Narcissists Need For Control & Getting Past It!

Narcissists are hugely controlling in their victims’ lives, whether it be a family member, a co-worker, a spouse, or someone else. They come forward in life situations under the guise of caring, wanting to help, and having someones best interests at heart. However, they will always have an agenda, and it will be at someone else’s expense. They interfere, meddle, and hurt people, try to drive wedges between people, pass and repeat hurtful gossip and hearsay, try to act and speak for others, appempt to single out, exclude, control, and isolate their target, and intentionally cause drama and chaos. They come across as self rightious pontifiactors, who know it all. They have absolutely no concepts of boundaries, and become controlling in situations that don’t even involve them. They mistreat, manipulate, devalue, dimishish, litter unsoliciated advice and opinions, micromanage, and try to control anyone that they think has misstepped or slighted them in some way. They tell their victims what to do, how to think, how to feel, and even what they think (even though they have no idea). They criticize, throw false accusations, exploit, point fingers, lie, dismiss, minimixe and trivialise, gaslight, interfere, meddle, make jusdgements, throw blame, violate boundaries, and then stupidly sit back and play the vicitim.

The words in this poster explain my situation with Toxic Tenants I had in the workplace in Ontario at Kennedy Rd. I had to deal with these Tenants as part of my job and they were very controlling right from the start in how they wanted their tenancy to go.

I am really glad I don’t have to deal with situations, and Tenants, like this anymore!! Working in residential apartment buildings is hard, especially in Ontario where the Rules are so complex and it only seems to be getting worse. I am grateful I had the career I had but I am very happy I don’t need to navigate the issues they have right now with housing! I would feel very uncomfortable asking someone to pay $2500 a month of rent for an apartment I rented, in any property I worked in…

These Tenants were so concerned about their own “convenience” thinking it was my job as Staff to accommodate them with their requests, but they were shown I wasn’t. They showed their entitled thinking in all their writings, online and off… From how they wanted to pay their rent to deducting funds for a toaster oven!

They actually thought that if they accused me of racism, everything I said and did as an employee would become questionable, thereby letting them away with denying entry to me. They thought accusing me of being a liar would prove I was racist.

I learned a hard lesson about human nature over the past few years, one I know I will be watching out for in the future. Everything I have learned has only strengthened me and the relationships I have with people around me these days and I am more cautious when meeting new people, but it doesn’t stop me anymore. I do watch more closely for “red flags” noted above.

I feel very safe here in Newfoundland and Labrador where I know there is No Place For Hate of any kind. If this Community is willing to Stand up for the 2SLGBTQIA+ here as they do, I am sure they wouldn’t tolerate the actions of Toxic Adult Bullies and their Smear Campaign against me.

With the passing of time, and so much counselling, you can come out of any situation you find yourself in, if you want it bad enough. I have already endured so much in my lifetime and I know I have more to come in my future, but I am better able to manage it all, as I learned about myself and what I need to have a fulfilling life, with every experience I have.

It is another beautiful day here so time to go outside and soak it all up!

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