Word Salad: Unraveling Toxicity in Written Documents

When it comes to communication, written documents play a crucial role in expressing ideas, sharing information, and conveying messages. However, in some instances, these documents can become a breeding ground for toxic behaviour, leaving readers confused and frustrated.

This phenomenon is often referred to as “word salad,” where toxic individuals manipulate language to undermine, confuse, or provoke others. In this post, I will try to shed light on word salad produced by toxic people in written documents and explore ways to navigate this form of communication effectively. Once you are aware of the many tactics in play, it becomes easier to ignore…

It took me a while to understand this concept due to the frustration and confusion I felt reading their words in the early days. A lot of their written documents didn’t make sense to me because they were so disjointed and contained such frivolous information that wasn’t needed.

While hard to understand, I wasn’t aware of all this stuff when it started and didn’t know the depths these Toxic people would go in their Smear Campaign.

It was my experience that once Tenants calmed down and took time to learn and understand the rules I was enforcing, some even called the LTB to get clarification, they understood and the bullying of me stopped. That didn’t happen with these Tenants.

It didn’t matter what the rules were over Entry, they would manipulate it around, making it sound like I broke the rules, not them, just by giving them a Form N5 when they felt they didn’t deserve one. They TOTALLY avoid writing about how they were so persistent in denying entry.

There is a phrase that has become one of my new mantras these days: “You don’t know something until you know“. I had to learn about Word Salad to recognize it when I see it by reading and re-reading the many documents I have and having others read them until I saw what I was learning about, just as I did about narcissism.

I did write about this before in July 2022 and shared an example of the writing showing this trait: Word Salad: Trait Used By Adult Bullies

Understanding Word Salad:

Word salad can be defined as a disorganized or incoherent arrangement of words and phrases. In the context of toxic individuals, word salad is a manipulative technique employed to divert, obstruct, or confuse the intended message.

Toxic individuals may use various tactics, including misdirection, gaslighting, logical fallacies, and personal attacks, to muddy the waters and make it challenging to comprehend their actual point or intention.

These tactics are throughout the 107-page statement of facts, Toxic Tenant Bullies Original “Statement of Facts” and in stellareddy.com, Domains In My Name: My Perspective

They ask leading questions, stating their perspectives, claiming it is the only logical one so it must be true… This is also Word Salad…

Why could Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy not have scheduled and rescheduled the Ace Glass after the 19th during the Semi-Annual inspection?

And if Ace Glass could not attend on October 19th, then Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy could have scheduled and rescheduled for the following week?

Why was Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy booking appointments so close to each other instead of trying to book everything on the same day instead of back to back to back?

Identifying Toxic Word Salad:

Recognizing the word salad can be the first step towards countering its impact. Here are some common characteristics that indicate the presence of toxic word salad in written documents that you will see in the links I share above:

Incoherence: The content appears disjointed, riddled with unrelated or irrelevant information, lacking a coherent structure or flow. Calling me a LIAR had not one thing to do with proving I violated their human rights as they claimed. Implying I was the “property manager” just by adding the word “property” in brackets didn’t make it true nor was this info relevant. They included a lot of irrelevant information!

Deflection: Toxic individuals often employ deflection techniques to divert attention from the main issue, making it difficult to address or resolve real concerns. Whenever I asked direct questions about their websites, they deflected it. Just look at the emails I got!!

ALL of Toxic Adult Bullies Email Received That Caused Mental Health Issues for Stella Reddy

Personal attacks: Word salad is often peppered with personal attacks, insults, or derogatory language, aimed at undermining the reader’s credibility or diverting focus away from the substance of the matter.

This part below is an outright personal attack on me, calling my PTSD “imaginary” because they don’t want to be associated with making my symptoms worse with their actions on their many websites and contains quite a bit of word salad!

These other lies and actions WILL BE brought out onto the website and people will be able to see what Stella Reddy is all about. She is a anti-black racist, bigot, hypocrite and a very bad liar!

Stella Reddy believes in white privilege and that her anti-black racist and offensive language and actions are not of anyone’s concerns. Because she just does not care what anyone thinks about it!

Stella Reddy has been using the systematic racism of the judicial system and the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario to do her bidding for her!

Stella Reddy also likes to claim that she has imaginary Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) from a house fire in Newfoundland back 29 years ago in 1991.

Stella Reddy’s behavior is an insult to all individuals who really have PTSD.

Stella Reddy uses her conveniently fabricate PTSD as a crutch and a way to to leech off the Canadian government. Just like she did to her husband and enabler Russell Reddy when she decided she wanted to retire from Property Management and live off his small cleaning income.

Stella Reddy constantly plays the pity card as she tries to relate the events from June 2016 to present for her PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.

Stella Reddy house fire has never been an issue in her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

Stella Reddy has never claimed to have the symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the fire that night 29 years ago.

Stella Reddy always relates her conveniently fabricate PTSD as being related to the situation in which she created with her racist and anti-black behavior.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she had a pattern of her making the interracial married couple / tenants sit around all day, waiting 3 times for her and she never bothered to show up, without notice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when ……

  • when she was plotting and serving illegal N5’s against the interracial married couple / tenants.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was throwing away the key to their unit to justify her illegal N5 to get them evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she was in front of the racist Caucasian Social Justice Tribunal Member Kevin Lundy of September 26, 2017, lying and providing altered and false documents as evidence to have the interracial married couple / tenants evicted.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • she refused interracial married couple / tenants parking at the building, but at the same time gave the all-white tenant that same privilege she was refusing the interracial married couple / tenants.

