Toxic Adult Bullies & Triangulation

Triangulation entails a series of manipulative tactics such as smearing, victim-playing, and spreading deceitful lies, all in an effort to exert control. Unfortunately, when dealing with a narcissist, being subjected to smearing or false accusations becomes inevitable.

These individuals are insightful and anticipate that you will seek support from your network. Accordingly, they will do everything in their power to sabotage or dismantle your support system. Narcissists have a relentless desire to win, which means they will stop at nothing to undermine and destroy you, including targeting your resources, reputation, joy, pride, peace, and confidence.

It comes as no surprise that any trait, talent, or possession you possess, which the narcissist envies greatly, becomes their primary focus for sabotage and destruction. When narcissists are involved, your relationships will undoubtedly be tested.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of losing friends, and perhaps even family members. Though it may not feel like it, remember that every experience is meant to teach us valuable lessons. Triangulation may not be personal, but it certainly feels as though it is.

Understanding the motives and tactics used in triangulation should serve as an eye-opener regarding the apathetic and devious nature of narcissists. It is crucial to exercise wisdom when dealing with these individuals.

In psychology, triangulation is a form of manipulation where one person seeks to control a three-person interpersonal situation for their own benefit. Those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder often employ triangulation to bolster their sense of superiority, boost their self-esteem, devalue others, and keep potential competitors off balance. Triangulation is a strategy used by various individuals who share one commonality: feeling insecure and resorting to hurtful manipulation to gain attention, and security, or sabotage competitors.

The Adult bullies I had resorted to the internet and various domains to triangulate me with countless individuals worldwide. Using content such as “It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly,” they aim to control my actions and decisions.

Once you become aware of their manipulative game, you will come to realize that the online statements they make are not truly about you but rather about themselves and their desire to feel better. Their words are not a reflection of you, but rather a representation of their own feelings towards themselves.

Toxic adult bullies exemplify numerous instances of triangulation in their online writings and the documents they send via email. Pure triangulation at play. They consistently attempted to involve others in their bullying tactics by forwarding emails from me to whomever they pleased. Over time, these actions caused me to become emotionally unstable, evident in my writing.

From the beginning, toxic adult bullies sought to control my actions through triangulation, especially with property owners, fellow tenants within the property, and even on Facebook. Below, I share the email that induced a psychotic episode lasting two days and acted as the catalyst for my breakdown.

As you can clearly see, the complaints they made in these emails were related to HRTO regarding the application I filed on August 24, 2017, dismissed without my knowledge. The email below contains the file number for that application.

The impact of this email on me, after everything else I had already endured, cannot be overstated. I sent information to HRTO for my personal file, and toxic adult bullies took it upon themselves to forward these personal emails to my superiors in an attempt to shame me. They had no right to share this information, as it was personal and had no relevance to them. This is precisely what triangulation aims to achieve – to shame and manipulate you into compliance with their desires.

When this email arrived, I happened to be on the phone with one of the owners. Even over the phone, he could sense my reaction as I read it aloud. I don’t recall ending the call, and I later discovered that I didn’t. He shared that I abruptly stopped speaking mid-sentence, and although he called out to me, I provided no response. Eventually, he hung up and phoned my husband, who informed him that I was in a state of severe distress and he would call back later.

Those two days remain a complete blur to me. According to my husband, it felt like his wife had vanished, replaced by a stranger. He, too, struggled to sleep during this time, fearing what I might do. Seeking support, I reached out to the Mental Health Helpline, and they guided me towards a clinic where I could see an emergency specialist. This initial visit took place in November 2018, and I continued seeing the specialist until the pandemic imposed restrictions.

Throughout recent years, I have frequently contacted the Mental Health Helpline, as well as other resources, during particularly challenging periods, and they have proven to be an invaluable resource during times of distress.

Sent: July 4, 2018 1:19 PM
To: L; A
Cc: Stella Reddy ; Stella Reddy ; A
Subject: Email # 1

Hello L and A,

This email has been forward requesting that you please tell your employee Stella Reddy to quit emailing and harassing us.

We do not have to live here and live this way, constantly being lectured by your employee who tries to insults us, bully and goes on excessively long and pointless rants.

As you have encouraged this behaviour from her in the past, we would hope that this time you would ” Check ” and correct your employees behaviour.

Our emails are not for ANYONES personal rants.

We request that you “check” your employee immediately.

K & A

We have attached a copy of all the emails to us from your employee Stella Reddy.


June 6, 2018  8:26 am

As per their rules, I am sending you the info I sent to Human Rights Re:

File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948.


 From: Stella Reddy

To: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’

Subject: RE: Application Stella Reddy File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948

Good Morning,

Please find attached 2 files that I received on Monday, June 4, 2018, concerning a filing to your agency from the same people I filed my claim about. I would like to add these papers as evidence to my file, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. The 107 pages in the statement of facts lays out all the harassment, discrimination, actions, and complete lies,  of these tenants of Kennedy Rd.  They state the application was about me but it starts out with previous building staff, including their names and there are other various privacy breaches with other tenants in these papers, no names but unit numbers are there and it has their parking spaces. They have twisted the facts, omitted important regulations and facts, and made assumptions about every action I have taken.

Reading these papers and their personal opinions over everything I do, you can easily tell they have a personal vendetta against me and the property owners.

I was never in that place at all nor that area around any time in June 2016, as it is not possible to be in 2 cities at the same time. As this alleged meeting is the basis of their whole complaint of racism against me the evidence I submitted shows that it never happened, and as such is considered harassment. I don’t think they really thought about what they were doing, as with receipts, bank statements, google timeline activity, and witnesses of my big family, it is easily proven where I was at any given time in the month of June 2016 when this meeting supposedly took place.

