Hello September!

I wrote this post below on May 24, 2023, highlighting the self-transformation I have achieved in my personal life and wanted to update the content to reflect all I have done this summer to maintain my personal achievements!

I did it!! I am free!!

As I mentioned below, the summer was about utilizing all I have learned and opening up my social life. I had a wonderful time preparing for my son’s wedding! Between all the shopping, preparation, and the Wedding itself, I was in the midst of a social whirlwind and it was awesome!

I met a lot of new people and had no social anxiety at all. I was there to support my son and see him get married and I had a blast doing so.

As you know, I had some family come down for the Wedding and I spent the week playing tour guide, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I spent 2 weeks with my Family while they were here and I had a great time showing them all the places I go to that have helped me. I am happy and very content with my life and it is easy to see these days.

We went out to restaurants, were involved in the Wedding rehearsals, and went on a Boat Tour with O’Briens whale-watching and the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour. I had a lot of fun this summer just living my life!

I am very content now knowing both of my children are married and settled in their own lives. It is all I never wanted, for them to be happy and build a life they are content with. Having grown children does help me, as I know I can focus on my own well-being now.

I will continue maintaining my mental well-being by utilizing all the tricks I have gained over the past few years. I do believe in myself and my abilities to achieve my goals, as I have shown myself I am resilient and determined to do so.

As for the Smear Campaign online in my name, for me, it is over even with the sites remaining. The Toxic Tenant words do nothing for me anymore and have no effect on my personal life and never will ever again. They belong in the past, though I will remember the lessons they taught me about toxicity and narcissism.

It is the nasty malicious words of a past Tenant who went looking for revenge against me for the part I played in their eviction during the duties of my job and that is all that will remain.

I have shared enough data on this site that shows the truth of this situation. I show the science and psychology of an Adult Bully intent on a Smear Campaign against me and others out of spite and revenge. They told vicious lies that the passage of time has now exposed! They don’t know me as intimately as they claim.

The owners of all the domains of,,,, and are the same people who own (no longer active),,,,,, and New sites of, and They are all hosted on Hostinger Parked servers with IP .

Most of these sites are parts of different Smear Campaigns against various individuals these people got mad at. The contents there give it away!

Once you know what to look for that makes up Bullying and Smear Campaigns, you won’t be fooled ever again. Learn the lessons, and focus on yourself and your own well-being and you will be okay.

I have a really strong desire for personal growth and change and have been working on my mindset, behaviours, and overall way of living my life for the past few years.

I have gained the determination to improve my mental well-being and embrace all the changes I need to make to achieve that. I do this for me, as I am worth it!

Once I personally made the decision back in August 2019 to relocate back here to NL, I started on my own personal journey of self-transformation! I recognized that I couldn’t heal my mental health while still living in that toxic environment and had to get away from it. I wasn’t happy anymore and knew my fear would not leave me if I stayed. I needed change.

I had motivation, to get away from Toxic Tenants and any possible chance of them coming after me physically. I was sick of seeing their car all the time when I got the courage to go out, and I was terrified of being recognized and attacked because of their websites. I was sick of feeling sick!

I needed the peace I knew I would find here in NL and I was motivated to get to it, Pandemic or not! It took more paperwork, and 3 months, to plan out a move to NL from ON during a pandemic and I even had to get written permission to move here, but I was determined. We slept in the truck on the way and didn’t stop much, except for gas and food at the same time.

Once I got here, I had to learn new skills, behaviours, and ways of thinking to help me get away from the extreme fears I had developed of people and social situations. I had to stop hiding away in my home and relearn the social skills I had lost.

I also had to get out of the mindset of being professional with people all the time in every interaction and learn to just be myself. Living where you work takes a different mindset and getting out of that thinking was difficult for me after living like it for so long, but I did it.

I dug deep into my own psyche and learned about myself all over again, my wants and needs, and found what makes me happy again! In the process, I have rediscovered hobbies and interests I had lost along the way. I am wearing makeup again and bright-coloured clothing! I have T-shirts and sweatpants, not just a uniform of black pants with a uniform shirt I had to wear.

I had to learn what it was about myself that made me so susceptible to their taunts and bullying and learn about the toxic traits I was seeing from these Tenants. I came to see I felt insecure about my ability to do the work required for the job I was doing due to the physical limitations I had, that were getting worse over time. These Toxic Tenants played on all that.

I was frustrated with dealing with pain every day from my physical issues and it was affecting my mental resilience in the process of being able to do my job effectively as I did before.

I have spent the past 2 years working on myself and learning new ways of thinking. I have been in therapy, online, by phone, and in person and have studied and learned about mindfulness and practicing those new behaviours.

I have done exposure therapy of putting myself in social situations with lots of people and it worked to help me get over that fear. I have been putting my new knowledge into practice and while some are still a bit hard, I won’t give up.

This summer, I will get the chance to maintain the changes I have made and integrate them more into my personal life. This summer will be filled with social interactions, in groups and one-on-one. With my oldest son getting married later this summer, I am having great fun being a part of the process and meeting new people.

I gave up a lot to move to NL to find my peace of mind and did it gladly, as I needed the change. I quit smoking after 40 years, which was no small feat for me! I lost access to the Doctors who have helped maintain my many health issues over the 22 years I lived there and had to start all over again. Most of all, I gave up being able to see some of my family members who live there, whom I love very much.

Since I left Ontario, other family members moved to other Provinces as well to live their own lives. I have a family member now in almost every Province of Canada!

I am glad I am here, with my peace of mind intact. I am no longer broken.

I am here in NL and I will never leave again, as seriously, I physically can’t. My back issues have deteriorated so much that I can’t sit on a plane or car long enough now to be able to visit anyone on the Mainland. I can’t even walk as long as I could, even last year, due to my back. I’ll find out what’s going on with it next month when I see the Ortho specialist, until then, I will still do all I can do.

Believe me, there is nothing life can throw at you that you can’t get through if you have the determination to do so. I am living proof that you can transform your life, no matter your age or physical health issues.

There is always a way forward… Believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever you put your mind to!

As long as there is breath left in me, I will live this life I was given, for me and my own happiness. I deserve it and so does everyone else.

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