Timeline of Events 2016-2022

I created the document below in November 2022, specifically designed for the Police. This is a redacted copy! I am also using this breakdown for my Book!

It contains a comprehensive explanation of the series of events surrounding the smear campaign against me. When you look through it, you’ll quickly grasp the full extent of what has taken place over this period of my life. I read this right through when I completed it, and I was able to see my own toxic traits being displayed. I made mistakes, ones that I point out in hopes of preventing anyone else from doing the same.

Writing this document was quite a challenge, as I struggled to strip down the interactions into just the essential details. Believe it or not, it actually took me a total of four long days to complete, mostly due to my emotions!

Fast forward to today, and things have changed significantly. Throughout the past year, I’ve dedicated myself to personal growth and have worked diligently on resolving my own issues. This journey of self-discovery has made me much more attuned to my thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

As a result, I am now equipped with a stronger sense of understanding about myself, which enables me to better express my thoughts and ideas. You can probably tell that!

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