Working Out My Thoughts!

Working out my thoughts is very important to me.

My personal experience with Adult Bullies was terribly vicious and their words of recrimination as written would get to anyone’s Mental Health. They showed such disrespect towards everyone involved, including the members of the Tribunals. While I appreciate they were upset over being evicted, there was no need to be so insulting towards a process they applied for!

They applied to the HRTO, it was their responsibility to prove their allegations against me and it is clearly written in various released orders.

To establish a prima facie case, the onus was on the Applicant to show, among other things, that a protected characteristic was a factor in the adverse treatment

While I was denied closure for the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s applications against me, I have since given it to myself through my research. There are so many released decisions on that I have read that show me I had nothing to worry about!

Just the nature of their submissions tells their own story! As I mentioned before, we received a Notice of Hearing by Teleconference in late August 2019, with a hearing scheduled for Jan 2020, and by Direction of HRTO, the only submission that will be accepted after that Notice was for that Summery hearing. Yet, these Applicants totally ignored that and sent in 10 Form 10s that were frivolous in nature and expected them to be accepted. They even get pissed off when they were being ignored!

On October 10, 2019, I submitted Form 11, copied below, as I was getting pissed off over getting the Form 10s they were sending filled once again with more allegations against me without any evidence, which was also against the orders of HRTO.

Based on the submissions of these Forms, these applications should have been dismissed for Abuse of Process as they deliberately ignored the directions given to them.

As you will see, by the time I sent this letter, I had received 6 Form 10’s from the Tenants filled with such frivolous requests, it is easy to tell it was done to try and delay the process they fought so hard to get! These actions bugged me no end and I was fed up with it all. I felt like I was going around in circles all the time!

I became convinced by this time that the Tenants were just looking to cause delays and I was upset that HRTO was allowing them to get away with that. These applications should never have been accepted.

I did get help to write this letter as my emotions did tend to run away from me back then and I didn’t want it to for this. I have learned since that while HRTO does take time to process, it shouldn’t have taken this long. They gave us time limits to have items submitted but didn’t follow through when it wasn’t. That would upset anyone!!

As per their Procedures, I sent them this form where you can tell I was becoming a bit more confident in myself and my own perceptions. I was learning to combat the Gaslighting!!

I have since read all these Form 10s received, as there were more sent after this one, and they were as terrible as I thought filled with more allegations when they haven’t even proven the first ones! I do share some on here…

I am really glad it is over!

As you can tell from earlier posts, the Tenants were stuck on claiming what a Liar I am, not that I violated the Human Rights they applied for. I see the word, liar, in all their documents submitted and “liar” is not in the mandate of HRTO.

Since these applications were dismissed because the Tenants didn’t show up for the hearing held on January 17, 2020, I have been watching for other decisions in their name, and found quite a few! Not only did they file applications against my sister that they ignored, but they also filed complaints against The Deputy Minister of the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada that they abandoned!

I am very confident that with their history with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, any and all applications submitted by them will be required to contain evidence proving their allegations, not just their personal assumptions and speculations before it could proceed. You can see the pattern being developed in their interactions with HRTO.

As noted in other Orders issued by the Tribunal, they can’t address allegations of unfairness that are unrelated to the Code, which was what this was. The burden was always on the Tenants to have evidence and are able to explain that evidence in order to prove their allegations.

[42]      The Tribunal cannot address allegations of unfairness that are unrelated to the Code. Put another way, the Tribunal’s jurisdiction is limited to claims of discrimination that are linked to the protections set out in the Code. As the Tribunal indicated in Forde v. Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, 2011 HRTO 1389for an application to continue in the Tribunal’s process following a summary hearing, there must be a basis beyond mere speculation and accusations to believe that an applicant could show a breach of the Code. As such, the burden at the summary hearing is on the applicant to explain what evidence they expect to be able to present at a merits hearing in order to prove that the alleged differential treatment was due, at least in part, to one or more prohibited grounds of discrimination.

