Sometimes, You Gotta Have Fun!

Don’t Forget to Have FUN!

As I write about negative things so much this is a reminder that in between, I gotta take some time out to just have some fun!

I have experienced so many fun events this past year, I am excited to get involved in more!

This past year, I have felt stronger positive emotions such as joy, peace, and excitement about things, more than I have in a long time, and I am enjoying it! Today will be about having fun!

When I first moved back to NL, I was a scared person, afraid of my own shadow. Over time, with help, I faced my fears in my mind and came to see I had nothing to be afraid of. I can go out now and be around other people with no fear. I talk to others, even instigate conversations, and get involved in community events.

I came to see I was giving other people too much power over my emotions, afraid of criticism if I express myself. I came to accept I have every right to my own voice, whether others agree with what I say or not.

When I was being Bullied in Ontario by everyone around me, told constantly to “stay quiet” and “let it go” as well as “give it time” over those 2 years of Legal processes, I felt invalidated and became afraid to speak, as when I did, I was blasted for it, as you could see from some of the posts I share.

I don’t give in to those impulses anymore! Yes, they still happen from time to time, but I have learned to stand my ground and tell them if they don’t like it, too bad. This is my life to live, my choices to make, not anyone else’s. I have become very strong in those beliefs!

Today is Royal Regatta Day and I am heading out later for some plain old fun and relaxation!

They shut down the City for this Event and almost everyone gets the day off work to go and enjoy the races and take in the concessions. It has been many years since I went to the Regatta, and I am very much looking forward to it. We plan on meeting others there and just enjoy the day checking out everything. It is going to be an exciting day!

Quidi Vidi Lake is one of my favourite places, not only because the area is beautiful, but also because it is basically flat and easy to walk around for me!

Last year, I wasn’t quite ready to face such crowds that show up for this Event but after everything I have done since, I am ready. Time to have some fun!

The Royal St. John’s Regatta is the oldest organized sporting event in North America. It has been a part of Newfoundland history for over 200 years. The first record of an organized event was in 1816, but rowing matches were common among ships crews in St. John’s Harbour since at least the 1700’s. These days, the Regatta draws crowds of up to 50,000 people annually to the shores of Quidi Vidi Lake. It is widely known as “The Largest Garden Party in the World” because it has been about socializing as much as amateur sport. Concession stands, wheels of fortune, games of chance, and food & drink are just as much part of the Regatta’s history as the races.

I mentioned before that my oldest son is getting Married soon and it was this event that helped me bring back my sense of excitement. As time passed and the day gets closer, I find myself getting more and more excited for this day to come. I am just so happy for him, I could burst!

It isn’t long now before the Big Day and next week will be a busy one for me. I have family coming down from the Mainland for the Wedding and they will be here for a while so I will be busy socializing and having some more fun! I am very much looking forward to seeing my family, most I haven’t seen since I left Ontario almost 3 years ago.

Nothing will burst my bubble of happiness these days, as things like this only come around once in a lifetime. Seeing your child get Married is a beautiful thing and I am very excited and happy for them. I am very much looking forward to it.

This past year I have spent so much time outside, taking in all this beautiful City has to offer and in the process, it has helped heal me. Remember, however, what your life looks like, is totally up to you!

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