She did not have PTSD when …

  • When she deliberately lied and stated that the the interracial married couple / tenants were the only tenants with a barbecue despite there being 4 other tenants. One being her own sister Cindy Jones.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she showed support that she was a racist Donald Trump on Twitter.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she threatened to call the Children’s Aid Society on the interracial married couple / tenants bi racial children, twice.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When using racial slurs, racist actions, derogatory and prejudice language during the ltb hearing in a public form.

Stella Reddy did not have PTSD when …

  • When she messaged the the interracial married couple / tenants two young bi-racial children with hateful content on Facebook messenger.

And the list goes on forever.

Gaslighting: Toxic individuals may attempt to manipulate the reader’s perception of reality by distorting facts, denying events, or trivializing valid concerns.

I wrote about this topic a lot as it is such a hard thing for your mental health. These Toxic Tenants try really hard to distort my reality and make it identical to theirs by pounding their assumptions into the ground as if it is the only perspective allowed.

Even a simple thing like saying I was standing in the Lobby one day talking to another Tenant when this man came out of the stairwell in such a rush and came between myself and this other Tenant, “basically” bumping into me in the process. They try to say that I said that I said he “DID” bump into me. That is gaslighting, just like adding the word “property” in brackets to the manager I wrote at times.

I see a lot of Gaslighting in their new content on their new smearing sites too… They take a situation and totally pick it apart with the personal assumptions they make about it, especially if it concerns someone else perspective…

They have to mitigate it somehow and they do it with their word salad. Gaslighting: The Signs I See in My Personal Situation

    Navigating Through Toxic Word Salad:

    While dealing with toxic word salad can be challenging, there are strategies to navigate it effectively:

    Stay focused: Recognize the tactics being used and stay focused on the actual issue at hand. Avoid falling into the trap of getting entangled in an endless loop of diversionary tactics. Remember your truth, write it down and keep it close for reference.

    Maintain clarity: Keep your communication clear, concise, and rational. By setting a standard for rational discourse, you can mitigate the impact of toxic word salad. At least, I try!

    Seek clarification: If you encounter unclear or confusing statements, request clarification to avoid misinterpretations. This ensures that you stay on track and prevents miscommunication. I would ask them for clarification but never got it, I had to seek it from others by sharing the documents I had they wrote.

    Document and collect evidence: Keep a record of the written exchanges, preserving evidence that showcases the toxic behaviour. This can be useful if you must report or address the situation later, as I did. I have shared the many documents I have with various officials so they can also see the many traits within that I saw. I was hoping they would see the criminality within their actions too, and while some people saw it, the ones making the decision didn’t. Hopefully, this time around, with the contents of their new website, they will…

    I have been very diligent in this, maybe a bit too much, but I don’t trust them and never will. They lie and embellish too much. So I have kept everything, even a copy of their Tenant file in case they tried to come back at me with something else…I have all copies of their Domains as they looked with each change and I have every email sent, and every post ever written on domains and social media.

    7 years is a long time and quite a few documents came out of that time that I now use to show all the traits I learned about, as they showcase it all. I look for reality, not listen to the thoughts in my head nor even their extraneous words being used. I ignore their many labels on me these days, as it is not relevant anymore, their false allegations and blatant statements, are.

    They are very adamant in their allegations when we all know they can’t know if what they claim is even true. It is that thought that has stuck with me! How could they know my PTSD was “imaginary” to say it with such conviction, especially to a Legal Tribunal of Human Rights? I laugh at this stuff these days.

    How do they know anything they say is true when they have no evidence and show none? Do they truly think that their opinions on this matter count to anyone, especially the HRTO? They will find that their many personal speculations have no place in a Human Rights complaint.

    I have been reading the new content they are adding to their new site. The strategy is the same as they did with me and others with opinion-signalling words of “it appears”, the many personal assumptions being made and leading questions being asked. Since when did these individuals become the arbitrators of anyone else’s actions? Once again they give their explanations for why they believe someone did something and that is the ONLY 3 explanations they will allow.

    It is salacious reading at first, but if you have any knowledge of toxic traits and narcissism, you will see them within their writing once again as they haven’t changed their tactics. One thing I have learned is that people with narcissistic traits tend to repeat the same things over and over again… this is one such situation…

    Seek support and guidance: Reach out to trusted colleagues, supervisors, or mentors for advice and support. Their insights can help you navigate the toxic dynamics and find constructive ways to address the issue. Therapy is very helpful when dealing with toxic people as they can see things that I could not because of my emotional state. Therapy got me out of my head and taught me tricks that helped with that which I use every day.

    Toxic word salad in written documents can significantly impact effective communication and leave a lasting negative impression. It drove me a little nuts at times but I managed to find a way out of the nightmare. I know now the many traits I see and with this knowledge, I have the power to release the negative feelings.

    By understanding the characteristics of this communication style and employing appropriate strategies, I was able to counter its influence and maintain clarity and focus. Remember, toxic individuals thrive on chaos and confusion, and by staying grounded, focused, and seeking support, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of their word salad. It takes time, but you are worth the effort!

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