Common Emotions & What They Mean

Unfortunately, I didn’t save the website I saved this from but I know it is from Psychology Today…

Common Emotions and what they mean…

When you are Traumatized, you tend to lose the meaning of such simple emotions over time and it takes practice and “pausing” to really think about what these emotions mean for you to get it back again. it took time to relearn what all these meant to me.

Anger is something I became very familiar with, and it did cause me to fight back to protect myself and it always will. I was never the type to just lay down and take everything someone else wanted to dish out to me, and about me. I will protect myself in any way I can and I have every right to do so. Injustice makes me angry.

Love for my husband, my children, and all my family members is why I haven’t become a cold-hearted bitch over this situation. I have become a bit more cynical, but what do you expect? I was exposed to the debauched nature of Toxic Adult Bullies.

I have a lot of Passion, especially for my personal rights. It has motivated me to become better, feel better, and get past their abuse. It is about me now and my needs and I feel very passionate about that!

Fear, especially anxiety-driven fear, I have had too much of in my life so far, but I know reasonable from unreasonable these days. I face my fear and do it anyway, it is how I overcome them. I am a firm believer in exposure therapy! I know I have PTSD and that knowledge does help!

Fulfillment is what I feel knowing that no matter how many traits they use in their endeavours to try and ruin my life, they will never succeed. They are nobodies… That thought does fulfill me very deeply!

Hurt has also pushed me into action to correct their lies and misinterpretations, to reach out to hosting companies, domain registrars, and ICANN to try and correct the wrong they have done with their sites. It also caused me to go to the Police this past July, which connected me with Niagara Regional Police after getting another email from them filled with threats.

Sadness is what I felt upon knowing my career is over. My life in Ontario that we built over 21 yrs, is also over and Compassion is what I feel for other people experiencing similar experiences as mine with Toxic Adults.

I had to relearn so many of these simple emotions and sometimes it has been a struggle, but one I will go through gladly to become a better version of myself and to gain peace of mind.

A few weeks ago, I applied for a Library Card and I have been doing a lot of reading once again of books I found on self-help. The education I am gaining in mental well-being is helping me overcome this situation and any others I may face, even with my physical health. I’ve been reading, and doing, a workbook I found on Mindfulness and it is opening my eyes even more. You are never too old to learn new things!!

Always, onwards and upwards!

35 Common Emotions and What They Mean

  1. Anger: Pushes you to fight back or protect yourself
  2. Love: Drives you to care for your spouse, children, others
  3. Passion: Motivates you to create and invent
  4. Fear: Brings you the energy and motivation to protect yourself
  5. Fulfillment: Informs you to seek more of whatever caused this feeling
  6. Hurt: Pushes you to correct a situation
  7. Sadness: Tells you that you are losing something important
  8. Compassion: Pushes you to help others
  9. Warmth: Tells you that you care about and like this person
  10. Disgust: Compels you to avoid something
  11. Anxiety: Energizes you to prepare, manage, or handle something
  12. Curiosity: Motivates you to explore and learn
  13. Joy: Lets you know that something wonderful just happened
  14. Frustration: Tells you to try something different
  15. Guilt: Compels you to repair your own wrongdoing
  16. Desperation: Informs you how badly we need something
  17. Enjoyment: Motivates you to seek more of this activity
  18. Tedious: Says that you need a challenge
  19. Lost: Communicates that you need guidance
  20. Helpless: Pushes you to take charge
  21. Burdened: Signals that you need help
  22. Antsy: Pushes you to resolve something that bothers you
  23. Off-balance: Tells you to find your center
  24. Bored: Motivates you to find something stimulating for yourself
  25. Awkward: Informs you to ground yourself and find your center
  26. Discontented: Drives you to get your needs met
  27. Free: Informs you that you have been burdened
  28. Unfulfilled: Pushes you to do something that matters to you
  29. Unheard: Propels you to speak up for yourself more
  30. Wary: Tells you to slow down and be careful
  31. Provoked: Drives you to address someone who is harming you
  32. Ambivalent: Lets you know that you need to resolve something
  33. Stubborn: Says you are closed to input from others
  34. Weary: Pulls you toward improving your self-care
  35. Apathetic, Lifeless, Empty, Bland, Blasé: All these feelings signal that you are disconnected from your feelings, a common result of childhood emotional neglect.

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