The Tribunal does not have jurisdiction over general allegations of unfairness. To come within the Tribunal’s jurisdiction, the narrative setting out the incident of discrimination must provide some factual basis which links the respondent’s conduct to the applicant’s Code-enumerated ground. A bald assertion that the adverse treatment the applicant received was owing to their enumerated ground is not enough to provide the required factual basis

To fall within the HRTO’s jurisdiction, “an Application must provide some factual basis beyond a bald assertion which links their ground(s) to the respondents’ actions and explains why they think that these actions are discriminatory in nature”:

Yes, the Form 10s contained more allegations without any evidence! They were very detailed in laying out their false allegations, you would think they would have some kind of proof it occurred as they claim, in those details, but there is not!

This document from these Toxic Tenants came 5 days after I sent the form above and you can tell by the tone, they are angry and are once again, assigning mandates to HRTO that they don’t have, such as “mandated jobs to protect” them from me.

They laid it out that they “will no longer allow the HRTO to take a passive attitude against” me as if they had a choice on what the HRTO did or didn’t do! This letter contains many arrogant assumptions and their sense of entitlement comes through very clearly to me.

As for their assertions that this Tenant doesn’t lie? Of course they do, it is all throughout their documents.

  • Where is the evidence of this “prior meeting at a restaurant” they claimed we had?
  • Where is the evidence that I am an alcohol drinker, let alone showed up at their apt. door “smelling of alcohol” during working hours?
  • Where is the evidence that I threw “cigarette butts” at him?
  • That I threw rocks that damaged their car?
  • That I tried to get copies of the key to their Canada Post mailbox?
  • That I made up all the fake emails they claim I did and sent them messages from them
  • By not discussing their many websites, it is a lie by omission. Everyone knows they own and manage,,,, and!

They made so many allegations against me that they know are total lies. I can come up with quite a few examples! Maybe on another post…

As for stealing, I have no idea but as for Bluffing? Yes, they BLUFF! This statement below is a bluff, as they claim they no longer “will put their trust in a system that refuses to hold one of their own accountable” yet, they proceeded to continue to do so by filling more applications against others after these files were dismissed as abandoned!

I tolerated the SJTO/HRTO lack of control for Stella Reddy” and “Our family will no longer allow the SJTO/HRTO to take a passive attitude against Stella Reddy I find these statements show me the writer’s controlling nature and how he believes that individuals can be controlled by another. They wanted the HRTO to defend them against me when it wasn’t their job to do that!

It isn’t the first time they allude that someone else had the power and authority to “control” me.

If they didn’t trust the HRTO, why are they still filing applications with them against other individuals?

No more quiet and polite family who will put their trust in a system that refuses to hold one of their own

Our family will no longer allow the SJTO/HRTO to take a passive attitude against Stella Reddy and her
inappropriate and racist behaviour anymore. The SJTO/HRTO has a mandated job to protect our family
from violence, harassment and humiliation. It is time for the SJTO/HRTO to start doing your jobs and
enforce the rules that you are mandated to do.

NOTE… I know up until this time we have talked a lot about enforcing our rights and we have not. We
have continuously put our faith in the SJTO/HRTO to do what is right.
But it is clear that our family’s
safety, dignity, peace of mind and Applications are certainly not at the fore front of the SJTO/HRTO
agenda as it is clear you are still trying to protect your SJTO/HRTO racist member Kevin Lundy from
being held accountable for his racist behaviour and lack of actions
. Well I will inform you
that there are 3 things I don’t do in life,
1 – Lie,
2 – Steal, and
3 – Bluff…

Do not mistake my patience as weakness. I tolerated the SJTO/HRTO lack of control for Stella Reddy and
the other Respondents up until this point out of respect for the SJTO/HRTO and your mandated rules.
But it is clear that the SJTPO/HRTO thinks that you are above the law and can do as you wish without
This problem is at my own feet as I allowed the SJTO/LTB/HRTO to get away with it.

Well now the Rooster has come home to roost and I am now going to take care of business and get
things done that need to get done.

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