop a strong desire to prevent others from experiencing the same pain. Becoming an advocate for change allows for personal growth while making a positive impact on others. The more I share my story of abuse, the more the issue is being seen in the public and eventually, it brings about changes. I have seen this in the past 7 years, as policies are slowly changing to help targets of cyberbullying!

  • Supporting Anti-Cyberbullying Initiatives: Encouraging targets to participate in or create awareness campaigns, educational programs, and community events fosters empowerment and demonstrates that they have the ability to make a difference. The more voices raised over intolerance to cyberbullying, the more we are heard by authorities who can facilitate the changes needed.
  • Sharing Personal Stories: Empowering targets to share their experiences, either through public speaking, writing, or social media, helps to debunk stereotypes, destigmatize the issue, and provides hope to others still struggling. I made my own website, where my aim isn’t to “name and shame” them as individuals, but to use the tactics they used against me, such as gaslighting, triangulation, manipulations, word salad, and cyberbullying.

Redefining Identity: Moving Forward: Through self-reflection, self-acceptance, and a conscious effort to redefine my identity, I have emerged from trauma and grown into a stronger and more resilient version of myself. Their childish taunts won’t get to me anymore, I refuse to ” “take the bait” of stellareddy.com returning to the internet.

As I said in previous posts, they are living in the past and if they want to regurgitate their previous content, they are welcome to it. Acquiring a free speech hosting, and blatantly sharing that I won’t get it removed from their servers, only highlights their continuing treachery.

I have learned quite a bit about narcissistic behaviour and that is all I see.

  • Embracing Self-Care: Encouraging self-care practices such as physical exercise, engaging in hobbies, mindfulness, and nurturing healthy relationships supports the healing journey and helps victims rediscover their passions and strengths. I also started rebuilding relationships lost during my isolation.
  • Cultivating Forgiveness: Exploring the concept of forgiveness, not for the sake of the aggressor but for personal growth, allows victims to let go of anger, resentment, and negative energy, fostering a sense of peace and facilitating emotional healing. I still have some anger I am working on releasing, especially in the face of the continual reposting of their domains after being suspended, but I can let it go faster. I have come to terms that it is what they do. They deserve my pity, as they will never learn.

Overcoming the trauma of cyberbullying is an arduous journey, but it is one that offers immense potential for personal growth. By understanding the nature of cyberbullying, recognizing its effects, and taking proactive steps toward healing and transformation, targets like me can reclaim my sense of self and emerge as stronger individuals.

Remember, the scars of cyberbullying do not define you – they are a testament to your resilience and strength as you navigate the path toward personal growth and brighter horizons. Be true to yourself.

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