“Fearless” by Kellie Loder

“Fearless” by Kellie Loder

This is Kellie Loder, an incredible Artist from Newfoundland and Labrador who is making a name for themselves across Canada. This is one of her original songs and I find it empowering!

I had the awesome pleasure of watching this person sing a couple of times, both last summer. Once was with Allan Doyle at the George Street Festival and again on Water St. with the Pedestrian Mall. Their voice is amazing!! The energy and emotions she expresses in her music are felt in person…

This is their website if you want to learn more about this amazing NL singer… You can also follow her audition they did on Canada’s Got Talent TV Show where they came really close to winning!! https://kellieloder.com/home

Listen and see if you enjoy this song, Fearless and if it resonates with you like it did me!!

We all need to be more Fearless!!

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