Dear Diary: December 10, 2018

I wrote this post in my Diary on December 10, 2018, about the twists and turns in emails that came that day from Toxic Tenants. It all started because I forgot to hit “reply all” that these toxic tenants twisted around using the word salad, noted in the last email below that starts this string. You can feel the condemnation from their words towards me over this act.

This is where I went wrong, emailing back and forth with these toxic tenants during the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario process during those 19 months. I was so caught up in emotions that they controlled me and my actions and I was reacting to their missives. I was upset that they had just gotten an extension that they obviously didn’t need, it was just to delay the process once again.

It was a difficult and painful journey, but I am glad I finally found the strength to share my story. I want others who are dealing with toxic people to learn from my mistakes and find the courage to break free from their antics. If you are caught up in any Legal process started by toxic individuals, do not engage with them, just engage with the Legal adjudication process. Educate yourself on toxic behaviours you see and it will help. I learned my lesson a bit late, but better late than never!

Breaking free from a toxic person is just the beginning of the healing process. It takes time to rebuild your life and piece together your shattered self-esteem. But with every step forward, I could feel the weight of the toxic situation lifting over time. I was learning the traits I was seeing, learning to control my reactions and emotions brought out by these traits they used.

Once I decided to stop “reacting” to their every email after everything in December 2018 it became a lot better for me. The Case Assessment Direction(CAD) we got in March 2019 opened my eyes even more to my own behaviour that I had to work on. I slipped up here and there, but eventually, I stopped reacting to their taunts. My life became more peaceful for doing so!

Looking back, I wish I had recognized the signs earlier. I wish I had listened to my gut feeling and trusted myself. But now, my mission is to help others who might be trapped in similar situations. I share the knowledge and education I received from this situation with the hopes it will help someone else.

If you’re dealing with a toxic person, know that you are not alone. Reach out to someone you trust, a friend, family member, or professional who can provide support and guidance. Take those small steps towards freeing yourself from the toxic relationship and learn to ignore their gaslighting and manipulations.

You owe them no explanations, especially ones that you know they will post publicly on their website. If they were really interested in fairness, they would show their own names on their sites as well as a way to contact them.

Remember, you deserve to be treated with love, respect, and kindness. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Learn from my mistakes, break free, and reclaim your life. You are worth it!

December 10, 2018

Today has been yet another exhausting day dealing with the ongoing conflict between Toxic Tenants and myself. The tensions reached a boiling point when I received an email from them this morning, filled with accusations and assumptions about my behaviour. It was frustrating to read his words, as he seemed determined to twist my words and actions to fit his own narrative. Geez, I hit “reply” instead of “reply all” and they have to take it and twist it around trying to manipulate the situation.

During the email exchange, Mr. brought up an alleged meeting that we both know never occurred. Shocked and confused, I reacted, that I now regret. I was caught off guard and my emotions got the best of me, leading to a statement that I never imagined would be taken out of context. I knew my words would be twisted, but I also knew that the truth would eventually come to light.

Mr. as always, tried to shift the blame onto me and focus attention on my actions rather than addressing his own. It was disheartening to see him consistently attempting to deflect responsibility and avoid accountability. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and exhausted by his behaviour. I felt like he was constantly trying to undermine me and portray me in a negative light.

In response to this email, I decided to reach out to the HRTO Registrar, hoping to find some resolution to this ongoing conflict. I expressed my desire to bring an end to the constant back-and-forth and urged them to take action. I also mentioned my mental health struggles, as the constant stress and anxiety caused by this situation were taking a toll on me.

As the day went on, Mr. continued to send emails, each one more infuriating than the last. I couldn’t help but feel attacked and overwhelmed by his words. It was clear that he was trying to intimidate and belittle me.

I know that Mr.’s behaviour was not only impacting my mental well-being but also prolonging the resolution of this situation. It seemed like he was doing everything in his power to delay the process, submitting constant new paperwork to further postpone responding to my version of events. It felt as though he was desperate to avoid facing the consequences of his actions.

I couldn’t help but reflect on how this whole situation had affected me since I first met Mr. and his family back in 2016. I had experienced countless instances of him picking apart everything I said and did, creating elaborate stories and spreading rumours about me. The toll it had taken on my mental health was evident in my emails, and I hoped that the HRTO would take note of his behaviour and act accordingly.

The day ended with me feeling exhausted and frustrated once again. I just wanted this entire ordeal to be over so that I could move forward with my life. I had no problem standing up for my rights and seeking justice, but I didn’t want to be constantly dragged into a never-ending cycle of false accusations and delays.

I decided to turn to my diary for solace, to document these events and remind myself of the strength I had within me. I refuse to let Mr.’s words define me or break my spirit. I know that the truth will prevail, and justice will be served in the end.

Tomorrow, I will continue to push forward, seeking resolution and closure in this ongoing battle. I will not let Mr. behaviour discourage me or deter me from fighting for what I believe is right. I will find the inner strength to rise above this conflict and emerge stronger than ever before.

Until then, I will hold my head high, knowing that the truth will always come out eventually. It always does…

Stella Reddy

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: December 10, 2018 12:32 PM
To: ‘K
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG)
Subject: RE:


If you wish to take this sentence that I said in shock when confronted with more details of your lies over that alleged meeting you claim we had that I heard for the first time that day on Sept 26, 2017, at the LTB hearing that was held and do what you do with words and assumptions, go right ahead. I really do not care anymore what you say and do. I know the TRUTH and it will come out.

