Sharing a New Site On Narcissism!

I found this new site filled with articles on Narcissism and the many traits they show that I found very helpful by Carla Corelli recently that I think you might like.

As for me, I did get a response for the investigation of Copyright content that informed me they have until Friday to remove the content, or it will be closed down. The registrant owners sent them “a lot of information” to try and justify why they had this content there but it wasn’t accepted. There will never be a good enough reason they can use to justify stealing my name like they did.

As usual, the Toxic Tenants moved hosts that I am looking up this morning to find their websites and Policies so I can complain to them too. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am very determined. If the Hosts of these sites have policies in place that I can use to help me, I will use them and start my emails all over again. It helps to have emails from other Hosts showing that they suspended the sites in the past!

Even free speech sites have Copyright Content Policies!!

Even though these people moved the sites to new hosts, I still expect to be shut down as the domain is registered with the same company. I guess I will see when Friday comes! At least it is another Hosting Company that is now familiar with these Toxic Tenant’s actions online! One day, there won’t be any company willing to host these domains on their servers!

I also sent the info I used to complain to all the other Targets of these Smear Campaigners so I expect this hosting company will get a lot more complaints in the future about Copyright content!

I find it imperative to do all I can to shut down those sites that pick on individuals created by these specific people. Through therapy, I learned I am not seeking revenge for what they did, but exposing the toxic traits I was exposed to, such as what is noted in the articles below on this site. I am showing the words and actions that show me these traits.

Focus on the behaviour, not on the individual.

Making meaning of all the things I saw and words I read, was the only way for me to find release of the toxicity I felt from them and their websites. The fact that they keep moving their sites around from one Hosting company to the next, does show that they are very Toxic people determined to try and ruin my life in any way they can.

It is the very definition of a Smear Campaign! They think they have the right to do what they do in my name but thankfully, things change and people come to see what these actions are all about. It is Bullying! I know that one day, all of these sites will be gone, for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Narcissistic FOG (Fear, Obligation and Guilt)

What is Narcissistic FOG (Fear, Obligation, and Guilt)?

Narcissistic FOG refers to the manipulative tactics used by narcissists involving Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to control their victims. These tactics create emotional turmoil, making the victim easier to manipulate.

How does a narcissist instill fear in their victims?

Narcissists instill fear by threatening harm either to the victim or their loved ones. This could be physical harm, abandonment, rejection, or withholding love and affection. The aim is to make the victim feel insecure and dependent on the narcissist for safety and security.

How does a narcissist use obligation to control their victims?

Narcissists create a sense of obligation in their victims by making them feel indebted. They often highlight the sacrifices they’ve made, leading the victim to feel as though they owe the narcissist and are bound to fulfill their demands, regardless of their own desires or needs.

What does guilt-tripping by a narcissist involve?

Guilt-tripping by a narcissist involves making the victim feel responsible for causing pain, even when it’s the narcissist inflicting harm. The victim is led to believe that they are the cause of the narcissist’s negative emotions, leading to a cycle of guilt and self-blame.

How can victims combat these FOG (Fear, Obligation and Guilt) tactics?

Victims can combat FOG tactics by recognizing these manipulative strategies, acknowledging their emotions, setting boundaries, seeking support from trusted individuals or professional therapists, and prioritizing self-care.

The Bottom Line About Narcissist Triangulation

The main goal of narcissist triangulation is to create a constant state of anxiety in the victim.

Narcissists use triangulation to make sure that their victims are always feeling on edge, and unsure of what they should do next.

It’s also a way of gaining narcissistic supply from as many people as possible.

What is narcissist triangulation?

Narcissist triangulation is a manipulation tactic used by narcissists to instigate jealousy, create conflict, or to manipulate the perceptions of others. It involves the narcissist, the victim, and a third party.

How does a narcissist use triangulation?

A narcissist uses triangulation by creating scenarios where two people may feel in competition for their attention or approval. They may also use a third person to validate their abusive behaviour towards the victim.

Why do narcissists engage in triangulation?

Narcissists engage in triangulation to gain control and power over their relationships. This tactic allows them to keep their victims off-balance and manipulate situations to their advantage.

What are the signs of narcissistic triangulation?

Signs of narcissistic triangulation include feeling constantly compared to others, experiencing unnecessary drama or conflict, and feeling isolated from friends or family due to the narcissist’s actions.

How can I cope with narcissistic triangulation?

Coping strategies include recognizing the tactic, maintaining strong boundaries, seeking professional help, and engaging in self-care practices. It can also be helpful to limit contact with the narcissist, if possible.

Is narcissistic triangulation a form of abuse?

Yes, narcissistic triangulation is a form of psychological abuse. It is used to manipulate and control others through deceit and confusion.

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