Kent’s Pond St. John’s NL

I am sharing some of my Home, St. John’s NL, with you today! Hubby and I went for a walk around Kent’s Pond yesterday afternoon. The weather was cloudy, but it went to 12 degrees Celsius and at least no rain!

Kent’s Pond, St. John’s NL

Yes, it is a little colder than usual this time of year but as I live on the Coastline of NL, we get affected by all the Sea Ice and Icebergs still coming down the Atlantic Ocean from the North. We still have quite a bit of Ice floating around!

I love this City, as you can just walk a few minutes and find a place where it feels like you are in the middle of a Forest! I found a tree with a bulge in the middle of it, saw squirrels and so many birds, even a Bluejay! There were quite a few ducks with their babies! Walking this trail you forget you are in a City!

The winds here do a number on the trees at times, as you can tell by the uprooted tree I came across, which hauled the roots right up out of the ground!

It is an amazing place to live. Being surrounded by so much abundance of Mother Nature seeps into your soul and gives you peace of mind like nothing else…

It is places like this little piece of heaven in this City that have helped me so much over the past couple of years and shows me that in the scheme of things, life goes on.

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