Not My Responsibility

It is not my responsibility to bear the blame for something I have not done, regardless of the intensity with which others insist I am at fault. Toxic individuals consistently make an effort to shift their problems onto me.

No amount of speculation, insinuation, or confusing rhetoric can ever hold me accountable for the actions I am falsely accused of by others, simply because these incidents never occurred in the first place.

Let’s consider the situation involving Canada Post mentioned below. They erroneously believe that due to the explanations they provide and their process of elimination, it must be automatically assumed that I am responsible. Based on this assumption, they proceed to act as though these allegations are verifiable facts. Such convoluted reasoning.

No, they don’t need to explain why they think I would do such a thing, but they were responsible for showing some kind of evidence that I did such a thing. Their suspicions don’t count, it is only words.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they did that themselves, just to have something else to blame me for.

They are blatantly accusing me of attempting to obtain a copy of their mailbox key, while unjustly blaming HRTO for enabling me to do so. However, I have yet to be presented with any concrete evidence to support their allegations.

Instead of providing any substantial proof, they solely rely on their own suspicions to implicate me and insinuate that members of HRTO bear responsibility for these accusations. Their crafty implications are intentionally designed to agitate and provoke a reaction.

Unfortunately, this behaviour is characteristic of toxic individuals who hurl accusations without any factual basis and then demand that others disprove them. By doing so, they manipulate the situation to make it seem as if failing to refute their claims automatically confirms guilt. They conveniently seem to forget that it was their own duty to substantiate the allegations they made.

The hypocrisy demonstrated in this document regarding my former website is undeniable. I must admit, I created that site simply to gauge its ease and to illustrate to KR & AR how it feels to have one’s identity misused. The appearance of, an internet blog under my name, falsely making claims and implicating me, only exacerbated the situation that ultimately led to their eviction.

Their extreme reaction was unwarranted, particularly considering they were the owners of at the time. They criticized me for a website under their name while having one in mine. Once again, their actions demonstrated a clear double standard of “do as I say, not as I do!”

As I always ask: which came first, their site or mine? I now understand that my actions inadvertently played into their hands. They used my actions against me, rather than being held accountable for their own wrongdoing.

KR & AR like to feign innocence, but we all know they are solely responsible for their predicament. They openly admit to denying access, believing they had the right to do so! As I’ve learned, toxic individuals often project their own actions onto others. By repeatedly accusing me of being a liar, they conveniently deflect attention from their own deceptive behaviour.

Their accusations of my dishonesty lack any substantiating evidence. They toss these allegations in the air, hoping I will exhaust myself trying to disprove their falsehoods. While I initially fell into this trap, I realized the futility and had to break free. They always distorted and twisted my words to suit their purposes.

Since then, they have found new individuals to target online, using the same tactics and strangeness they employed against me. They even create anonymous websites under others’ names. Disagree with KR & AR’s desires, and they will accuse you of racism and discrimination, threatening to take legal action through Human Rights. Their own words, clearly present on their recent sites, confirm this!

Initially, I was determined to defend myself, regardless of right or wrong, fueled by anger over their persistent lies. Yet, I soon discovered that they would never cease their destructive behaviour, no matter what I did. I had to detach myself from the rollercoaster ride. I am relieved to see that their new targets are smarter than I was, wisely refusing to engage with them.

Ignoring them is the most effective approach, as they quickly lose momentum when they have nothing to fuel their writing!

It is widely known that no landlord willingly goes through the process with the Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario. There was never any guarantee that KR & AR would be evicted. Although I requested their eviction to avoid any further dealings with them, I never expected it to be granted. All I hoped for was that they would receive an explanation of the rules of entry and an order to comply, regardless of their agreement. However, it was their own words to the Adjudicator, stating that no one would be allowed entry when nobody was home, that ultimately led to their eviction.

Don’t ever accept someone else’s projections, accusations, or blaming that you know does not belong to you! It is a deceptive ploy they use to get under your skin and drive you crazy!

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