Forgiveness of Yourself

I found some wonderful posters recently and this is one of them. Working on yourself is the only way out of Toxic Abuse. Once I accepted that, I started to heal… I had to make peace with myself, not with them, as that is not possible.

It takes forgiveness of yourself!

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Adult Bullies don’t care about anyone except themselves, the fact they have so many websites online about other people, is evidence of that. If they had any compassion, they wouldn’t try to hurt others so deliberately! They are aggressive in placing blame for their experiences on other people and will never take responsibility for their contributions to the situation, time dealing with them and reading all their posts, show me that.

The continual aggression they show towards so many individuals will eventually rot their lives and leave them with no resources, as no one will want to deal with them. I am ecstatic that I don’t have to deal with them anymore!

They may be Adults but have the emotional intelligence of a toddler! Only a child would say they are being “forced” to do what they do.

Once I changed my mindset from “why are they attacking me” to “What can I learn from this” I started feeling better. The more I focused on my education about the traits I was seeing, the better I was able to manage my emotions and stop reacting so much. They are their own worst enemy! They were deliberately being mean to get a reaction out of me that they could post on The topics there is the evidence!

I forgave myself for my part in this mess and that is all I needed. They did this to themselves. I had to release the shame I felt and though it was hard, I did it. All I needed to do was tell my Story to release its hold on me and my emotions. Since doing that, over time it becomes easier. It has done wonders for my self-confidence!!

It is amazing how over time, you find yourself feeling better and happier, even though I know those websites still remain online. I feel at peace in spite of them still being there, even the new one I now accept that these websites will have no effect on my life, personal or professional. They haven’t yet, so I assume they never will and I truly believe that the people who have read them, see them for what they are. Anyone reading the content on all their websites will see the truth they try so hard to hide!

I still wish they were gone, but I accept I can’t control what others do so I had to learn to let it go, but I won’t ignore it. I will still complain to anyone and everyone, as it is my right to do so. In time I have hope that rules will change that I can use to get them removed, as it is changing all the time. I refuse to be Bullied in silence. I will speak my truth wherever and whenever I please, it is my story to tell.

I’ve been thinking about being Retired from working, and it came to me that for the rest of my life, I get to control the people I allow access to my personal life and I no longer need to worry about being “professional”. I don’t need to talk to anyone I don’t want to, nor be around people I don’t want to be around. There is a power in that for me, one I haven’t had in a very long time.

I am not obligated anymore!! I have no professional life now that my personal life could affect and will never again have to accommodate employers, co-workers, or Tenants. The pressure to perform professionally is now gone from my life. That is a huge release for me.

I no longer need to be polite if I don’t want to! If after all these years, someone does try to attack me for the contents on the Adult Bullies websites, I am not obligated to be polite about in my response and can tell them off.

That has been very empowering for me, that I can speak up for myself and know I have no one behind me, like employers, to judge me for it and hold it against me. I have gained freedom from other people’s judgements and no longer need to worry about any of it affecting my “professional” life, as I don’t have one!

I live by my own values now and don’t have to accommodate anyone else if I don’t want to. That is freedom!

It is amazing how much we can change, how much we can learn, and how much we can grow when we make the effort to do so.

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