I Am Working On Becoming A Relaxed Woman!


I have strived over the past couple of years to give myself unconditional permission to relax, without guilt, without apology, and without feeling like I needed to earn it. To be retired from working and the responsibilities and pressures that come from that. To be a woman who prioritizes rest and pleasure and play! I deserve it to be honest with you.

I feel fantastic!! The procedure I had yesterday went very smoothly and the Doctors and Nurses at the Health Science Center were great with me. I was there and back home again in about 2 hours! I was a little loopy with the anesthetic but I stayed awake till bedtime and got up the same time this morning.

It was a very easy procedure and as I am so used to them, it didn’t bother me one bit. That’s the thing, hey? Being so used to going through surgical procedures helps minimize the fear and anxiety of it. My hubby came with me, as he always does, and made sure I got home okay and looked after me all evening. That helps me too, having his support! He is wonderful to me and I appreciate him every day!

I have no pain!! I am a little swollen but can sit very comfortably. I am cancer-free once again! That is the main thing, isn’t it?

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