An Aries With The Determination To Succeed

I believe in Astrology as I have seen how accurate it can be. I was born in April, which makes me an Aries. I have strong healing powers!!

I do fit the majority of the traits of Aries, including stubbornness. I can be very impulsive at times, mostly due to impatience, which has gotten me in trouble from time to time. You can see some of this reflected in my responses to their nasty missives and during the HRTO process. I just wanted it over and done and still don’t understand why the process took 19 months!

One thing I have an abundance of is determination. Once I set my mind on something, I don’t give up, even sometimes when I face a lot of opposition! Sometimes, it is the opposition that keeps me going… KR & AR want to create a Smear Campaign and Cyberbully Me? I will fight back, no ifs, ands, or buts.

I am very independent. This has been a curse and a blessing at times in my life. If I want something, I work to get it. I am the type to put my head down and do what needs to be done. I don’t depend on others too often. I get a strong sense of accomplishment upon reaching my goals on my own! My hubby gets frustrated with me when he sees me pushing myself physically but as I tell him, as long as I can do it myself I will. It helps me feel productive and useful too!

When the time comes that I can’t do things for myself, it will be really hard for me to adjust to that. I know it is coming, but it isn’t here yet… Until my body reaches that point, I will continue to do what I can. I feel a big difference in my physical mobility this year compared to last year but I still keep trying. How else will I learn my limits if I don’t reach them?

This trait is how I managed to not just survive the house fire and all that came with it in 1991 but thrive. I have surpassed the doctor’s estimation of my mobility. I was told by an Orthopedic Specialist all those years ago that I would end up in a wheelchair in 10 yrs due to arthritis and here I am, 32 years later, still walking…

I came across some articles recently that I have read that have helped me see I am at a crossroads these days. I am having a hard time getting the motivation to write about the Smear Campaign I was a target of, as I find I have passed that phase now, as my anger is gone.

I have written out my angst with this website and find that there is none left. I still have some frustration over it all and the waste I see over the past 7 years, but all in all, I have accepted the situation and know that even though the websites in my name will return at some point, it doesn’t matter anymore, this situation is history.

All they can do now is repeat what they already wrote, just as I found myself doing from time to time. If they want to keep beating their narratives into the ground, go for it. It makes no difference to me anymore as their speculations and nasty opinions have no power to affect my life.

I still share articles that speak to me, but I look for positive things these days, even my reading has expanded beyond narcissism and toxic traits to include romance novels and empowering books, like “The Art of Not Giving a F*ck” that I started recently. I use to be right into romance novels and I am glad I can enjoy them again!

All I want these days is positive things and experiences and I am ready to move on to bigger and better things! Time to shake up my life and find more things to focus on than Smear Campaigners and Toxic Adult Bullies.

I came across this article yesterday that caused the light bulb moment for me. I am feeling more courageous, more rooted and present, surrounded by people I love and who love me. I am not surrounded by negativity anymore… This feeling has been building all week for me, with everything I did!

I have spent the past couple of years creating a strong foundation for myself here in my new home that is allowing me to reach peace of mind. As it says below, it is a period of healing and reconciliation with my past that has helped me forgive myself for my mistakes and move on from this mess.

I feel more like myself these days and my self-confidence has returned and it shows.

As you know, I haven’t posted much this past week as my hubby was off on Vacation and we spent most of our days outside, enjoying the fantastic weather we have been having. I’ll share some of that in another post…

In between, I had a couple of medical appointments, one with a Cancer Specialist who is scheduling me once again for surgery to remove the rest of the lesion that wasn’t removed in March. Cancer of the Vulva is tricky sometimes and hard to get rid of! This time, it will be laser surgery, not excision. I assume it will take a while before I get in for it but we will see. I had laser before, and as it is a small area, I’ll be up the next day.

The other appointment I had was with my new Family Doctor. I have been accepted to a Collaborative Clinic here and have a whole team of people! I spent a half hour with her going over my medical history and as it is so extensive, we had to book another appointment. Yes, I have that many health issues!!

I walked out of this appointment feeling a lot of relief that I am finally connected and in time, my health issues will be maintained as they should and I will get the medications I need.

She wants to test me for Cushing’s Disease again and I have an appt next week to get that test done as well as other blood work. She was impressed that I no longer want or need anxiety medications. She could tell by talking to me that I have a lot of tools in my toolbox to help manage my mental health and PTSD.

We also went over the results from my CT-Scan I had done and the report from the Orthopedic Specialist I saw. My back is royally screwed up. I have pinched nerves all down the left side of my spine caused by collapsing vertebrae. The Spinal Stenosis has spread all down my spine and he is sending me to see a Spine Doctor for a consult though he thinks there is nothing they can do.

My back is that bad, he doesn’t even recommend physiotherapy! He told me that I have to deal with it. Take the Gabapentin I get for the nerve pain and Acetaminophen for the swelling and take it easy. The more I do, the more wear and tear there is but I can’t sit around too much. Gets on my nerves…

So I will keep going, doing what I can, until I can’t. That is just who I am and I have no issues with that.


The New Moon in Cancer sparks your soul and helps you feel more courageous. You are feeling a lot more rooted and present surrounded by the people you love. With this transit, you are creating new foundations for your home that will allow you to climb to reach the summit in your career. This is a period of healing and reconciliation now that Saturn in Pisces has you uncovering pieces of the past that will help you to forgive yourself and move on. Having the North Node in your sign will allow you to feel more like yourself during this Saturn transit. You tap into your confident side, and with Venus currently in Leo, you will be more open to adventure and creative opportunities. Your more inspirational creative projects will be created from home. Because this New Moon will open your heart, love feels more intense now, and you will be moved to share this feeling with someone you care for.

Aries Personality Traits

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports

Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents

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