September 10, 2023 Ramblings

St. John’s Harbour

Life is awesome! Since my oldest son’s Wedding last month, my life has expanded quite a bit, especially socially. I haven’t been home much the past couple of weeks as a result. I am having fun getting to know new people, and even getting reacquainted with some old friends from years ago. It isn’t as scary as I thought!

Going out with others shopping, having lunch and just having some fun is just what I needed! I am living a life of leisure and having lots of fun!

I enjoy socializing but I have come to see I also like my alone time. I’ve gotten used to being on my own and I make sure I get a day here and there to myself to enjoy my own things. It is all about balance and finding that balance.

I am rebuilding my sense of trust in others by allowing them the opportunity to show me that I can. Opening up myself and my life is what community is all about and I won’t know it will be a good thing unless I try. I am willing to try.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to focus these days on the Smear Campaign this site started off being about, as I find I have moved past all of that now. My angst is gone, and I want to focus on the here and now, not yesterday nor even tomorrow. I find so much pleasure in the here and now!

I get up every morning and spend some time going through the pictures others post of this beautiful Province on the Social Media I have, I read the posts of the Bloggers I follow on WordPress, all while I wake up with my coffee. Then I focus on what I want to do that day, and with whom. On weekends, I spend with my hubby!

I have a hard time thinking of negative things when I am feeling so positive about myself and my life. The Smear Campaign in my name online is nothing to me anymore, its power over my emotions is gone. I have come to terms with it all these days and know it won’t do anything anymore.

Picking up for yourself, even when nothing comes out of it, is very empowering. I shared my thoughts over the mess this situation became and now I find I am done with it. All I needed was to get it all out! Once you work out something, it is easier to let it go. My fear is gone, even my anger is all gone!

I have reported their actions with their domains to all I could find and I am confident in knowing it is in their system and one day, it will work in my favour. I have spoken my truth and in the end, that is all that counts to me.

As I have come to see in my own life, knowledge is power and once you know something, you can’t unknow it. I now know these people are Toxic with narcissistic traits and that is all I need to know. They have shown themselves with their actions and total lack of accountability for anything they do. Their words give them away, not the people they are writing about. They outright lie and it is easy to see by the familiarity they show with other people’s personal lives that is not possible for them to have.

I know I am safe now, free to live my own life and that is just what I am doing!

I hope you enjoy the pictures I share here of the City I love!

From the Rooms!
Sugarloaf Trail Over Quidi Vidi

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