How Emotional Abuse Makes Victims Feel

I found this poster below I wanted to share today before I take off to explore some of this wonderful City I live in! I have some errands to run today and am looking forward to getting outside. The wet and warm weather the past couple of days has melted the snow we had so it will be nice not to have to bundle up!

Right now it’s 12 degrees Celsius! Perfect weather for me to take my time and roam around!

No one has the right to make anyone feel this way, regardless of who they are or what excuses they provide! Emotional abuse should never be justified under any circumstance!

Every individual deserves to be wanted and loved by someone. Their feelings and emotions are precious, and no one should shame or belittle them for any reason. We all make mistakes, and no one has the authority to attack us for them, especially when they wish to try and make the situation better in some way. I was looking for solutions, not gaslighting.

Perpetrators of emotional abuse try to put others on the defence in order to divert attention from their actions. However, once the initial shock subsides, their manipulative tactics become transparent. Gradually, their hurtful words and behaviours lose their power and clarity is regained. It takes time, but worth it in the end!

With the education I have acquired, I am now equipped to prevent anyone else from making me feel the way these individuals did throughout this ordeal. Regardless of what others may assert, each of us is entitled to our personal autonomy!

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