Yes, they are my words and yes, it’s recorded but you can also hear the shock and confusion when I am speaking. That is also important. I have no problem with it and you can do what you wish as everyone will see through your actions, as always.

The LTB knew why I said that, as it is pointed out in the eviction notice, that it was said out of shock after hearing what I did for the first time. It is human nature and anyone and everyone can understand my reaction. I have no problem admitting this and I did so in my response if you actually read it. I have been told that what I said is mild compared to something I could have said if I was an actual racist and thought like one. Some of the things I heard that could have been said is not fit to repeat. As I am not racist and don’t think that way, this is what came out when you were stating your lies over this alleged meeting. Go right ahead and turn it into what you want people to see, it is what you do, but the TRUTH always comes out eventually.

Once again you are trying to put the spotlight on me and my actions instead of your own. I am sorry, it isn’t going to work. I await the response of the HRTO and January 9, 2019, for the next installment of this mess you have made. Do what you are required to do or dismiss it, it is your choice, leave me alone in the meantime.

Attn: Registrar:

Please note I will not be responding to any more emails unless requested by this office as Mr. just uses them as an excuse to get at me more with his assumptions and I am tired of it. Please do what you need to do to get this settled. I have an appt this afternoon with my doctor and will be requesting a letter from him to see about speeding up this process due to my mental health as it is really affecting me, as you can tell from my emails.

Thank you for your time,

Stella Reddy

From: K <k

Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 10:31 AM
To: Stella Reddy
Dear Stella Reddy

You do understand you did refer to your own blood

– As Black As You Can Get –

You do know that there is a recording of you saying it?

I mean, you said it, so own it. Do t be embarrassed by it now. If I was you I would stand on the highest mountain and say the words….

My nephew is a black as you can get!

There is no need for ne to try and embarrass you, you did that yourself. The funny part is that you claim you did nothing wrong but you wont acknowledge what you said.


you are definitely scared that your words are going to come back a hurt you. Because if I was in your position, I would be.

As I said take pride in what you said, there your words. No need to be scared now about them.

All the best


Sent from myMail for Android

Monday, 10 December 2018, 08:46 AM from Stella Reddy

Attn: Registrar,

As you will see from the below once again Mr. attempts to embarrass me with his assumptions over my behaviour. One thing I can say, is that he does have a wild imagination! One email I sent yesterday I hit “reply” instead of “reply all” without noticing and he picks it apart and comes up with some wild story over why I did that.

How he can take one action and come up with all the stuff below is beyond me! It is perfect as this behaviour is what I have had to deal with since I met Mr. and his family in June 2016. Everything I did and said, he picked it apart and came up some wild story over why I did or said what I did and spread these suppositions to anyone who would listen.

These actions of his are all throughout the application paperwork he sent in June 2018. It has been a constant issue and to be honest I am really sick of it. I hope now that everyone can see why I have been experiencing so many mental health issues since being here and dealing with these people and their actions with me. All the twists and turns of his words and assumptions would drive anyone crazy I think!

I am sorry I got sucked into those emails yesterday but I am so tired and fed up with reading the crap they write and the delays they are causing and I am getting pissed off over it all. As I said in my email, I have nothing to hide and I want this over so I can proceed to Small Claims Court and suing them for Defamation and Libel over the website they did and the Facebook posts. I have told Mr. numerous times that I have no problem with anyone picking up for their rights, as long as they have the proof to back it up. They can’t just willy nilly come up with some elaborate story about someone and except everyone to believe them, but this is what Mr. expects. Just as he expects everyone to believe the wild story he came up with below.

They filed this complaint against me and now that the time has come to answer to my response they are doing anything and everything to get out of doing that by requesting and causing delays. I cannot help but wonder why Mr. is so desperate to keep sending paperwork to delay responding to what he received.

I hope this interaction has shown you what I have had to deal with and please use these actions of his now to help proceed this application. As I sent a request for a Summery Hearing back on Oct 2018 I may resubmit to have this dismissed as they cannot back up their application against me.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

—–Original Message—–
From: k
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2018 8:40 PM
To: Stella Reddy
Cc: Z
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her.

First and foremost, I have had absolutely no issue with the HRTO receiving all the correspondents between Stella Ready and myself from today. As I have obviously attach all parties to my emails from when speaking to Stella Reddy.

Reviewing Stella Reddy’s most recent email to the HRTO, it is clear that she has deliberately not included all the correspondence between us today.

She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at best conspiracy theories.

After reading the entire correspondence attached to this email in a .PDF file. They HRTO can clearly see that it is nothing like what Stella Reddy wants the HRTO to believe.

And yet we ( ) are the ones that are always trying to be deceitful and shady according to Stella Reddy.

Why did Stella Reddy not include her email at 14:37 address to only me and no one else?

This is the same email where she again continued to rant, insult, express her legal knowledge and tries to justify her defence to us.

Who really is the one ( and I paraphrase from Stella Reddy’s early email) picking , choosing and deflecting?

Stella Reddy has no control over herself. Instead of just responding and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets to include these ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about myself.

This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her deceitfulness. Which in turn just bogs down the whole process?

Seeing how she is willing to behave like this openly with the HRTO and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others are not around?

I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of seeing her response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court.

Thanks and sorry for this stupidity.


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