I am sure that’s why they didn’t pick an actual date, as I could show where I was on that day as well. They have no idea where I was before I moved in and started working there.

As you will see in the Stella Reddy HTRO application, under the question of if these facts were part of another application this person says no, but there were 2 applications ongoing with various agencies. First, it was my complaint, file number above that I submitted in August 2017 and these tenants filed an appeal with the Divisional Court for the eviction for refusal of access they received from the landlord and tenant board.

Thank you for your time and if you require anything else please let me know.


Stella Reddy

The facts are that NO ONE from the SJTO, HRTO, the Caucasian racist SJTO member K, L, A or D are cocky enough or confidence to do anything about these sites. Why? Because they are fact based and evidence supported, period!

There are no lies, no perjury or alter documents like what Stella Reddy, L or his son A did back on September 26, 2017 at the public LTB form hearing.

NOT EVEN STELLA REDDY has the nerve to proceed with any legal options, despite her numerous threats of having it in the works.

Stella Reddy my play crazy, but she ain’t stupid!! She knows that bringing these websites into the legal realms will most certainly expose her as the racist and bigot to a larger audience! And Stella Reddy don’t want that. Remember she is still trying to actively find work because she can’t afford to retire on her enabler husband low income job.

EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS openly welcome to challenge these websites and pursue legal recourse. Let’s see who steps up to this challenge? They all know how to get in contact with me if need be.

Remember that a SJTO member ( adjudicator ) and three Divisional courts judges all stated that Stella Reddy speaks like a racist and therefore acts like a racist!

But again this is why Stella Reddy is the racist and bigot she is. Because she knows that systemic racist system is to busy trying to protect their own the racist Caucasian SJTO member then correct her.

Any finding by any government agency that Stella Reddy, L and his son A acted in a racist manner. Would certainly contradict Ks findings and would certainly call into question why he refused to hear the interracial married couples / tenants evidence of about the named 3.

The racist Caucasian SJTO member K conveniently refused to hear or read, despite illegally taking the evidence about Stella Reddy, Land his son A racist behavior and anti-black treatment against the interracial married couple / tenants.

This is why Stella Reddy continues to knowingly lie day after day without fear. Because racist like the racist Caucasian SJTO member embrace, enable people like her, because they believe that they can not be held accountable for their own racist behavior and shady anti-black actions.

Remember when an individual like the racist Caucasian SJTO member, Stella Reddy, L or his son A show you what they are about the first time. Believe them!

This whole page is triangulation!

Toxic Adult Bullies triangulating other tenants into the situation to try and prove his point once again about Stella Reddy. This page is also a perfect example of Gaslighting!  Toxic Adult Bullies tries to show how Stella Reddy showed preferential treatment to her neighbour, who lives right next door, over allowing the tenant to be home to show my husband what was wrong.

It wasn’t my decision to make, really, it was my husband’s as he was the one who had to go there and no, it wasn’t a problem to wait and as I said before, the tenant was very nice about it, which made all the difference. As they say, you get more with honey then you do with vinegar! 

Stella Reddy wants everyone to believe that she never had any preference for tenants and that there is NO SPECIAL TREATMENT being given to any tenants in the building, NO MATTER WHO THEY WERE!

With permission from the tenants of unit #402. I now present to you, Stella Reddy being a liar, racist and a two-face bigot, AGAIN!!!

The tenants ( unit #402 ) reached out to Stella Reddy on June 06, 2017 to have their balcony door fixed.

Later that same day Stella Reddy hand delivered to them ( her neighbors ) a Notice of Entry dated for the next day on June 07, 2017 to fix their balcony door.

The page above also contain triangulation by Toxic Adult Bullies, this time questioning why I was emailing only one owner about the Fire Safety Inspection, and not the other one. trying to  imply that  “One has to wonder what is said during these private correspondence between Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owner that the father Alto Properties Inc. owner doesn’t know about?  and “how much bad mouthing outside of this known email Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy has done with her preferred Alto Properties Inc. owner about his father Alto Properties Inc. owner ?”  This is triangulation, pitting the owners against me and each other. 

But what strike the interracial married couple / tenants as being interesting is that Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy only emails Alto Properties Inc. owner about it.

And in fact implies that his father, Alto Properties Inc. owner is part of the problem as he “stayed with them as well”, implying that he condoned this “rushed” job and never slowed it down so it could be done properly.

It appearsthat Stella Reddy has a preference as to who she deals with. Just like the meeting that her and Alto Properties Inc. owner tried to set up for the day before with the interracial married couple / tenants.

Where it was Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy speaking on behalf of Alto Properties Inc. owner A only.

It again appeared that Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy had not included the father in her correspondence with what appears to be her preferred owner the son, Alto Properties Inc. owner.

One has to wonder what is said during these private correspondence between Stella Reddy and Alto Properties Inc. owner that the father Alto Properties Inc. owner doesn’t know about?

One has to wonder how much bad mouthing outside of this known email Alto Properties Inc. property manager Stella Reddy has done with her preferred Alto Properties Inc. owner  about his father Alto Properties Inc. owner?

Below I share a picture of the letter that Toxic Adult Bullies sent out to all tenants in the building, informing them of the domains they did of This site was put online on April 21, 2019, just before they sent out this letter and the contents have gone through many changes since. It is currently still registered but is pointed to fake nameservers at .bot and the the copy on the Internet Archive was deleted and the list of domains is now “excluded” from their servers.

This letter clearly shows they created that website, not anyone else, no matter what they may claim now 6 years later. As you can see it is signed by the Tenants and they stated that they spoke to the owners “AND THEY NEVER FIRED HER!”.  This was the intention all along, they hoped to kick up such a stink that I would be fired.  I knew it but this letter I got a picture of from the tenant proved it to me. Toxic Adult Bullies moved out on June 1, 2019, not long after.

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