Invalidation By Adult Bullies

Adult Bullies Invalidate Others! It is one of the most used tools of toxic People and really hard to deal with,

In the text I share below, Toxic Tenants endeavours to communicate to Members of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario that my personal opinions and emotions are invalid, irrational, selfish, uncaring, stupid, and most likely insane, and wrong, wrong, wrong.

They are making it directly known that my views and feelings do not count for anything to anybody at any time in any way. They treat all their Targets this way!

I found the text below this morning while looking for something else and thought to share it today showing the many invalidations being made by Toxic Tenants about me. I really would like to know how they thought this would be acceptable to anyone who reads it, as it is very abusive language!

I removed the frivolous words, making it easier to read the many opinions made by the Toxic Tenants. They wanted their opinions heard yet, claim that mine are irrevelant! When did their words become more important than anyone else’s?

These Adult Bullies use words of “it appears” for several reasons I have learned:

Manipulation: By using such uncertain language, the bully can create doubt and confusion in the the minds of HRTO. This can make them question their own perceptions and doubt their abilities, leading to a sense of powerlessness and vulnerability.

Gaslighting:It appears” statements can be a form of gaslighting, where the bully tries to make the victim doubt their own reality. By suggesting that something is not as it seems, the bully can undermine the victim’s confidence and leave them feeling uncertain about their own judgment. They are saying that if I have mental health issues because of their actions with their websites, it isn’t important to the process and shouldn’t be considered by Members of the HRTO adjudicating the files. They want their physical and mental health issues considered, but not mine.

Avoiding direct responsibility: By using non-committal language like “it appears,” the Bully can try to distance themselves from the consequences of their words. This allows them to deny any direct involvement or accountability for their behaviour, making it easier for them to continue their bullying of me and others. They say my mental health issues are not revelant because they don’t want anyone to think their actions had any effects on it.

Mind games: Bullies often enjoy playing mind games with their victims, and using words like “it appears” is a way to toy with their emotions and keep them off balance. This constant uncertainty can create a chaotic and stressful environment, making it difficult for the victim to defend themselves or stand up against the bully. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I say anything and they invalidate it!

Overall, the use of words like “it appears” by an Adult Bully serves to exert control, manipulate emotions, and maintain a sense of power over the victim. They want me in toxic shame so badly over their words so I would hide away and allow them to continue their cyberbullying!

To take their words, it appears to me that they are hypocrites!

They admit that there might be a connection between my mental health deteroration and their actions with websites, but if there is, as far as they are concccerned, it isn’t important. As it isn’t iportant to them, than it isn’t important to anyone, including the HRTO. Or so they write in this document….

They write out their opinions all the time, like in this document, even when it is personal only to me, yet claim mine are not revelant. That is invalidation!

Emotional invalidation is the dismissal of a person’s feelings. It is saying whatever you are feeling or thinking right now is irrelevant. Instead of accepting and understanding a person’s emotions, they are questioned, ignored, or even ridiculed.

Nothing shows their Bullying ways than texts like this they sent to HRTO and me during this process. It is understandable that prolonged invalidation can have a negative impact on a persons well-being, no matter where it comes from. It’s important to remember that nobody deserves to be treated poorly, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for the actions of others.

Learn about the traits you see and release the shame that isn’t yours to feel. What someone else does is on them. They were very cocky back in 2018 when they wrote these words, you can see it, thinking that because they submitted the applications that they were in control. Over time, they learned they were not.

It appears to the Applicants that there might be a connecting to these sudden health issues and the filing of their Application on June 04, 2018 against Stella Reddy?

If this connection is true, it would again be another classic symptom of a Narcissist doing what they do best, and that is try and manipulate the situation.

By what it appears again to be Stella Reddy trying to gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO.

The Applicants also take the position that Stella Reddy alleged medical issues are not relevant to their HRTO complaints against her.

Based on the facts that at the time of her racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner. She was of solid mind and good health, and what happened after the fact is not relevant to her behaviour pre-HRTO complaints.

Her health issues that appeared only after the pre-HRTO complaints no matter how fake, or serious they are. Are irrelevant as a defence for Stella Reddy.

It appears to the Applicants that Stella Reddy is planning to try and use her medical issues as some way to rationalize all of her pre-HRTO complaints, racially motivated actions of harassment, discriminating and acting in a reprisal manner.

Again it is the opinion of the Applicants, as they are not doctors they cannot say with certainty about her being a Narcissist, but as the old saying goes.

If it walks like a duck,. sounds like a duck,. acts like a duck. and looks like a duck …it’s probably a duck.

In regards to owners who have heard and seen the racially charged language and actions of Stella Reddy in person at the LTB hearing. They have continue to rally behind her, united in their fight in the HRTO and Divisional Court to have the Applicants removed from the building.

They have read all the documents provided by the Applicants, they have seen the huge amount of outright lies that Stella Reddy has been telling to the HRTO and probably themselves.

And still they continue to sit on their hands, ignore the facts in their joint effort to fight and spend more money in the HRTO and Divisional Court to have the Applicants removed from the building. Because owner is upset that the Applicants called them out for their behaviour and for enforced their rights to appeal in Divisional Court that it ” affecteded him” and” you hit my business” and they “should known better

There can be no other determination other than owner have acted in a reprisal manner against the Applicants.

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