The Significance of Respect: A Lesson Grown Adults Should Never Need

Respect I learned in my lifetime is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, reflecting our ability to acknowledge and value the worth of others. While it might seem like common sense, unfortunately, some individuals fail to grasp the importance of respect as they navigate through life. They feel it is okay to create a smear campaign against others on websites they created because they are mad at them. People who deliberately name and shame others on the internet don’t deserve my respect.

There was a time I was the same, sharing their names because I was mad, but once I started to heal from the trauma, it made me uncomfortable so I removed them. I felt very uncomfortable with my actions and for my personal well-being, I had to stop. That act isn’t in my nature, and I don’t want to be like these toxic tenants, naming and shaming others!

While I appreciate the Anonymous writers of these domains’ content think they are sharing what they feel was disrespectful towards them that they say others did, the way they go about it shows their immaturity and lack of respect they have towards anyone. They initiate a smear campaign.

They are sharing confidential documents written for a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario application, even before they knew it was accepted for review. They did it with me and now with others. Their actions are very detrimental to the administration of justice! I have learned their actions are very disrespectful, not only to the people named within but also to the Legal process of HRTO. It shows an Abuse of Process. This is why they will never get anywhere with their HRTO applications.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) has the authority to make rules to govern its practices under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Rule A8 of the HRTO Rules of Procedure states that the tribunal may dismiss an application if it is satisfied that the application is frivolous, vexatious, or is an abuse of processThe concept of abuse of process describes a situation where the court considers the actions of a party to be detrimental to the administration of justice. The remedy is often that the party found to have engaged in abuse of process will see its claim stayed or dismissed. HRTO has power to control its own process and therefore has statutory power to stay an application that it considers to be an abuse of process.

Today I am writing about why grown adults should never require guidance on how to be respectful, highlighting the immaturity and narcissistic tendencies associated with showing disrespect. Additionally, I will emphasize the importance of not tolerating disrespectful behaviour in order to foster healthy relationships and create a harmonious life. Calling people out for their acts of disrespect is your right.

Respect as an Essential Virtue: Respect is an essential virtue that embodies empathy, understanding, and consideration for others. It is a quality that we all learn at a young age and continuously refine as we grow. By adulthood, individuals should have grasped the basic concept that respect forms the foundation of healthy relationships, effective communication, and social harmony. At least, we would think so!!

Immaturity in Displaying Disrespect: When a grown adult consistently shows disrespect towards others, such as creating multiple websites anonymously, it is a clear demonstration of immaturity. It reflects an inability to handle conflicts or disagreements maturely and constructively. They prefer to seek public opinion, incite others against the people named within, and even create a petition on, trying to get individuals FIRED from their jobs. That is incitement of hate and shows extreme disrespect. Their websites show they have no idea how to handle conflicts or disagreements with others.

Rather than wait for the Legal process to run its course, they share their grievances publicly online on websites they create, even before the Legal process is accepted, trying to get out ahead and influence public perception. They show they don’t care about legal processes, but looking for public support instead. A lack of respect hinders their personal growth, preventing individuals from developing meaningful connections and prospering in various aspects of life.

I am a valuable human being and I deserve to address others when they disrespect me, especially Abusive Tenants from the workplace who created websites in my name where they share copious evidence of their disrespect.

Respect should be a quality engrained in the social fabric of every grown adult. Demonstrating respect towards others is a sign of emotional intelligence, maturity, and empathy. Failure to understand the significance of respect and displaying constant disrespect reflects immaturity and potentially narcissistic traits. It took time for me to remember who I was and stop my own disrespectful behaviours.

I came to see over time that we must never tolerate disrespectful behaviour in ourselves or those around us, as it ultimately hinders personal growth and damage relationships. I saw this in action in my own life! I prefer to strive to create a life where treating others with kindness, empathy, and respect is the norm rather than the exception. I want to live a good life, not hinder my happiness by going against my personal values!

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    1. I think respect is really the minimum and I so agree with your conclusion that we shouldn’t tolerate disrespectful behaviour in others or ourselves.

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