Bad News/Good News Received

No one likes getting bad news…I am getting used to it, to be honest with you but I never forget there is good news in there as well. Bad News/Good News Received!

I have come to see that nothing is ever really bad, it just gives me an opportunity to learn new things!

I saw the Orthopedic Specialist yesterday and got the results of the CT-Scan I had done last month. I have pinched nerves all up and down the left side of my spine from top to bottom. He won’t even send me for physiotherapy as it is too far gone to be of any help. No more pushing, pulling, stretching, bending, lifting, and twisting in certain ways anymore. I do what I can do, but no pushing it past my limit anymore!

I get to learn new ways of doing the things I want to do! I can still go for walks, just on even ground and preferably paved even ground with lots of places I can sit and rest before moving again. I told him I planned to walk to Trail from Signal Hill this summer and he winced… It is a rough trail, much like Sugarloaf Trail I did last summer. We will see…

He is sending me to see a Spine Surgeon for a consult, tho he expects there is nothing they can do because of my other issues and I know my age also plays a part. There isn’t much sense in replacing my knees if my back can’t support me in the recovery and in walking afterwards. I appreciate that.

While this news is terrible, it is not unexpected due to the symptoms I was having. I have been preparing for this to come since 1991…

I got some wonderful news too this past few days… After waiting for almost 3 years, I finally got a Family Doctor. Actually, I have a whole team of health care professionals from a Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse, and Nurse Practioner at one of the Collaborative Clinics they created here recently. It is a big relief!

Access to Healthcare has been difficult for so many people over the past few years and yes, I gave up the team of doctors I had looking after my health when I left Ontario to move here. I did all that as my mental health was more important to me, and still is. I would do it all over again if I had to!

As you know I have been getting health care, just in spurts as I needed it. I got connected by phone with a doctor to give me my medications and went to Emergency for my broken ankle last year, which got me connected with physio and the GLA:D program I did last Fall.

I went to a walk-in clinic that got me connected with the Cancer specialist and the Orthopedic Doctor I just saw when I first moved here so most of my important needs were being met. It was just some of the other things that I need maintaining that were not, like diabetes and Cushing’s disease I have. It has been many years since I had blood work done to check my levels, especially the B12.

It is only a matter of time before my health will be maintained and that is wonderful to me. I am grateful!

I have gained so much patience over the past couple of years, I now know that in time, all will be as it should be for me.

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