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I’ve been reading this Blog for a few years now and find the information enlightening. I find this post very interesting to read! It explains how Smear Campaigns are so effective, it is the shock value of what they write that draws readers in.

It creates such fear not only in the target but also in the people around them of becoming a target and seeing their names online; like mine is. Now, some people don’t mind seeing their names online but depending on what they do for a living, it can create havoc.

That is a Smear Campaign’s purpose, creating havoc. Not only in my life but also in the people’s lives around me. You end up damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

As for me, I prefer to stand my ground and find meaning in all this mess. I prefer to have science and psychology explain what is happening, not follow my emotions. I am trying to understand the actions so I don’t take it personally. This isn’t about me, but about the Bullies who need to be seen as perfect people who did no wrong.

There have been many studies done on the effects of Cyberbullying and Adult Bullies to see and understand that is what is occurring here. The terms gaslighting, manipulation, triangulation, and smear campaigns are not new concepts, they have existed for a long time. The trick is to learn about them, see them in action, to understand them. I have done that, so I have no doubts anymore.

So, what is the Narcissist’s thought process behind their backstabbing and smear campaign? They exploit the listeners’ emotions and sentiments. They use them to justify their suppressed hate, fears, or desires. They make up a story plausible enough that listeners cannot verify the exact allegations, BUT the accusations they make up are powerful and damaging, and they are meant to harm a particular person that has wronged the Narcissist! It is a strong-arm defense to silence a target and to avoid exposure.

Narcissists are very easily wounded, so a smear campaign is an attempt to malign someone’s character, credibility and reputation based on lies, half-truths and malicious rumors. Narcissists distort situations with twisted conclusions, perceiving themselves as victims, seduce listeners with faked intimacy by sharing secrets. And they are highly persuasive. So persuasive in fact that they convince both themselves and others that their ‘woe be me’ stories and ‘smear’ rumoring is true.

In turn people ignore their very own conscience and intuition if the rumor is sufficiently shocking. The smear campaign is such an offensive tactic that the Narcissist uses to malign, discredit, and reduce targets/victims to inferior damaged beings and stripping them of power by destroying their character. This tactic also divides and conquers by pitting people against a supposed ‘foe’ that the Narcissist singles out. Targets are stuck between a rock and a hard place, right where the Narcissist wants them to be, damned if they defend themselves and damned if they do not.

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